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Can ETH $5000 this year ?
Is staking 200 ETH worth it to supplement wagecuck income ? I only earn $70k per year

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i think it can

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$5000 is aiming low. $9999 eoy. Screenshot this. Check em.

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nigga you got 200 eth and you're asking this board questions?

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Ms. Z you are an oracle

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Im staking 96 eth (3 validators) and I kind of regret it desu. Constant headache and worry about going offline and getting slashed. It's almost a fucking job. You can get more yield farming with zero effort.

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green id and dubs 10k eoy

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can you give me 1?

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Checked. So long as I, with my luck, don't buy into crypto, it'll happen.

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What about lending in blockfi or waiting for staking in cuckbase? We get fucked by IRS in both cases correct, in addition to 25% commission?

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When is this shit going to dip again? I sold so I could buy back in around 1.3k and thought sunday would be the day yet it's still mooning.

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Reported, bozo

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yes the IRS will fuck you with both of those options. blockfi and cuckbase are both KYC. blockfi is even worse because they 1099 you based on the price you earned the interest at, even if it dumps later.

the IRS can possibly fuck you as a ETH2 validator as well since it's all on-chain, but Im hoping I will slip under the radar.

there is also rocketpool and trustless (self-custody) staking pools coming out soon.

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I don't hold premined vaporware shitcoins but $5k eth is fud. ATH of the ethbtc ratio is about .15 and everyone who's not a newfag expects btc to got to about 300k, I doubt it'll break the ratio's ATH but somewhere around 20k seems possible.

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report me all you want I don't give a fuck faggot

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holy checked... any recommendations on trustless pools?

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rocketpool is the only one I think. there should be more/better ones coming as the Ethereum withdrawal crdentials update was just a few weeks ago.

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eth can go to 20k this year.

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eth will go to 20k

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Probably $20K EOY 2021 or 2022, will not sell for less than $10K.

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This just based on btc/eth ratio? I've got over 7+. Be nice to buy a house with it or just hodl until I can retire.

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how long do you have to lock up your ETH? 365 days? sounds too long desu

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there is no set time. could be a year. could be 3 years. it's whenever skelly finally launches ETH2 for real.

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A beggar calling others names lol

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Late 2020 I bought equal parts ETH, XMR, ADA with my fiat.

I hate to sound like I'm shilling it but Cardano/ADA pays you out every 5 days and you can move your coins as soon as you delegate them to a pool. If ADA takes off in Sats I can send it off to exchange and dump it for BTC. With ETH it sounds like you are stuck for 365 days until you get paid out. To be fair ADA interest rate is something like 4.6% APY while ETH is over 7%.

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I have a small bag of 160ETH. I will sell it for 0.67BTC. That's my sell target, hope it's realistic.

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