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Why haven't you jumped on Hoge yet? In a month its jumped over 100x my investment and then some, it just took a dip for better access, now is your time to invest. Its fast, easy, and it recovers your investment nearly instantly. The developers have 2 announcments dropping in ~15 minutes and then 4 hours after that, likely announcements that are going to cause HOGE to moon again. Jump in now at 0.0001 for the ride to 0.01 and more.

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>buying a shitcoin that already did a 100x

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>not buying a shitcoin that successfully did a 100x and crabbed without a major correction

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first post worst post

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Not buying into your ponzi scheme, sorry

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Have any coins every genuinely done a 10000x in a short space of time (like less than a year?)

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>Not buying in on a coin thats still over 50x, and hasn't been sold easily on the American market with a site listing. Which is likely opening today if not soon after.

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I love seeing you all down talk $Hoge while we are take profit.

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Not sure, i'm not thinking it will but its better to get in now and sit due to the 1% redistribution with the 1% burn. It pays itself off and gives you passive income. Whats the harm in sitting on it for a small investment?

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Just check out HOGE community and you will understand why it's not a shitcoin

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This is unironically going to do what took $DOGE 8 years, within 6 months.
Fucking insane. Funny thing is memes are the future, this could hit a $1B market cap.

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>while we take profit
So you're selling anon?

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Folks, it’s a pump and dump and you are late. ITS OVER, if you didn’t get in earlier just move on and try to catch the next shit coin. If you like losing money, by all means go ahead

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where is the dump? it's been crabbing for the last 12 hours lmao

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skeptical at first, but now i just watch my money and stack go up, made 500$ in the last 24 hrs, sold a bit to cover my initial investment and now just watch the profit roll in, its a beautiful thing! two announcements to come today, first in 20 mins time. if you not part of it you are just plain dumb!

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lol this is what they told me when my 85 mil was worth $70

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I was only able to buy about 340,000~ HOGE coin. Not much, but I can still believe in a small bit of profit. I want to believe anons

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Show me in the trend where it dumped, I only saw 2 major players dump and get out for barely 90k and less than that on the next. It hasn't finished. Go here https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x7fd1de95fc975fbbd8be260525758549ec477960 and explain how its done to me :)

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lol so a bull flag is a dump apparently?
it's literally pumping right now.

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Some nfts did a 1000x in a couple days this week

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Open up your mind and maybe you can also make it.

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t. shill

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You call a bull flag a dump? I thought there were smart people here lmao

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Because i'm too poor to buy in.

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Only got 4mil HOGE at 9. Will I make it?

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t. ngmi

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Not sure what your balance references

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New exchange anounced

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This is the worst PND in the history of PNDs, it just pumps and doesn't dump.

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lol trips says it's true, so $HOGE does what $DOGE did in 6 months. Confirmed

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hoge to 5 cents
trust in bBogan

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When it hits 0.01, you'll still have 40k in Hoge. Its better than not having it.

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how does 4 million dollars sound?

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At 0.10 youre at 40k, at $1.00 youre at 4mil. As long as you sit the price will rise, it just depends on how long you can wait it out. I'll sit on my investment for years if neededjust like a majority of holders. Selling for less than 1000x is crazy to me.

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sounds unrealistic cause not even DOGE reached 1 buck and that had 2 billionaires endorsing it.
this one sounds better. I'll buy more if it ever dips again

just a poorfag trying to make it. I'll be making NFTs when they do another run

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difference is that doge has shit tokenomics, hoge is deflationary, think nearly 60% of the supply has already been burnt

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just get to 0.00008 again so I can dump all my tether in you

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it got a new listing so you might as well buy in now

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god this is what i was thinking when it did a 8x and i could have gone 20x from there just a few days ago but ya it's already at a 150 million marketcap.. much sweeter coin when it was 10 million and less

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i can't. 50000 is the minimum and I'm poor. nevermind I already have my innitial 50000.

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it's not a 150 M mkt cap rn. it's closer to 70 Mill, that's fully diluted but 60% of the tokens have been burned.

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I'm Googling this right now, you got any sources for this?

