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Tomorrow more AVAX will be unlocked, what are your predictions on what's gonna happen? I don't think the price will change too much, I want a great platform to use, I'm not expecting to be rich with this coin

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i predict avax is gonna take a little dip and then it will sky rocket, possibly breaking $100 by the end of the week

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it's pretty funny watching everyone talk about how they're all gonna go buy as soon as the 9th hits and it "dips". Wouldn't even be surprised if it moons instead of dipping as everyone scrambles to get in lmao

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anon you look like a cute anime girl. can i kiss you?

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$20 then $70

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Fren, you're being pessimistic

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>missed NFTanon's rare Pepe's again

Why live

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Kek this but I've been telling people not to buy all week because non-hodlers deserve to buy the top

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anyone else still giving AVAX NFT Pepes?

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>what are your predictions on what's gonna happen?
I predict a 100% chance of me DCA’ing

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No but I can send you an NFT of nikocado's blown-out asshole if you want.

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How much is being unlocked?

ICO holders are up 50x this time, so I think we'll see at least some profit taking/crabbing.

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Dip to $10 within 2 weeks

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This anon is a liar and hence should not be trusted.

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I own this terrible company and try every week to sell some at neutral price. It is terrible

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waronrugs called this out as a scam just like they called out PAID before they rugged everyone. you've been warned.

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wtf anon

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trips don't lie

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they called zero a scam, not avax

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scams pump the hardest tho. gl

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I would wer my female(male) panties if that happened.

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Avax grew way too quick for the team to keep up with, that's all.

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Anon, here's your phone!

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you scared?

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I just sent UNI to some random metamask wallet with 0 transactions on the Avalanche network. Have I lost my money?

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Roaches man.....

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Oi, wsup white boy. I heard u got sum of em NFTs I be seeing on black twitter n shiet? Lemme hold sum or u know whats finna happen, it aint gonna be nice and u aint gonna like it, so better cough it up before i pop the trunk on yo white ass.


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pic related is me after a workout in the park, im only supporting black businesses and the gym is white owned, so i can only go to the park

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