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When will this hit $15?

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eow. check em

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Sometime in the week post arbitrum release when everyone starts staking it.

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Month or so, bitcoin be damned

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Fuck guys were dumping. Who is the dumbass selling their BNT?

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should i wait until arbitrum to start staking? or is there some incentive to stake pre patch despite gas fees?

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literally nobody really knows when arbitrum will go live, go ahead and ask on the bancor dev channels for yourself. Everyone has been saying march for months now, but march is here and nothing yet.

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It was originally slated for Q2, only very recently have they said it may (or may not) come in March

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30 btw

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This shit going back to the 0.52 cent I bought it at. Check deez nuts

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The beginning of April imo we will see 20+.

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was slightly of by 1, so it will be $21

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Quads adds a zero to the end

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yet another shitcoin "going to le mooon!!" once again
I'm sure it won't flat out like it did last bullrun, right?
oh, I guess it's like a financial system where you "stake" your "tokens" and get "rewards"... this is sustainable... it won't crash down at all!

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Yeah, the idea of fake internet moneys is so dumb. None of these have any real value. For me, it's money markets and government bonds only.

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So close

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Dumped about 15k of it for balancer.

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$30 unironically, check these trips

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The coin is doing amazingly well as more currencies are adopted in the pools. Eom id say

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what happens when the BNT tokens you "farm" have no more buyers? you realise at some point people simply won't buy anymore right? time your exit wisely

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What if i dont want poorfags diluting my rewards?

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whoa thanks anon, its not like that could apply to every coin, no wait, every asset in existence

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25 Check em

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Check Mochimo guys.

They are doing good work can you check and let me know.

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i love when ppl are opinionated and not even in on the Bancor vibe yet.. good luck fren

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>what happens when the "money" you "make" has no more buyers?

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Is it safe to buy in bros? Or do you guys expect more dipping?

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this is why you're poor fren

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Last two digits is EOM price

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why price go down?

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$14 but with a brief spike to $16 the week before EOM

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dubs and BNT goes to 10 EOD

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$12 eom

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Let me tell you

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You never know how low/high the token will go at any given point. If I were you I would start to accumulate now, maybe buy some every week/month. That way you'll buy the average price and most likely be in decent profit. Its still very much undervalued and still has a lot of exciting stuff being worked on

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people have been saying april and may dumbass. Mid-March was a recent possibility

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Why the fuck is it dumping so hard?

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Will mochimo give me a good returns?

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$35, thanks

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It's Sunday.
Pump tomorrow

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it just pumped like crazy, 10% retrace is normal

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hard? is it your first fucking day in here? retraces after big pumps are normal

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I told you fags this shitcoin was gonna get dumped on.

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>75% pump
>10% dump

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is this what being below 90 iq feels like?

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Are my rewards related with IL protection? Will I be okay if I withdraw?

Also what is the optimal schedule to withdraw? If I withdraw every 4 weeks it seems there is no penalty at all, because of the retroactive reward multiplier.

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Dubs have spoken

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i literally do not care unless it goes under 7 dollars because i'm tired of 7 dollar threads

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Wtf, i love Jew coins now.

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kek this

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it won't. it will bounce up at 7.50 or higher and head towards 9 in the next 36-48 hours

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bnt bros... it's over isn't it

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im financially ruined

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$25 is programmed

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It's funny reading about people that's swung out of BNT into another coin missed the pump then bought the top
Then they'll swing out to another coin because it pumped and miss the next BNT pump only to buy the too AGAIN
Retards I swear

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based and checked

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all they have to do is take.. some anons are not meant to make it

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Buy high sell low is a cultural staple of /biz/

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Literally like next week
It will be worth 50 dollars next month
AAVE market cap is a shoe in

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Bancor frens, is slippage tolerance something that I should be concerned about? It defaults to 0.5% but has the option for 0.1 or 1% as well. Would I make more interest by giving them 1% so long as I keep the stake in the pool for the full duration?

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Why the fuck is BNT now fully in synch with BTC? It used to hold it's ground but now it's affected by the smallest of BTC dips, wtf bros?

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really bro

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Steven crowder really let himself go

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you should write in your my little pony diary
>3/7/21 - BNT $8
so in year you can clearly see how easily you could've made it

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where are you guys staking

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Has anyone staked GRT with Bancor? What was your experience?

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jesus fucking christ dude

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lol of course I mean which pools

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ETH and WBTC if staking BNT

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nope, check these
This shit's going back to $4

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No, it's climbing again

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boys, we are about to moon. strap in.

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100 USD

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% staked creeping up again, next pump a few days off

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Someone spoonfeed me and answer the question. Is this relevant to staking or only for swapping?