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You can buy it on uniswap no minimum, but the gas would be about tye same.

Dont kick yourself later for pricing yourself out over $50!

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You're doomed newfriend

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bog, is that you?
it's me margaret
i sneed a 1000x

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Would you look at that

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>tfw you had 380mil in HOGE three weeks ago, now you have 3mil

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Almost at 13 again

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That includes the burned tokens, we're still in a good spot to grow, and now everyone knows this isn't a rugpull and will feel safer putting larger amounts of money in.

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.0002 by EOD

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how does 30k sound?

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i'm thinking that'll basically be the only way i pull out now
i would have had millions though and that is always going to be hard to reconcile
i will keep adding hogies if it dips again
doesn't look like it's going to though

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I haven't been following NFT's until literally this last month, I wasn't asking for paragraphs of spoonfeed, just some keywords. Fuck you.

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sunday the market is always down, gas fees are high. i don't think you'll be able to buy this cheap again. Especially given that it's being listed on more exchanges. CG listing coming up, plus the tokenomics, etc.
Good luck tho anon.

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Hoping this bad boy moves slowly through the exchanges building value steadily so profit takers can dip out without fucking everything

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i can put in 800usd on monday but i'm not sure if it's worth it at that point, it'll moon tonight

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A self declared meme coin
Pajeet Pussy

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Yeah that's the problem of getting in early
You can make crazy profits but hindsight that you could have made millions with a few hundred dollars will eat you up, while I'm just happy getting in at 12 last night.

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If i just held from a month ago my 400 would be 30k fml

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nah, it's still worth it. Even if it moons, it's getting listed on BKEX eow, it'll at minimum 2x just from that alone. you can probably 3x it if you buy in on the morning dip.

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yep this is me
best you can do is grab a couple mil and check back in 4 weeks
i'm not selling again

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wb coingecko, and binance, and robinhood - do you think any of those are realistic?

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wow, the chart has a textbook bull flag setup

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coingecko is realistic, binance and robinhood probably less so for now

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I have put another 9 ETH order on Hoge. That is already 50 ETH in the last 24 hours I have put into HOGE. Now I have close to 900 million HOGE and I am in top 85 holder or something.
HOGE and EGG is my ticket either to rope myself or to be wealthy.

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Its pumping so fast my blockfolio cant keep up lol

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This is why you have to grow some balls and not be smoothed brain by selling your 200 mil when even a whale selling a billion wont tank the market.

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CG is inevitable at this point, they got spammed with requests by the users though.
Binance costs $500k USD/year for your coin to be listed to my understanding. I doubt it but it is possible. Robinhood? maybe, dogecoin is but both are unlikely for now at least. Maybe when we hit the $500+ M market cap.

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just doubled my stack, im so fucking ready to moon

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>not on BSC
yeah let me just spend my entire life's savings on gas fees to buy into this shitcoin rugpull

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>dime tu poomp eeet

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use whitebit then, there's also another listing announcement happening at 7PM eastern time which might let filthy burgers trade it easier

>> No.30421348

Observe, a brain as smooth as glass

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yeah just buy a coin that americans can't access to and only poor people use because low fees. smart.

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Why the fuck can I not buy this on Uni? I can trade any other coin no problem, but whenever I try to buy it goes through on Metamask and Etherscan says Sorry, 'We are unable to locate this TxnHash'. Slippage is set, I can cover gas fees.

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I'm american and I bought from Uniswap. Yeah gas fees suck but I already made it back plus 100 and and I literally bought like 1 hour ago

>> No.30421783

did you copy the address from hoge.finance?

>> No.30421944

I did, up x100 already. It's barely gotten started though. Token burn is crazy & it isn't even on any big exchanges yet. Got at least another x50 left in it.

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Why doesn't it show the burn rate? Only one transaction of half the coins a month ago to the burn address? Am I missing something here


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yep. no idea wtf is going on

>> No.30422005

the etherscan is out of date, iirc it's around 400bil now

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We just got more listings confirmed, this is only the beginning...


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Anyone not selling some after a x100 is retarded. Doesn't mean people aren't leaving half in there for the next leg up.

