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you couldnt hold it? why would you sell it when you got it for free? it does no hard to hold it

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I sold it at $18 and turned it to $48k, but just today I bought back in and plan to leave it there.

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Bought a ps5. Then dca'd at like $5

Feels comfy. And to think Uni will and is the one true DEX.

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But uniswap is shit , eth is shit erc20 is a piece of shit, why are people still building on it

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Wasn't around for the airdrop but bought in around $11. Feels good man

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literally everyone uses it. why does it even matter if youre here to make money, it makes money

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what should they be building on?

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I kept the airdrop. Someone please just explain to me why a voting token is worth $33.

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its the value for everything it will be in the near future

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Based. gmi
The funny thing about UNI is that anons that didn't receive the airdrop will not buy it ever, just because it was for "free". They will miss on one of the greatest bull rides in the history of crypto. 400 is unironically the make it stack.

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>tfw the only reason you still have your 400 UNI is that you didnt have enough eth to sell it when you got it lol

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This trannycoin is based

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400 suicide stack.

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Will they do a second air drop with v3?

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If they implement a fee system for stakers, like sushiswap, you'll be asking why didn't you buy at 33.

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>sold half when I got it and used it on weed n shit
>gambled with the other half and got to like 850uni maybe
>got too greedy and instead of just holding uni gambled all in some xfinance and xswap shitcoins
>got rugged
>sold like last 0.3 eth at $350

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>be me in 2018
>get the $1,000 ONT airdrop
>ONT goes to $10 so I have $10,000
>”oh this is a hold, this is going to $100”
>ONT crashes and I get nothing
>be me
>get the UNI airdrop
>not this time satan, I’m selling this time
>UNI breaks $30 and seems unstoppable

Why do I have to be a mongoloid?

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Not only did I hold it but I bought 1000 more at $4

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main difference is UNI is actually a very, very profitable business lol. 400 UNI is effectively 400 shares of stock in this business. it's not a shitcoin in the typical sense of token-not-needed.

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I'm thankful that I'm a retard who couldn't find my seed phrase until a couple months ago when UNI hit $20
I definitely would have panic sold at $2.
Now, I'm never selling. I even bought... ten more lol

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Why would you bet against the largest and most successful Dex in the world?

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>sold my 800 UNI at $3.00 to buy more BSV

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It was one of the first airdrops ever to be worth a shit ton from launch was why, it was also a bear market
I imagine only richfags held and of course they're reaping the rewards

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cardano lol

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What determines the value of UNI? And don't get me started on demand and supply, cryptos are all about speculation anyway.

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fucking pisses me off that people get that much money for free. Fuck uniswap fucking evil fucks. Reward good behavior

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Same bought my first 200 at 14, wish I bought more that low

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When everyone was like "Meh, I got it for free, I'll just sell it and buy stuff", I bought more at $5 and even more at $3.

>It's only the biggest AMM dex on the only relevant smart contract chain, why should I buy it??!

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I pooled Phoenix in two different wallets. I got 4 airdrops. Gonna buy a house because Statera lol.

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I sold 2 uni airdrop for 1000$ found the private keys to a third airdrop and sold it for 5000$ but thankfully I turned that 5k into 100k

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What is "AMM dex"?

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I was one week off getting an extra airdrop with a different wallet. Only got the 1, still feels pretty good.

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for one, governance over the largest and most important dex, equivalent to being a shareholder of a large company. And the price is pumping higher because v3 is coming out.
v3 will include
1) a l2 scaling solution so that gas fees become incredibly cheap
2) fee switch gets activated, a portion of uniswap's maker/taker fees will get paid out to UNI holders (think of it like stock dividends)

The real question is why was it so criminally undervalued for so long. And the reason for that is because it was an airdrop, and a ton of people got it for free, and a bunch of those people were low-time-preference niggers who immediately sold and crashed the price to less than 2 bucks. Only after all these dumbasses had sold could the price actually start to climb. That's why it had a J-shaped price graph

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UNI was the Make-It Test. Most people failed and will be buying back at $200. UNI=NYSE UNI=CME $500 EOY

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$200 uniswap?

Bitch. Ethereum isn’t even going to be around in a year.

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You act like every single coin hasn’t done a 3x or more since the airdrop.
>sold at $5
>bought eth at $300 with it
>made way more than holding

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Uniswap is very near to getting BTFO
But fuck you if you think I'd tell you why, I hate what biz has turned into, you can all stay poor

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Literally impossible, it would flip ETH at this point.

