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This should unironically be the most valuable tweet of all time


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no the most valueable tweet is arya stark announcing the golden bullrun

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Checked and keked

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If I had ETH to spare...

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kek does she know?

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Oh fuck

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Anyone can offer to buy a tweet. She wouldn’t get any money unless she logged in and found out someone wanted to buy her tweet.

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What can you do with a bought tweet? You're essentially just tipping the author. This is going to make twitter even more of an unbearable circlejerk.

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Reparations, fag

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you can put any tweet into it and it'll let you offer to own it lol

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How long until BSC gets an NFT service?

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i offered $10

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We must go higher. Imagine this nigger finding out she won $5000 for a fucking tweet lol

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Who gets the money?

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I’m very confused

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let's if there are actually millionaires on biz or if it's just larping..

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Are there gonna be lawsuits when the people who made these tweets claim ownership/copyright?

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who do you think owns the rights to these tweets, if you had to guess?

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I think the money goes to whoever tweet it is. They have to go onto the site and claim it. The site probably charges a fee for hooking the sale up.

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the front page
put a tweet in

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Can you resell a purchased tweet?

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Interesting way to launder money

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You can buy tweets? Wtf

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I upped it to $100 that's the highest i'll do

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Are you retarded? You must be fucking stupid to give money to niggers for any reason

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Now I understand what digital art is

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i'll resell it for $1000
easy money

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yes it's just a blockchain token
(you're not actually buying a tweet - you don't own the rights to it)

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what do I get by owning a tweet?

Can I make legal merchandise based on the image?

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Oh shit wtf https://v.cent.co/tweet/1368733701333540866?s=u_a

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ahhh so you own the cent.com version of the tweet

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your tweet sucks I'm not buying it

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llmao look at this
look at the responses
all the angry people are literally non human scum. every last one of them

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These people should all be killed

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as the owner you can then change it?

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>Nooooo you can't put a tweet for sale it takes up energy equivalent of boiling dozens of bathtubs from room temperature into steam to make a transaction

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Clown market confirmed

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I love how i have to "log in" to make an offer, I can't just connect to meta mask like every other eth app in the world.

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Normally, the author of the tweet, but there is probably something in the Twitter TOS that grants them full ownership of everything ever posted. So Twitter's attorneys will come after them.

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no they won't, jack recently tweeted about them.
the first ever tweet is currently on sale with the highest bid so far being $2.5 mill

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1 bid from jack for $2.5 mil? Impressive.

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This is absolutely retarded, made a tweet to try and capitalise on these brainlets, how do I advertise my tweets?

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You have to be a celebrity or a billionaire. For some reason normies love donating to rich celebrities.

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no, someone else bid for it, you can see the names of the bidders. I don't think you can bid on your own tweets.
But Jack tweeted it https://twitter.com/jack/status/1367990471759306752

(extra points for btc maxis seething in the replies kek)

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>be a bunch of niggers
>put a tweet up for sale
>go to biz and shill buying it for a shit ton of money as a joke

I applaud the original concept, however it’s is now when we will discover which has more brains, a bunch of niggers or the autists of /biz/

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So people are mostly buying celeb tweets? And some of the normans buying this complain about the rich getting richer, meanwhile they keep looking for innovative ways to donate their paychecks to multi-millionaires. JFL

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Who is this qt, anon

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lol the original tweet gave birth to a /biz/ meme

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Great now we have niggers shilling tweets here

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If Twitter doesn't claim ownership, the author can. I know for sure who will not get any rights granted from any court, which is a random guy on the internet just selling it. That's not to say there is much the courts can do if the seller hides his tracks, but I can guarantee you that once word gets out, especially about the sums involved, that there will be lawsuits coming from the copyright owners, and the NFT marketplaces getting shut down if they don't implement measures to combat this "piracy".
>inb4 muh outside of US jurisdiction
Totally dependent on how many executives want to become fugitives from the law like Hayes, and how many people will be willing to pay for "forgeries", as the rights owners will be the only ones being able to sell the "original" "art".

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wtf, someone outbid me?
show yourself now!!!

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fine, i said i wouldn't go higher than $100 so i guess you'll take
have fun

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I was going to bid $100,000,000 but it asked me to log into twitter, didn't feel like making a twitter.

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il cancel it if she doesn't want answer in a day.

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