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Still. How come there's one transaction for half the liquidity? This doesn't make sense, it should have started out with 1 trillion and gone over time to where we are now at half a trillion.
But by etherscan, it looks like it started out at half a trillion in the first place

>> No.30422166

More slippage. I used like 5%. It's the token burn mechanic, Uniswap shits itself

>> No.30422187

Which exchange?

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BKEX, $1.3 billion in trading volume every 24 hours. Should cause 2-5x overnight once listed.

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Here's the source.

t me/hogefinance/179005

>> No.30422387

Previous resistance at .00012 is now support.

Not confirmed until Mr Breakout calls it a dump!

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Isn't that a chink exchange? Are we equipped to shill in Chinese?

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>All pajeets

>> No.30422467

the chinks are probably the reason this is pumping so hard again in the first place, doubt they need to be shilled to

>> No.30422473

I spent $150 on hoge and $100 on gas... it is now worth over $16.5k...

Stay poor.

>> No.30422480

Money is a universal language. They'll know

>> No.30422486

yeah, isn't exposure to chinese normies a pretty big deal? i'm assuming they don't really know about it yet right?

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We are all going to make it boys

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We are going from THIS....

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And KANGAL will do what HOGE did in about 1/2 the time

>> No.30422531

whales selling and buying back in higher lmao
dont underestimate retard strength

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lol let them suffer, more hoges for the rest of us

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Imagine actually buying that piece of shit instead of HOGE.

Help is available, anon.

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Can someone explain tho?

>> No.30422685

Bet you won't ever do it again. Imagine doing a 100x and you are still poor lol.

>> No.30422695

disgusting logo, not gonna make it

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you do realize supply is burned every transaction right? There is like 450 billion left from the original 1 trillion supply.

You guys are all mad because you shit on the coin a month ago and some of us have legit made life changing money.

Meanwhile you guys are still buying link at like $24.

>> No.30423155

Some whale bought in holy fuck

>> No.30423162

That's all of cryptocurrency

>> No.30423230

>no burn mechanics
>no distribution
>literally just a coin that doesn't do anything
NGMI, another PND. Still put in a few hundred dollars though just in case.

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>> No.30423346

Yeah we're gonna moon so hard, easy 5x in the next few weeks.

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i saw hoge shilled for weeks. what was the catalyst that made this specific meme/rfi/deflationary coin moon ant not all the other dozens of meme/rfy/deflationary coins?

>> No.30423615

Awesome tokenomics that promote holding and a strong community.

>> No.30423621

>what was the catalyst that made this specific meme/rfi/deflationary coin moon ant not all th
Dedication to fight through the shake outs. It's a valid model but needs confidence in the early stages when it's volatile.

>> No.30423627

Got in on the 2nd day for this. I sold my small stack of 69mill HOGE after a few days when I thought it was dead. Holy fuck I’m miserable.

>> No.30423662

>Sold 490 mil at a loss
Get in line.

>> No.30423672

Is it too late to try buying in some more bros? Should I wait until its nighttime in burgerland?

>> No.30423675

as cliche and hopium filled as it sounds, the community

The telegram never once gave up pumping out content, pooled together $15k for the whitebit listing and have now minted some meme NFT's (made by pre-whitebit holders)

They just will not give up, they deserve this after it died so hard it wasn't getting trades for hours at a time before

>> No.30423712

Capitalizing on Doge's sudden popularity and the devs committing to making it more then just a one and done pnd by getting it listed and noticed. Also, the shilling and the fact that it caught on means the longer it doesn't dump and the higher it goes the more likely it is to keep going higher and not dump in the future.

>> No.30423795

Literally weaponized autism. Why /biz/ hates it so much is beyond me....

>> No.30423824

it will moon when the 7pm est news comes out, probably too late by then

>> No.30423856

HOGE will become a mainstream meme coin, probably be on Binance one day.

