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when is it coming?

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Now lol

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not just yet

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I mean the stock market

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Well all the experts are predicting it soon so rest assured we have a year left

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There was a slight dip under 50k, wait for it to climb a little bit for a false sense of security for just those few to buy in and BAM into the gutter it goes.

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In few months, when you least expect it.
Wasn't it how it went the last time?

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Oh stocks? Hah, enjoy always losing that game.

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Can someone shop pic related to be biz appropriate?

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With the stock market we are very close for a dump / correction. Stimulus has passed if no ones objects in between the checks will be in the mail by end of March 24th till 27th.

The market is already reconditioning from tech stocks to normal stocks because of reopening mantra.

People think in a few months but who knows could be tomorrow if the 10 year bond yields shoot further up from 1.5.

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is it possible to sustain this level of mania for another year? or are we at the top?

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Typically between 9th and 21st of March.

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two weeks after stimmy checks are fully deployed
otherwise in june.

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this is a cryptocurrency board

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no its not but crypto and stocks will go south

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SP500 reaches 4000 and the fucking crash.
Crypto to dump even harder. And don't say that it's not connected to stock market at all.

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black swan poster getting desperate for a second covid crash. get fucked faggot bird.

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Stimulus passed so after new ath

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fuck off faggot keep pretending like nothing is wrong

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this entire "bubble" has just been a recovery from the march 2020 crash. welcome to the roaring 20's faggot.

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When the stock tanks because all the speculation is over, bitcoin will also tank because of all the companies that bought bitcoin.
But thats not gonna be tmrw anytime too soon

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youre a retard, small businesses are closing all over the country. this "recovery" is a result of fed printing with interest rates at almost 0%. they played all their cards.

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>he thinks the market responds proportionately to reality
oh anon, you have alot to learn

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likely yes. That's a scary fucking reality but yeah.

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The treasury auctions all the important stuff on Thursdays, so far every Thursday the yield has the biggest spike upwards.

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