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How big does your stack of BNT need to be for staking to be worthwile?

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I would recommend no less than 1000. ETH fees are still killer, you'll lose hundreds just initiating. I'm hearing upgrades are in the works on both sides of ETH/BNT, but for now that's just how it works.

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swapping only, it's the amm adjusting the price as you and others dump tokens in, i mostly stick it to 2%

never used uniswap?

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500 bnt would make your gas to stake back in less than 1 month at current price

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Well that was close

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Not really, I am new babey staker who only grabbed a couple K when it was first listed on normiebase because everything there eventually moons. Dipping my toes into the wider Defi space now.

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probably like 12$ I donno

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25 eom easily. Check it.

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currently lots of space in link pool.

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So room is finally open in the LINK/BNT pool on bancor. I'm trying to talk myself out of staking 1/3 of my stack.

Should I do it?

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Yes, it will fill up fast.

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>BNT pumps
>fomo pump n dumpers now popping up in comfy BNT threads

i hate the average /biz/ user but i know this also means we're making it

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Yeah this
It makes the threads really uncomfy seeing people say "missed BNT" or "its crabbing" after a huge pump

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2mil EOM

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can someone please explain to me at what point bancor ceased to be a failure and a laughing stock? it seems it became the new hottest thing over night i dont get it

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I bought it

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In like October. They made Bancor 2: The Sequel and it slaps

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i bought the ICO and sold that shit ages ago, lol

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"missed BNT" is so funny to me. What do you mean. Have you looked at the fucking chart? It's the Chad paradigm meme, we literally only go up

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2.1 launch

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when the jews got involved.

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just bought in. say goodbye to your token fellas.

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BTC carrying

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evens: $9 today
odds: $9 tomorrow
dubs: same as above but $10
trips: crab

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I had a 10k bag but dumped it after the team fucked the v2 launch...

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End of the month, it should be there. This will likely end north of 50 this cycle. The whole market is turning right now and if BTC breaks free...things are going to rip so fast you will have a hard fucking time getting in. All market order everything at that point. Everything is going straight up when that happens.

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the only trips in this shitty ass worst bancor thread in the last month dictate $33.3. we will make it

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It is not too late. Additionally, the sam coin RAY is going to 40-50 with a brief pause around 20 and trades south of 8 right now. should be parabolic as well.

The only coins I plan on holding after this run are LINK, BNT, DOT, KSM, and maybe ORN depending on how that looks.eRSDL might pan out to be b2b AAVE, but yeah.. risky. BNT is a no brainer.

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I told myself I wouldn't touch it again after how hard they fucked me with the v2 scam launch, I'll find other projects to make it in this run

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We are blessed, BTC been chugging along since 3/4. It could carry us to $9 tonight.

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hey guys just hit the end of my 2nd week of staking and wanted to show how the x1.25 multiplier works each week
for those who dont understand

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>space for 473 link
>almost enough for my stacklet
>go to bathroom
>come back
>pool full

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Thanks anon, I see you had exactly 14 days pass in the counter. I didn't realize you get the retroactive every 7 days from when YOU started staking vs when the pool started and has 7 days pass.

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bancor is just the flavour of the month coin

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If you ignore gas and the 24h lock on withdrawal, is there ever any reason not to restake your reward BNT?

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Not that i can see, staking your rewards is compounding the earning.

>> No.30435062

i'm from duval so that counts for me

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I bought 400 BNT for funsies.

Any chance this will go up 50% in a week?

>> No.30435192

as soon as you restake in a pool that BNT is subject to IMP loss

>> No.30435209

Yeah, makes sense. I guess the potential IL or commitment to leave it there until 100% protection is something to consider too, but I was just mostly making sure there wasn't anything I had missed regarding the multiplier.

One more question: say the rewards counter on the top right say 1000 BNT and you've hit 2x multiplier on all your positions, does the reward drop to 500 BNT if you unstake a position before withdrawing/restaking those rewards? I ask since unstaking a position resets all multipliers, but I'm not sure if the rewards there are locked in or are still connected to the multipliers.

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You mean, like, again?

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Yes I unironically bought at the top today because my schizo TA tells me this will go up at least 25% this week

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I’m sure other anons who’ve been following Bancor for a while now are noticing this, but the intelligence levels in these threads has taken a sharp downturn as of late.

Feel like it’s a sell signal with retard pump and dumpers finally taking notice.. but with UNI and SUSHI still with higher market caps with BNT taking volumes in keys coins maybe we still have some room?

Perhaps we have reached a local top. Feels like I’m coping unwilling to sell as I haven’t reached full insurance on my stake but who knows. In the long run the tokenomics on it seem stronger than any project I’ve researched so I’m holding expecting a pull back soon.