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No one can explain, then? We gonna get rugged, aren't we

>> No.30423902

you have to be retarded to not throw in a couple hundred just to see where it goes, unless you're a poorfag

>> No.30423906

Thing is, if this soars a lot, some loaded people that got in real early will sell because the gains are astronomical and if they sell, it will dip hard. Its what happened last time

Thing is, we just had a whale dump 30 ETH worth and we rebounded like it was nothing so this is bullish as fuck

>> No.30423909

This was the correction, if we dip again after 20 it won't go this low.

>> No.30423918
File: 42 KB, 927x337, 189402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine being these fools. you're here, aren't you?

>> No.30424004

Yeah, normally it's stupid to buy into a project where people have insane amounts they got for nothing but with the amount of volume we're getting it's not as scary. Also the big whales are holding for the long run, they've stuck with this for a month of nothing.

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>sold 250k to breakeven after the first dump and just realized how much I would've gained now

I deserve it, but it still hurts.

Should I buy back in?

>> No.30424051

not fucking selling until $1

>> No.30424079

I literally made $2k more in the past two hours you all are sitting here deciding when and if to buy.

Top kek

>> No.30424112

My dream was to own a nice stack of ETH and Link as a poorfag. Hope there will be another NFT mint run cause I wanna score some ETH to buy more Hoge.

My ultimate dream is to buy a house for my mom

>> No.30424187

$1? You sure about that? I would be close to a billionare from HOGE, that sounds a bit... far fetched to be honest.

>> No.30424246


>> No.30424290

It was listed on Whitebit, and will be listed in other places very soon.

>> No.30424343

you heard me... NOT FUCKING SELLING

>> No.30424392

$1 very unlikely, if it could hit .01 a lot of people would be millionaires.

>> No.30424423

25M Hoge am i gonna make it ?

>> No.30424448

Half tokens were burned on launch

>> No.30424500

Sure let's FOMO in at the top and watch it crab to death or just shit the bed. I'm glad for your gains, but I'm not carrying your fucking shit bags.

>> No.30424506

I would be more than happy (and a millionaire) if it would hit .001-.002. Possible? Lets hope so.
That would be like a x10 from now. Current market cap is around 48 million, that would make it 0.5B.

>> No.30424526

>on Whitebit, and will be listed in other places very soo
Can you tell me what other places?

>> No.30424533

Because i dont buy scams retard

>> No.30424551

How does 25 million HOGE sound, plus whatever you get from the 1% distribution?
Feels nice, right?

>> No.30424563
File: 160 KB, 800x1129, keepcalm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BKEX and 1 more to be announced soon.

>> No.30424605

What's the point of that? Then it means that it only started out with half a trillion, not a trillion.
Also, why is it the only transaction to that account if coins are burned every day?

>> No.30424610

The more whales offload their stacks then the more dispersed it gets and the less chance of it getting omega dumped. I am personally a top 200 bag and I am definitely not selling anything until at least another 10x. I'm really wanting 100x though and when I do sell various times in the future I will probably not offload everything. Crabbing will happen, and every individual has a different exit strategy or amount they want. If we can already eat up billion hoge dumps like it's nothing then the future will only be better for whale dumps.

>> No.30424615

i can't tell hogebro, i feel poor

>> No.30424648

Bro, the jokes on you. People have made mad money on this, and legit mainstream news hasn't even hit yet. Stay poor.

>> No.30424673

let me redpill you hoge schizos; hoge is a useless doge clone and this pump its feeling is neither organic nor sustainable; very soon it will crash, just like it did last month

>> No.30424685

I didn't buy more at 8000 this morning because I was too tired

>> No.30424716

Already about to reach 15 and we still have an announcement coming. New ATH today?

>> No.30424776

we will see 20 by the end of the night

>> No.30424779

Every single crypto is useless right now. Until BTC becomes an actual monetary basis for real world transactions then all crypto are just money making schemes based on social belief/contracts.

>> No.30424908
File: 65 KB, 1440x632, Screenshot_20210307-170022_Zerion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> just like it did last month
You mean when it was less than a week old? Are you referring to the tiny blip on the left of this chart? Could that be the quote-unquote "dump" to which you refer Sir?

>> No.30424947

was the new exchange (bkex) the announcement or is there something else coming too?

