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5 cents EOY.

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2-3 MAYBE if everything goes to plan

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dubs checked

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>migrate to xDAI
>harvest BAO
>it's BAOcx instead of BAO
whats the fucking point

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shit if so it's paying my bills for a while

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sitting on $15k worth of slp bao/eth tokens minting me about 1 mil a day...

comfy af anons will i make it?

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Bare minimum. Synths, baobaskets, etc are all introducing unique burn functions. But stop making these threads. Everyone should have read the docs by now. Dont spoonfeed anyone.

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>swap it to bao at currently a better than 1:1 ratio.

life is hard for you.

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>swap for bao on baoswap
>get 1.02x bao
why are you complaining again

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no shit. i am asking why there are two different coins in the first place, why wouldnt i just get BAO

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For a 0 IL pool you literal nigger. I fucking hate the midwits who stumbled on to BAO

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Ok I have xDai and BAO on a LP and I'm farming BAOcx

Now what?

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Work around for two contracts issue tokens at the same time on different chains.

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you're a moron

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Damn it smells like poor!

Who let the peasants in?

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Ask the baoman you need more clarification, but basically >>30416968
and >>30416871 is an added benefit as well

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>this thread
these are the ones diluting your farming pools whenever you make bao threads and respond to bao threads without saging. keep that in mind.

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>the absolute arrogance of retards thinking everyone not in their onioncoin being a midwit
ive been in this since 1/4th of the current value you sorry excuse for a shitstain.
having a coin solely for harvesting seems risky as hell, i dont see any purpose but to immediately sell which would drive the price down, also especially if you consider vesting rewards. hence why i am asking, this seems dumb as fuck if the case without any demand driving factor

i seriously hate the shitstain of a community this has become, please sell and fuck off

thanks anons, but still seems worrysome

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Bao isn't *for* harvesting, the farming is a long-term mechanism of token distribution that's designed to prevent whales from dumping everything.

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It's impossible for bao.cx (bao coupon xdai) to drive down the price of erc20/erc77 bao. There are contracts in place that make the two tokens pegged 1:1 ± a couple percent.

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I'm just a humble farmer, tending to my BAOcx.

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i plan to regularly restake immediate rewards since fees don't fuck that up anymore.

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Stop making these threads and diluting my pool you fucking retard

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Fucked up the current price in the spreadsheet.

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You realise the bullrun will end before eoy right?

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I have 64,000 BAO. Should I be doing anything with it or just hold?

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5 cents EoY is fud.

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Am I being retarded or is the xDai faucet just not working? After doing the captcha and clicking Request nothing happens.

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Check blockscout and see if you're transaction went through.

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I would coom on her legs

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Blockscout is saying there are no transactions

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Then it didn‘t work. Are you using MetaMask?

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I have 10k in BAO locked up, Can someone make a coin that loans me my future BAO balance?

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oh my it's staked, I forgot, I'm done for lmao
good I didn’t go for this shit they tried to scam on /biz/ today
my portfolio with yvs and their staking model. top gem on yield market with modern opps

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It's a good idea but they banned discussion of monitizing locked BAO on the Discord.

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Humble Farmer, why don't you harvest your Bao? You can take the 5% reward and re-stake it to compound gains, and it costs basically nothing on xDai now.

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sometimes i get in a good mood and get lost in the euphoria of the bao threads having fun and helping people out, other times i ruthlessly fud this badboy, usually after being reminded of this.

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1) 10mm is a nice number
2) Don't have the liquidity to add more to LPs
3) Because the transactions on the blockchains show you getting 100% of you stake and then sending 95% of it away I honestly don't want to deal with the tax implications until next year.

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I haven't staked where do i stakies?

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Chink Scam
Please look forward to the upcoming Bao Franchise spin offs further diluting your shares.

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>2) Don't have the liquidity to add more to LPs
You can trade your bao.cx for the liquidity to pool more on baoswap bro. The trades are basically free.

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Yes, this is true. However #1 and #3 carry more weight to me.

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i hate being poor REEEEEEEEEEEEE

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