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I've been half paying attention to RBC but holy shit what went wrong?

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>pic related

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Her BBC stay CUBIC

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god-tier fud

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RBC wasn't a pump and dump, It was a pump and hump. Glad I sold this cucked shit.

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Unironically this OP. Nothing went wrong kek, but the FUD forces were on full storm today with the shopped photos and "limit orders don't work" fud when in reality the anon just didn't pay enough gas for his transfer kek.

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>Dev team either can't make the deadline for the limit orders and put out a fake limit order that's "glitched" to keep people complacent while they finish the real one or just flat out have a busted limit order
>Everyone notices this and assume that this means they are literal scum that are about to do a rugpull and demand answers from the devs
>Devs don't give a flying fuck about their busted feature being busted because it's their day off and also 10pm where they live so they basically just say "yeah shits broke we'll fix it later stfu"
>Everyone starts frothing at the mouth and declaring that rubic is dead and that this is the end
>Rubic proceeds to drop by 20% in value over the span of an entire weekend of fudding, less than 0.5% in holders, and is up 96% in trading volume
Retards threw a celebration over the death of RBC over what is nothing but a minor fuckup in the grand scheme of things, retards panic sold because of the fud and because the price dropped by more than a single digit percentage wise, and everyone with any interest in it bought a fuckload more during the massive dip. Is this the end of rubic? That depends on who you believe, a literal autist throwing a trantrum because the devs and holders are just ignoring him or the multi-millionaires that did nothing but buy up even more rubic.

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limit/sell orders are not possible on uni or 1inch because they are liquidity platforms. fees being reduced because of a "layer 2 solution" doesn't make any fucking sense and is not possible. you are still using the ETH network. all they do is promise you lies.

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>Trade volume up by over 96%
>Less than 100 wallets out of over 6,500 have been scared off by the entire weekend of fud
Seems like the only people that care about the limit orders are people that have no stakes in rubic and want to see it fail out of spite.

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welcome to biz
Rubic Still Cubic

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he was posting on 3 different devices with 3 different personas, with the three ids combined totaling roughly half of the threads 350 posts. it was pure, unadulterated autistic FUD the likes of which i havent seen since link

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kek forget to add he now made his own thread and is still fudding as we speak

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Pretty much this.

Also it's a dedicated group doing it (probably discord/telegram), reasons are unknown. Maybe accumulating themselves, maybe butthurt trannies with uniswap, no way to tell. You can see this easily if you look at the style, phrasing, and pacing of their posts.

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Don't forget about how multiple rubic clones appeared around the same time and their entire gimmick was not being rubic and then one of the OPs accidentally used a rubic fud pic for their thread instead of the intended pic and everyone called them out on it.

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I think it's just genuine autism and hatred for rubic. You don't get 100+ replies (each one paragraphs long) without being at least semi-genuine.

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i truly can not grasp how retards fall for the obvious pajeet scams. i really can not. "oh yeah bogged finance or a fucking food or pokemon . finance with 6 million APY and no whitepaper". i guess not everyone can make it.

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Do you know why I support Rubic over 1inc and Uniswap? Rubic has a based swastika whilst the other two use faggot unicorns it's so fucking gay

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Nobody can prove on mainnet that limit orders actually work - thats why it's going down

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the chances of rubic recovering and reaching a new ath are infinitely larger then it crashing to zero.

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i really want to make it with rubic so i have a rock solid excuse to get something that looks like a swastika tattooed on my forearm

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get a life you fucking faggot

you have been at this for 3 days straight, no one gives a shit if they are broken or not

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Rubic Still Cubic

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rubic always cubic

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rubic never not cubic

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my rubic has been cubic for as long as i can remember, and i believe it will stay that way. cubic, that is.

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I've only been on biz for a little over a year, but I've noticed that every time something is relentlessly shilled, it ends up being trash.
Not to mention all those other obvious PNDs that you see 3 threads at a time that vanish after a week. And now, Rubic. Are all these coins actual scams? I don't know. But they all turn to shit.