>> No.30424949

1. The coin is actually getting listed on large exchanges and the community is growing every day.

2. When it crashed last month it ended up mooning. Normal Pumps don't moon twice, and normal pumps don't have a growing community and more exposure following the moon.

You guys are all just salty AF because you didn't throw down a few hundred dollars on something that has made people mad crazy money.

Go buy some some TRON or something.

>> No.30424981

there are 2 announcements coming today, next one is at 7pm est

>> No.30425006

I hold 20m hoge and I just bought 520b FEG lol

anyone else a Fegget in here? looks real similar to hoges tokenomics

>> No.30425010

I believe that is the dump he is referring to yes.

Seems like a smart guy.

>> No.30425307

If it hitsd 0.01 youre getting 25 grand, at .10 you hit 2.5mil, at 1.00 youre at 25mil. You tell me if you made it friend :) (But I'd say you're doing fine, it'll hold regardless of how many people bail this early. Just Hold and see where you land.

>> No.30425313


>> No.30425412

what's the current burn rate? it's probably achievable within a decade

>> No.30425663

There's still gonna be a heavy sale wall at 0.001 and 0.01 but that might be avoided if we hit 10k wallets plus by then

>> No.30425788

Every sale burns 1% and redistributes 1% of the sale between all current holders

>> No.30425930
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>Cope general
>Hoge Bagholding "trader"

>> No.30426061

Who the fuck would sell this early?

>> No.30426135

retards with no foresight

>> No.30426175

Oh no, I made tens of thousands of dollars and am still making more... how will I ever cope?

>> No.30426253


Yeah I bought 30 million 12 hours ago and already have like 100k extra HOGE in redistributed dividends. That's fucking bonkers.

>> No.30426296

I havent sold once and ive had 4 buy ins lmao, yeah let me cope on my ~$50k+ profit so far.

>> No.30426306

nooooooooo the price is going up i thought biz told me to buy high sell low wtf

>> No.30426343
File: 49 KB, 995x732, ASKO_HOGE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have a tip for anyone that regrets not getting in hoge earlier. pic related is a bit outdated already but asko and hoge had some simmilar patterns, and askos flatline is currently starting to be reanimated. im not saying this is a guaranteed moonshot, but if you can spare some change, why not gamble a little on here? if its gone, who cares, cant go much lower anyways, but if it takes off, youll bite your ass for missing a revival yet again.

>> No.30426346

Is $0.005 realistic?

>> No.30426371

This build method is perfect for anyone, the early whales make their profit early and bail, but it boosts the ones still holding that couldnt buy in at the floor price. It still works out for everyone who holds as long as you keep holding

>> No.30426414

How long should one hold sirs
I am doing the needful

>> No.30426455

your math is off....

>> No.30426467

In holding mid to long term, no joke.
I am waiting till we are past a penny, and then may still hold.

>> No.30426468

No that is unrealistic
Unrealistically low, that is

>> No.30426480

im gonna swing trade this shit for extra gains. everyone else is doing it.

>> No.30426509

Prepare to be priced out....

>> No.30426581

over the past few days has been the same pattern. massive moon followed by massive sell off. all it takes is patience.

>> No.30426686

thanks for the advice anon, will look into it

>> No.30426750

You should never full sell. Wait until your 100x, then maybe pull 10% to cover your buy in, and then sit until you need money in life. Never full sell, this is a retirement coin.

>> No.30426803

Look at the fucking buy volume! Why are there mongoloids still selling for a measly 2 ETH? Jesus

>> No.30426825

Youre right his .01 is 250k, My mistake.

>> No.30426841

I agree, it's retarded. It's statera for reddit.

>> No.30427183
File: 16 KB, 400x400, 4AmWiiPH_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello. Oh baby HOGE reach 0.00012 again, good boi

>> No.30427316
File: 312 KB, 1440x1086, Screenshot_20210307-151759_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mr Breakout!! Do you remember this chart??

>> No.30427479
File: 788 KB, 714x712, 1589649500597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking fantastic, these two pajeets with their "TA" make me laugh every single time.

