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literally who?

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literal nobody

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LTO is going to blow up like GRT. Watch this space.

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The guy who calles every BTC crash recently. Went from 100k to 150k subs in a week becsuse of it. This dude saved me all my money cus i tethered when he said inc crash. He exposed the f2pool dumpings. If u dont know who he is u prob took some Ls last week lmao

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>CEO is known for scamming and pathological lying, has spent most of his childhood in psychiatric hospitals
>The issuance of the ERC-20 LTO tokens have a tradeable asset versus the staking asset. This could certainly flag the ERC-20 LTO token as a security at the SEC, and the resulting measures taken against the LTO Network would be anything but good.
>The whole process of having three different tokens (native, ERC-20, and BEP-2) is confusing and unnecessary.
>The team claim to have been working on it for 6 years but their website was created 2 years ago
>LTO is centralized, slow, and the tokenomics are unsustainable if the price gets higher than $0.5 as it would force clients to pay much more than if they were using a regular a regular company.
>They are using IBM cloud to host empty PDF files and claim they have a partnership with IBM
>The token was only created to get funds in the ICO and could easily be replaced by a stablecoin
>Their only real partner is the government of Afghanistan, which has the 7th lowest GDP per capita of the entire world in 2020 according to the IMF
>Most if not all of their marketing budget goes into paying pajeets to shill their scam on /biz/ and Telegram
>There's no proof that all 60 clients LTO has are paying customers and the team didn't offer a free or discounted trial run to boost their numbers to make LTO more appealing to investors.
>In fact the CEO explained several times that they are giving free tokens to companies to try out their system, and you wouldn't know if these companies stopped using LTO and their transactions were replaced by fake ones.

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>Rick made a short livestream after the pornstar incident and admitted he's had trouble keeping his porn addiction under control and has been spending his days jerking off to Brenna Sparks lately. (he was clearly drunk and high during the livestream)
>IOTA will be able to perform LTO's entire usecase for free. LTO is a fork of waves which offers no real innovation and will be replaced by IOTA
>CEO is a long time friend of Jed McCaleb and Mark Karpel├Ęs, he was the mastermind behind the rise and fall of Mt. Gox
>Most members in the team are trainees with no experience, only the Lead Architect is talented but he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month and is likely to pass away this year
>The parent company of LTO, Firm24 has lost customers and is close to bankruptcy after a scandal involving 2 employees who participated in child trafficking
>It's been proven that the team shares and publishes misleading information about the number of staked tokens and daily transactions
>They recently hired a XVG twitter shill to be their spokesperson and marketing advisor
>They dumped 500k LTO on Binance a few days ago and were caught red-handed
>Recently CEO organized a fake AMA on obscure crypto subreddit to pump their bags
>In the said reddit AMA CEO admitted their project at Afghanistan is going nowhere and likely to be cancelled
>Someone on their subreddit did some research and found out that LTO has furloughed nearly all their employee

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Bit late to this thread buddy, maybe next time you'll get here first.

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Ooooo /ournode/ paying out 99.5% next week as a once off

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Noooooo you're supposed to do 95% for some reason nooooooo

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Other node runners are seething and they hate based Connie. Can't wait for the custom built xeno finance airplane that will take us to our private island.

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>eternally priced out of future coinbase listing

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Literally don't care about the price action. Plenty of opportunities before and after. Rick is a dickhead, nobody cares. Congrats on your gainz.

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Hi Brian, you can still come back, it's not too late

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he got priced out at 40c but something apparently

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>pajeet scammer is shilling LTO
Time to sell my bags I guess

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Honestly is grabbing whatever new coin pops up on coinbase a good strategy for a good short term gain?

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>reputable source that warned people about the btc dump the day before it happened

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