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Why does GRT keep crabbing?

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Either accumulation or distribution innit

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Its an overpriced vaporware shitcoin, what'd you expect?

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When you say shit like this you expose yourself as retarded. Shame we are on an anonymous message board or I would filter you for eternity. I know for a fact you are poor and live in some shit country. Your dad is ugly and he passed on his inferior genes to you. Enjoy your small penis and buttchin. Keep practicing crunches and maybe you can fuck your chin one day. GRT $29.95 EOY

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This. 0.20 EOY.

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>He doesn't understand that ALL of web3 will use The Graph
Honestly you deserve to die poor. I will literally hire your mother as my personal pump and dump you little dweeb. I will fill her with my alpha GRT semen while you work a 9-5 for $12 an hour.

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Based. So how long till we see a pump?

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Suicide stack for GRT?

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If the bull run continues till August can we see 15 dollars and 77 cents?

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I’m waiting for 1 ETH = 1k GRT then I will sell 1 ETH for 1k GRT

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500k GRT reporting in.

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Dangerously based anon

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Checked, kek has spoken

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because it has no reason to be as high as it is right now other than speculation
its still in the test stage
the first great subgraph migration and integration coincides with the incoming 6bil token dump, thats when the first real pump was supposed to happen before some whales decided to panic buy and shot us above 2usd
if you understand and believe in grt you wouldnt be giving a shit about what the price is now or EOY or end of next year, this is a long term hold

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There was an order on the books for 210k GRT @ $1.86000 before Coinbase went down so I’m thinking extremely bullish atm with a nice pump after Coinbase finishes maintanence

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Because you’re not earning from delegating

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>There was an order on the books for 210k GRT @ $1.86000 before Coinbase went down so I’m thinking extremely bullish atm with a nice pump after Coinbase finishes maintanence
Where can I find this info, actually big if true

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This. If you're delegating, sideways movement is upward movement.
t. Making 20 get a day and nearly up 1k from my original stack. We could never moved up at all and I'd still make 12k by the end of the year.

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Everyone who truly got into GRT under $1 has sold. You're just holding on to a 1.86 stable coin at this point.

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I have 6k GRT :^) If you can't fud your own coin you shouldnt own it

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whatever you tell yourself to sleep at night, anon
its not too late to get back in

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i bought 25k at .30 and i havent sold any

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I was watching the order book before Coinbase went down. Right now you can’t access any of the books and none of the Coinbase orders are going to go through until after maintanence but I’m tracking GRT on Bitrue and it keeps going up from activity on other exchanges

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Is GRT getting added to Coinbase? If so it's really big news

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A 1.86 stable coin with delegating like they do is pretty good

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I'm sure you did anon. I'm sure you did.

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lmao you could've bought this day 1 for 11 cents. 20+x in 3 months is already great returns you fucking mooncucks

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>the backbone of the future of a whole industry is getting added to a exchange? wow big news
fucking retards, everywhere

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why do grt hodlers all sound like newfags

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They are. The coin has already done 10x since January. They really think there will be a second moon. Glad I sold at 2.70

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>I'm sure you did anon. I'm sure you did.

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It's hilarious because I'm oldfag on both crypto and this internet prison. Grt gives me the same feeling I had about ethereum. It's going to the fucking moon and there's nothing the fud about muh market cap can do about it. See you there.

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>I'm on oldfag
Newfag detected
Unlike you I'm not a diamond hands retard. GRT $2 eoy

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holy fuck who drew this

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>not catching this stable coin’s pumps between $1.80-$2.00 for a nice 5-10% on each trade
New or oldfag doesn’t distract from the fact you’re fucking retarded lmao

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omae wa

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>GRT $2 eoy
So outperforming the stock market by a lot if you delegate.

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Holy shit you GRT hodlers really are all newfags

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>newfag newfag newfag newfag
Keep pumpchasing kid

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You'd think link would be the ultimate newfag coin but its actually GRT lmao

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>google images
>stupid wojak
>download image
Enjoy your shitcoin nigger

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Anon, I...

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We didn't have the heart to tell you but we all agreed that it was either a Gay Retard Token or a Giant Retard Token, so we decided to pump into the most retarded token instead.
>Which is Bao.

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Don't mind these digits showing GRT EOY price in full dollars.
You can thank me later.

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Just look at these reddit tier posts
Glad that GRT is a containment coin

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>149k order volume @ $1.8607
>50k order volume @ $1.8650
They’re accoomulating

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How much are gas fees?

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Post your stack faggot

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Seethe more in 2 months

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More reddit than replying to yourself samefag? Lmao

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I don't have GRT retard

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Then leave faggot

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This homophobia will not reflect well on your reddit karma

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Ok faggot

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Did ETH try to dump more on the market to keep the price down? STFU you retard

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Unlimited supply

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