>> No.30427512
File: 282 KB, 750x1200, 20210306-4-l9va6a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember I made this NFT for you

>> No.30427549

Sir I will give you a hint this is from when it was bouncing off 0.00008 and you said it will never hit 0.00012 again. Sir do you remember this?

>> No.30427719
File: 579 KB, 462x527, 90a263f59fdde7a406be0cd43aab1afa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is right and now? Your steps are little and the whales coordinate sells

>> No.30427772


>> No.30427840

who is that poor guy you are gangstalking?

>> No.30427886
File: 173 KB, 236x346, b4a392012d2c44baebde305005781539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you little cunt i said that HOGE today not hit 0.0012 again and the sells are coordinate.

>> No.30427910


I got a sweet 10x from TRON in 2017.

>> No.30428217

Do not call me cunt sir. Mr Breakout I am your biggest fan. When you said HOGE not hit 0.00012 again, and it shot up to it immediately after, I jizzed. That prediction made me so much money! Unofficial HOGE mascot you are

>> No.30428290
File: 416 KB, 462x527, dennsenNEIN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30428364

why are germans such subhumans.

we should have castrated you all.

>> No.30428408
File: 22 KB, 428x173, Screenshot_20210307-180316_Zerion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30428418

i come from canada

>> No.30428511

so are you indian or chinese?

>> No.30428547

>Show me in the trend where it dumped
>Pajeet is not even a month old on this board let alone 4chan
Poo in loo

>> No.30428584
File: 721 B, 109x160, e6d2430004b2e94e76ad502e77431d45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30428670

Zoom out faggot....

>> No.30428793

2x whitebit volume. Nice

>> No.30428813
File: 8 KB, 387x324, 856bba652533b3378d6fcbb999f8b53f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30429051

>Hurr durr a dip is a dump

You must be new to this.

>> No.30429094

yo what program is this? looks neat.

>> No.30429114

dextools, newfren.

>> No.30429145

witnessing that last night was insane.

>> No.30429156
File: 289 KB, 750x1055, EA282459-C391-4534-AF9E-D7AE92331C44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot pic... dips are natural and good, fud harder faggot

>> No.30429204

thanks fren

>> No.30429214

Yes! You predicted this breakout! Thats why they call him Mr Breakouts, folks!>>30427316

>> No.30429387
File: 18 KB, 424x616, bitteduhurensohn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tokensniffer and I warned you. You will cry after the coordinate rugpull makes your HOGE nothing

>> No.30429394

The crabbing looks like a few swingies making quick cash. Can tell since gas fees right now are low

>> No.30429484
File: 41 KB, 630x418, 1539895622825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no way this guy posts this much in every HOGE thread, and pays such close attention to any tiny dip, without sitting on his very own stack of HOGE.

If that isn't the case then I'm truly bewildered

>> No.30429586


thanks for the pump currently 1434

>> No.30429693

Every coin with notoriety has to have its own local schizo

>> No.30429754


>> No.30429761
File: 73 KB, 1080x465, Screenshot_20210223_105631_com.deezus.chan~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30429778

this guy is really something.

>> No.30429781

maybe it's the same grt schizo lol

>> No.30429944

look Tomar, it's you

>> No.30429966
File: 107 KB, 1618x726, 1593762419013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2/23/21 @ 10:53

>> No.30430012

Do not talk shame on him. He is the HOGE good luck charm. Every time he posts, it jumps up!

>> No.30430082


Honestly, I think the only thing that would make me sell would be that faggot saying buy, lol...

Seriously, I want to see him seething in every thread. It’s my good luck charm!

>> No.30430215

this. i love him so much (in a gay way)

>> No.30430375
File: 198 KB, 512x726, dennsen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I´m your good luck charm in this case i warned you to lose money

>> No.30430385

Hoge mooned back when it got on an exchange. Is there any evidence something like that will happen to Asko?

>> No.30430512

Pump incoming confirmed

>> No.30430597
File: 44 KB, 1076x536, mm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

like clockwork....

