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Katalyo is only 3.6m cap with major news out this month, and a product that will find more use than 90% of all projects out there.

>CEO announced yesterday they are closing partnerships for March
>Exchange listing EOM
>Beta launch this month with heavy marketing

-No-code protocol for DeFi applications and enterprise tools (Similar to UBT)
-Digital document verification (similar to VIDT)
-NFT Minting and Marketplace
-Real estate Tokenization: starting with $30 million in Croatian real estate
-Already on 4 exchanges.
-Working demo available on website.
-Public team with impressive background and credentials in business management, IT, and finance.

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Katalyo is a fucking no-brainer. But of course, /biz/ will ignore this thread and keep buying pajeet scams like always. They'll buy Katalyo at 2 dollars and start shilling like madmen, and then they'll sell at 3 dollars, making only 50%, kek.

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I'm just bullish that they mentioned partnership(s). I swear if there are 2, and they are quality... see you in the skies boys.

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Moon mission for this one!!!

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They always buy the top. Once in a while you get a smart anon.
But this is severely undervalued atm.

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>bought at the last ATH around 0.45 to 0.48 or so
>been slowly averaging down
>finally in the green on this after averaging down to a pathetic 10K at 0.33

on the one hand, i want to kms, on the other hand, I am happy that im already prepared for the moon mision.

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chartex is also at 3 million marketcap

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This will fly. You only need a little patience in this market. Big things this month.

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That's not close to what Katalyo offers

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Seems like an ok ish project, my only concern is manual coding is more technical and precise and is obviously a vital part of DeFi development. We don't know if this protocol will be adopted by any potential client and how good it is.

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It's not even a comparison, anon. DYOR on Katalyo, and you'll be as stokes as we are.

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The CEO went into detail about this. It will bring ease of use for programmers to throw things together quickly, but your are able to code right on top of it for any specifics you might need. So it's not a drawback at all.

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seems promising then

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wagmi katabros

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Most undervalued gem out there. Use cases are the most sought after in blockchain tech.

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It's literally crypto-lego.

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Best gem out there. You're all gonna be overwhelmed with riches.

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ITT: 5 Croatians shilling their scamcoin from the same room.

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>>finally in the green on this after averaging down to a pathetic 10K at 0.33
smartest thing you can do in a bullmarket is lower your average on a good token

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Keep telling yourself that kek.
Good luck accumulating

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Nice work anon. This is only the beginning.

The tg is alive and active, and the team is busy on the project and constantly delivering. Your fud has no power here.

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a room from here to be more precise

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>5 Croatians
There's only 3 team members

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3 founders listed, 7 total. Hiring more.

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It’s their office, check for yourself

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if I wanted to piss my money on a shit coin I would go hoge, seems more fun than this dogshit

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Amazon started in a garage. It's the weakest fud ever. In fact, it's bullish that they aren't spending a fortune on renting a fancy hq, cause it shows they're responsible with their money. Not like Substratum.. Member substratum and what they did? Their hq couldn't get fancy enough, so they burned through all their funds and went bankrupt.

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A true /biz/ness man. I was thinking the same thing. It’s so scripted it’s not even funny.

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>7 total
give proof

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Pajeet Communications Inc. is out in full force today, I see.

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Check out the pic from the CEO at last AMA. I never lie anon.

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Why aren't those people on LinkedIn? I guess we have to wait until the end of the month?
Have you considered that the CEO may not be trustworthy?

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he’s a known scammer who’s abandoned 2 previous projects after taking profits

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