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That is only fuck ugly nigger

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Because I’m retarded anon

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>I am so much smarter than you and I hate you all so I will not let you in on my super secret
Yeah right, nigger.

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Didn't get the airdrop but FOMOd in at $4 during the airdrop with 200, regret not buying more

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that is not way more than holding. learn basic mathematics

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Too big to fail.

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what do you think the odds are they'll do this for v3? also when is v3 coming out

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lmao and here come the copejeets just like every UNI thread. Please keep seething and shilling your copycat scamcoins.

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When's the next airdrop? I know nothing about this.

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Based bnt holder

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I traded half into ETH, lost one to some shitty Avax airdrop authentication, and kept the other 199.

I'm almost inclined to buy one more in case there are any future snapshots that require you to hold 200

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I will never not be mad that I bought for $1.80 and sold at $4. I could be rich right now.

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I only discovered it in Feb when I logged into metamask for the first time in ages. I know my dumb ass would've sold early if I realized

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Salty bag holders are so predictable

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yeah i lost one of mine in the AVAX thing too kek. didn’t even end up with the PNG airdrop

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UNI will get replaced. Its already happening. ERC tokens are the past

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Keep bag holding nigger. your ngmi

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Sold half at 4$ then 80 more on uniswap scams. FML

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Listen, fuckface, I have more UNI than you.

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Yeah, nah. I'm a whale.

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automated market maker
decentralized exchange

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I wish a hadn't of sold my unicorn, for a playstation 5. I cant buy a lambo any any more.

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because they didnt promise any fees like sushi, and during that era 100% of all farming coins dumped to 0 except yfi

even sushi was down like 90% from ath

i sold the absolute bottom at 2.50. oh well, never touching it again

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rubic will be bigger soon, hop on while early at this very fair price Sir

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>UNI will get replaced. Its already happening. ERC tokens are the past
yeah by an exchange that only has scams LMAO! Keep coping chink

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All UNI sellers are going to mass kill themselves when they airdrop more tokens to those who held their initial airdrop.

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That would be fucking hilarious

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a 2nd airdrop or mass suicide?

>> No.30435490

Will be*. Per my source the goal is to create even stronger brand loyalty. There are other qualifications for the drop, though. If you’re a LP or swap a decent amount you will likely make the cut.

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both. I'm erect thinking of the idea of an airdrop only for people who got the original 400 and never moved it

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free 15k you mean, if you got the MIR airdrop too

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I thought everything was gonna crash and didn’t want to be left holding bags again. I saw a chance to get out with profit and took it. Planned to buy back in after the crash. That was at $20.

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The original airdrop was for wallets that used uniswap so I don’t know why a second airdrop would be different.

>> No.30436340

what if I collateralized my stack on aave at one point. will that disqualify me?

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source is your hopium from holding a worthless gov token, there probs wont even be a 2nd drop

>> No.30436368

Sold for ETH and have more now if considered in fiat currency terms.

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Because after the first airdrop happened and there were rumors of a second one, millions upon millions of pajeets started wash-trading on dozens of metamask wallets each in the hopes of a second chance. No UNI holder is going to agree to a 2nd airdrop because it would instantly crash the price from a bunch of pajeets getting a fuckton. The only way a second airdrop happens is if it has far more restrictive rules over who gets it.

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I would have sold. I'm a retard like that.

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Will Pancaswap overtun Uniswap?

>> No.30437623

Depends on timing of the snapshot.

Screencap me then.

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>gov token for a DEX

l m f a o

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This anon gets it. Anons who missed the airdrop but purchased more are also in for part of it, though it sounded like probably less tokens

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do you even have a source for this claim that i keep seeing on here
have they said there will be a second airdrop

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Based. I sold half of my air drop at $20 and regret it, but I don't think that picture is very believable. If the character in the illustration was as embarrassed and aroused as the heart and their facial expression portray, they would be erect. It's involuntary. I think the only reason they drew it like this is to make it SFW. Probably some amateur tumblr page. Could you give me the name of the artist? I want to commission something with them.

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Can someone explain why this token is mooning?

What can you use it for?

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i've spent a lot of fucking fees on uniswap. they should airdrop to people who have traded above a certain amount

uni is a trannycoin. sell and buy BNT - you will make it

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that girl is obviously wearing a chastity cage anon

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I am 100% sure that is not the case.

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