My most recent thought has been.. with vBNT I could short my own position by selling for a stable coin, but with the peg so low and the vBNT burn in effect soon it seems like a mistake.

Any other anons having similar thoughts? Any plans with the leverage we’ve been given with our unique access to vBNT?

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Soon. Meanwhile, I have never felt so comfy. 2 weeks only here. about 60/40 BNT/USDC.

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Yes please sell your vBNT so I can purchase it discounted.

>> No.30436314

I had been swapping my vBNT for BNT paying high gas over and over farming more vBNT when the peg changes slightly every few hours. I got burned a few times because of the slippage, and then once the burning starts I'm too scared I'll be unable to afford my vBNT buyback and lose my farmed ones. Going to quit while I'm ahead until we see what happens in the next few months. I'm worried that people leveraging right now don't know the peg will get closer to 1:1 and be furious.

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Visual of the peg bouncing around on 1inch.

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>say 1000 BNT and you've hit 2x multiplier on all your positions, does the reward drop to 500 BNT if you unstake a position before withdrawing/restaking those rewards?
I have no idea because i have never done it, but this is a good question.

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It wasn't over night, it actually took better part of 2.5 months. Basically, v2.1 rewards launched on nov 15th or so. The rewards breakdown was explained but not yet implemented, when they were completed, i think around feb 1st? The rewards hit in the ui and everyone could then see irl what it meant, thats when daily bnt threads started hitting.

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Anyone have experience staking other tokens? I heard someone say that GRT staked on bancor was better than delegating on the graph.

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Any project that pumps like this is going to get a ton of attention from retards. The fundamentals are the same. Hopping off due to biz threads is the worst kind of anecdotal thinking.

>> No.30436825

I just want everyone to know I'm retarded and only staked half of my 3000 binties. Sorry for dropping the intelligence of these threads.

>> No.30436835

Trip zeros noted

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share the horoscopes, I need more hopium

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Fair point. I guess my main interest is in the possibilities that vBNT poses in what seems like an overextended run. It’s effectively built in leverage. But with it being so new I’m interested in hearing about any leverage plays anons have been scheming up

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My bancies stay super stanky. $18 EOM

>> No.30437818

As long as you understand your mistake. Be blessed bancorchad

>> No.30437915

Interesting. What type of stack do you have? Seems like you’d need to be pretty deep in order to make these plays profitable.

There can’t be many people who are making these plays if you’re running into slippage issues. To me vBNT is just such an interesting concept, but as a relative stacklet I’ve been too afraid to play around with it much

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i hope it goes down. i got 10k at $5.2 but i want to double that

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Not all my BNT is in Metamask/Bancor at the moment, but the stuff that's there I turned around 2750 vBNT into 3033. Getting maybe 60ish more every round trip. It's pretty stressful because you don't know when the peg will start changing due to the new burning stuff that's happening soon. And it's a TON of gas but still worth it when it plays out. Pic related I'll refresh this until the BNT would be around 2000ish and make the swap. Then the scary part is trying to wait until the rate is like 3100 vBNT to buy back. The price has changed mid swap 3 times now and I lost like $150 eth total on those when it fails. But I'm still way ahead especially if BNT keeps rising and if the peg rate rises.

>> No.30438458

i put 10k bnt into Uni; do you guys think i should have diversified more, do you think the Uni pool has longevity? Its been doing well basically $125 a day but im only in for 6 days so far. The stable coin pools seem the best should i just pull out and restake

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>> No.30438591

I think I'd just leave it, I heard something about the stablecoins rewards changing soon. Uni will probably get renewed but the link and eth pools are the most guaranteed to keep being renewed.

>> No.30438613

wait can you explain for a brainlet, you just swap it then swap it back?

>> No.30438704

right eth and link look like they have a ton of liquidity - how much are those people turning a day say on 1k BNT for example, is the ~70% reward listed pretty accurate

>> No.30438845 [DELETED] 
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Basically, but you're paying a ton of gas and essentially swapping at different peg rates of the pair, pic related. Keep a spreadsheet of the rate and inverse rate as you swap. Maybe netting 20 more vBNT after the round trip would pay for the gas. Again, it's risky. If you come out with less vBNT you can't unlock your stake and have to buy more at ever rising prices.

>> No.30439014

The link pool I'm in would probably get a 1000k stack about 1.1 BNT/day in rewards before the multipliers.

>> No.30439202

how does $50 eom sound?

>> No.30439919

If I stake my accumulated BNT rewards before hitting the 2x multiplier, do I lose the multiplier payout? Lets say I have 100 BNT rewards, If I stake that in the BNT/LINK pool, is the multiplier wasted?

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nice doubles, but lets see paul allens doubles

$5000 eom

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