>> No.30430958
File: 410 KB, 800x486, 1613861803733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls never leave us fren

>> No.30431104

dank you subhuman! pls never leave us

>> No.30431461

honestly two things.
1) No whales. Largest wallet was 0.1%. Big problem is low mkt cap has whales buy in, dump, and then the coin dies. This one had mostly people with $100-500 buy in and hold. this led to point 2.
2) Community. Really strong sense of community, still going strong. Catalyzed by the admins, went and had actual fun rather than just shilling.
This is what worked for DOGE too.

>> No.30431521
File: 38 KB, 437x675, DENNSENNNNNNNNNNNNNNHOGE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every post you make sir causes HOGE to go up WE ALL LOVE YOU. YOU ARE OUR THREAD MASCOT!


>> No.30431757

zoom in faggot, it pumped 20x and then crashed all the way back down, I would know because I bought in before it happened, became a bagholder as a result of it and sold 300mil for $30k a few days ago. But by all means though schizos, keep holding! Your shitcoin is definitely going to keep pumping in this highly sustainable manner :)

>> No.30431867

New exchange EOW LEGGO

>> No.30431912
File: 170 KB, 360x346, a20ddd95ed33c6937246c1f37232e519.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30431967

Also, we all know you're lying. 300mil wasn't worth $30k until last night.

>> No.30432006

I just yolod into this. Don't disappoint me biz.

>> No.30432043

Welcome to the group then

>> No.30432161

FUCK YEAH, moon mission here we go

>> No.30432188

300 mil tokens was worth 30k at 0.0001, That wasnt even hit until noon yesterday, so how would you get 30k before then the day before? You're so full of lies lmaoooo COPE

>> No.30432289

the announcement was an ama? lol

>> No.30432302
File: 7 KB, 248x240, 1612786181537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

300m is already at 38.5k

>> No.30432333
File: 7 KB, 415x60, 1590896565182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep i think we're mooning

>> No.30432383
File: 6 KB, 450x61, kms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i sold my hoge 8 days ago for this can someone tell me how much eth i could have swapped it for right now so i can decide whether to kill myself or not

>> No.30432394

so how are you guys pronouncing this shit? I found a video of someone saying "haw-jee" but I think he's just retarded. I just read it like Doge (doh-j)

>> No.30432467

Worth 142k right now for 1.1 bil shares

>> No.30432493

Kucoin? Holy fuck this is going places

>> No.30432495

hodge coin

>> No.30432506
File: 490 KB, 633x416, dennsenbahaha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh yes you can buy Lego toys with HOGE? Nice

>> No.30432507

>aaaaand it’s gone

>> No.30432551

I think its same as DOGE, Ho-je

>> No.30432569

thank you

what is the easiest way to end my life?

>> No.30432601

Bro, I hope you bought $ROPE

>> No.30432633
File: 73 KB, 497x1024, EuHdjEUXAAEUY2s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think scaaaaaam

>> No.30432732

he's dead

>> No.30432777

lol 150k

>> No.30432795

easiest way to end your life is not buying more hoge right now. It's ok anon, I also mssed out on 80k by selling early. In the end WAGMI.

>> No.30432803
File: 97 KB, 750x1334, 7612361617616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok faggots

>> No.30432845

1,118,1133,710 HOGE is now 152283.56923$

>> No.30432898

Because it looks like the fakest shit in the world with a lame logo that can rug at anytime

At best its a glorified PnD

>> No.30432911

>He posted
>the chart is in green again

>> No.30433069

Reinvest now and wait for it to moon again for you, you still can hit millions by rebuying and holding this time. 2 Grand is still ~18mil shares back which at 0.01 gives you 180k, more than what it would be sitting on now. And its opening to multiple new markets without even opening an American based one yet, get bought in again now to save your future. Don't kill yourself though bud, its not worth it.

>> No.30433138
File: 535 KB, 2240x2241, Eu5YEbgWgAI72v-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

zZzzzzzZzzzzzz whats your problem? ooh your shitcoin is crabbing

>> No.30433140

You said you sold 2 days ago, you sold today after the dip lmao, youre a mong. Thanks for the laugh, enjoy watching your sale not go bigger :)

>> No.30433166

>liquidity locked for over a year
>registering as a legal entity, being listed on exchanges left/right
>coming back after a whole month of being worthless
>freshly mitned NFTs

why do I even reply to this FUD, you may ask?