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>0 volume
>Reminds me of fill in the blank "dead shitcoin from 2018 crash"
>Reminds me of fill in the blank "PND shitcoin from 2020"
>It's a scam
>Relentlessly Shilled
>It's a rugpull
>It's never going to succeed
>It's just a " ............"
>It's never going to get listed
>It's over
>It's finished
>Look at the woman in marketing
>Should buy "X" instead
Every. Single. Time.
Rubic Derangement Syndrome

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I lost 5k today, still not selling. I’ll gamble on a working product by End of month.

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if (information_received.getDamagingLevel() == VERY_DAMAGING) {
outputRetort(getVariationOf('My rubic is still cubic'));
return true;

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Anon that code doesn't follow very good separation of concerns now does it...

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Kek. The rubic team isn't exactly known for coding things that actually work.

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I just follow the patterns and use common sense. Good luck to you, hope I'm wrong, but RBC is not for me.

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>every time something is relentlessly shilled, it ends up being trash.
What about link?

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Except for Link. And ETH (where do you think "money skelly" came from?). And Bitcoin. But you're right there is a lot of dogshit shilled here nowadays.

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Like I said, I've only been here for a year, and I don't remember LINK ever having constant nonsensical threads like RBC has. My best money maker has been RSR. Barely see any threads about it but it's given me 10x. Plus UNI, every time I see it mentioned, anons keep saying that it's useless - yet it keeps going up. In my short time here, I've grown to learn to do the opposite of what biz says.

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>In my short time here, I've grown to learn to do the opposite of what biz says.
So I should hold RBC?

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} catch SystemFailure::DevastatingOwnage {

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>check and mate

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why is rubic so massively shilled and so massively fudded, don't get it

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Boy the poor rubic npc is hitting complete system fault now, bluescreen and everything, somebody restart the process.

I literally fud it for the sole reason that I'm sick of the fucking shills keeping 30 goddamn threads bumped at all times. The pajeets and telegram retards behind this coin have literally ruined /biz/ for any real discussion.

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Holy shit she got Blacked!

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Rubic is a pajeet clone thats why people jumped off

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Project isn't near finished yet, discord tranny PnD gave it a bad name, no marketing at this point beyond /biz/, probably wouldn't even have the mcap that it does if not for the discord trannies. Still has potential if the rubic team produces a functioning low cost cross chain exchange.

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} finally {
System.out.println(">check and mate")

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Buy more rbc brother

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We may never see these prices again!

I'll never let a little FUD get to me.

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I came from /pol/ to protect my assets from the je*ish fiat manipulators and I picked up on the shilling immediately. Hodge is an obvious one. NEETs pump up obvious scams with tendie money then dump when normies jump on board. I'm basically trying to weed through all the trash and find a promising crypto to invest in but I'm sure that this is not the place to receive advice from. Too much shilling and astro turfing.

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>Like I said, I've only been here for a year
Then you need to shut the fuck up, like right now. Lurk more faggot

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My HBAR stays cubic niggaz

You should all tip your stacks in to this proper shitcoin that actually isnt a shitcoin and is mooning

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Such is the nature of moon missions.

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They didn't post any autofilled transactions

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just jumped in mantradao cream, wdyt about it? all the DeFi advantagesd like staking/lp/governance opened

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Is that the team, or something? If so, incredibly, depressingly bearish.

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Hopefully, this will spur on the team to get their marketing in gear. They need more than just unreliable spergs from /biz/ behind them, or this will happen at least once a week. I hope they received about a thousand autismally-worded DMs on twitter demanding to know why their beta isn't a finished product to annoy them into courting new customers on a better forum.

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It's alright lads I sold my 10k so I fully expect it to skyrocket in the next few hours. I saved Rubic love me mommy rubic

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> I sold my 10k
what made you do that?

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Gut feeling over the last week, gave into the FUD. Still got a 10x out of it but we will see

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You realise that when this hits binance, which will happen in the next few weeks without any warning, this shit is going nuclear? It's primed for China

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