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literally who

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Go back to /int/

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RIP solidworks, long inventor and catia

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Dude, even if you're not in aerospace, Dassault should at least sound familiar.

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don't ride in helicopters

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good, one less whale to worry about

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i wonder what they have in common

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>koonbe dyant

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Aaaah helicopters, the great billionaire filter

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Wtf is this

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That’s one big dip.

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>even if you make it you can just randomly die at any point


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Inb4 he was long on gme and this is the system protecting itself.

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dassault systemes
he was a big brain engineer nigga
RIP my dude, I'll never forget the time I spent with solidworks in uni

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where at?

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Read nigga read. God damn you Redditors are helpless it says right there what you’re looking at

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These things are fucking retarded and crash all the time. I know somebody who died in a resue helicopter crash. It was even on a rescue operation and they still flew into a mountain.

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Will he be OK?

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We can rebuild him

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catia and solidworks are both dassault

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>Exposed fractured spine
So like a big hole right there in front?

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Please let it be a jew

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Per passenger mile, only motorbikes are more dangerous.

I also like it when professional footballers die this way.

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Famous weapon dealer family

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jesus christ, i don't even want to imagine being a responder on the scene. What a morbid way to go.

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Probably near instant death at least
>Wow dad it's fogg-

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Imagine not taking a Brabus everywhere like a champion motorcade—and instead death by flying dwarf gyrocopter

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I watched a recreation of the flight path, the few seconds would of been the worst of their lives.

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damn, he got anakin skywalker’d

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like the force of the collision was so great that his spine snapped and pierced the skin and ribcage

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give him a glass of water

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lol next to the note about the hole in his skull it says
>absent brain

well duh he was a nigger

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>When your rich and famous you don’t need to listen to safety guidelines! We MUST get my daughter to a pointless pick up basketball game ASAP!
-t. bryant

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>his broken spine came out the front of his neck
damn that's brutal

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Holy shit first time seeing this. That's crazy.

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bullish for bitbean LMAO


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did he died?

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I wish I was that first responder. I would have busted a nut.

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How much do you think his ear would have fetched at auction?

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no, but he will be deaf for life

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impatient. there are no shortcuts in life-- especially when it comes to avoiding traffic if you are dumb enough to live in a city.

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this is horrific

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lol they tried to pick up chicks with the photos

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Oh look another dude who became a part of their club and got suicided

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Maybe the body was burnt, so they couldn't easily tell.

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>Be rich
>Ever get in helicopter
Why do they do this? Everybody knows helicopters are the motorcycles of aircraft.

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yea my boi stevie ray vaughn went out the same way seems really common

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Did these pics ever leak? Rio Kobe

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didnt his penis get chopped of too?

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I've literally never heard of Dassault. As far as I can tell they just made military aircraft for frogs.

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he was a filthy kike crony

he was, most billionaires in france are kikes

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