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Coordinated rubic dump by 7 of the top wallets coming on the 15th of March. They're exiting for greener pastures and WILL absolutely crash this jeetcoin (with no survivors)Take RBC profit now if you don't want to be an eternal bagholder. Don't come posting pinkjaks like we didn't fairly warn you.

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Just bought $10k worth through Uniswap. Srs. Come at me phaggot

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The shilling on this board is just overwhelming. I almost bought 2 ETH worth of this shit coin.

Do I do it or not, faggots?

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Yes sir, get on the sinking ship sir! Is good for my bag

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Based and 2020 pilled.

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>in 2 years a guy will still create threads about a coordinated dump by top wallets

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The fact that people shill this dex token so hard, but don't even use the dex itself to buy the token, is completely hilarious. If it isn't a red flag then I don't know what is

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we're fucked aren't we

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>Green ID
>double dubs

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sorry it's just the one dub actually

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transfer it to my wallet at least I'll do something useful with it

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Great, will be able to buy more with my stimmy

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