Because its too easy to disprove.

Seethe harder, you could have used your hoge money to get a robo cock that shoot coca-cola to replace the one you cut off tranny, but now you can't and must dilate forever

>> No.30433230

so now we crab instead of dump? improvements with you

>> No.30433274
File: 101 KB, 764x478, 2fbyuw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy WOLFY is legit and we mooning after binance listing. HOGE is coordinate dumping

>> No.30433280

Ontop of that, doing the math you sold at ~0.00012744.. as of now its at .00013142. You already lost money, grats.

>> No.30433285

>selling before the listing on a new exchange
Enjoy missing out the easy extra 10x

>> No.30433317

based + redpilled + real + happening + confirmed

>> No.30433328

nice dubs,
fucking BKEX and Kukoin listings
$HOGE is going to 100x from here.

Lets take some time to laugh and no hogers

>> No.30433345

Fuck off rajeendihar, I'm not buying your pump and dump

>> No.30433361

Hahahahaha Hoge is never going to 0.01; that would put it at a market cap of over $5 billion, placing it in the top 20 of all crypto projects

>> No.30433369

Right? This guy thinks he's played the market but he doesn't understand basic market jumps

>> No.30433376

When is the listing happening again?

>> No.30433381

>liquidity locked for over a year
Literally every scammer says this

>> No.30433392

How much Hoge can I buy with 100 bugercoin whilst living in burgerland

>> No.30433416

not really. Given their burn mechanics it could be under 500 M market cap with a 0.01 price point.

>> No.30433425

GMT retard

>> No.30433455
File: 517 KB, 631x423, dennsenernst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don´t waste your time with this kiddos. I told every time that is impossible to reach 1cent

>> No.30433469
File: 61 KB, 847x655, 5dedckl20il61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually love it when anyone with 9 digits sells, because you KNOW they were holding since at least quint 0's, and now it'll be distributed among a bunch of smaller wallets. one less hoarder to worry about when this thing is a penny or 10.

>> No.30433484

end of week for BKEX,
tba for Kukoin

>> No.30433523

Why can't it go there? Whats stopping it?

>> No.30433555

about 750000 on whitebit right now

>> No.30433609

maybe like $50 after fees

>> No.30433627

GMT doesnt cause a 48 hour difference are you okay?

>> No.30433700

might be a good thing you aren't holding anymore, really give a mad name to DOGE holders if people like you are involved lmfao

>> No.30433785

yeah sure buddy, find me a scam group that pools $15k in the telegram chat for a listing after a month of being in the shitter AND THEN actually uses that money and doesn't run off with it into the night, followed by finding french racing sponsorships and more listings

you can't deny reality

>> No.30433828

why are people selling when there's an exchange listing a week away?

>> No.30433897

Not going to buy your bags

>> No.30433914

A lot of these mini dumps were people who bought yesterday and are cashing in for the 10x and don't believe in HOGL'ing. Can't blame them too much, but it's good they're getting out of the way.

>> No.30434126

if doge can make top 20 anything can at this point.
crypto is a gay ass money trap

>> No.30434128
File: 467 KB, 534x443, dennsengrinsebacke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that was people with a brain and not morons from biz

>> No.30434173

It's sad to see honestly. I mean I get if you bought in with thousands of your own money to cash out at tens of thousands but still, they could make hundreds of thousands or millions if they just stay put. That's not even mentioning the people pulling out less than 10 eth worth which is pathetic.

>> No.30434228

Thats alright man just don't be too bummed when it rises and you miss your chance at an investment that pays itself off in less than a day, especially with 2 new site listings coming where we went around 300% in value in a day after whitebit opened up. But its your money friend.

>> No.30434279



>> No.30434373

That thread can't even spell our when comparing us to Doge, looks bad on us.

>> No.30434431

don't worry, i was counting my hoge and spelling took a backseat. it'll be okay

>> No.30434543

Theres the wolfy message, trademarked by MR BREAKOUTS himself!