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If dubs link dies forever eoy

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it's fucking over

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So close

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you cant pump what is being dumped weekly by its creators

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As always. Literally BNT will pass Chainlink soon. I hope everyone is paying attention and plans to let the gain link team know that we’re fucking fed up with their shit

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Still down 67% from ATH, before mooning try getting back on your feet

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Hahaha 55k sat stable coin. I can’t wait for btc to be 100k and link sitting at $35-$40 hahhahahahhahahahha.

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if trips, link will moon in april.

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2 weeks! also sergey unironically dumped 1M links today or yday. supply increased from 410.5M to 411.5M

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trips close

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Bogged.finance is the Link-killer. Better take a look while it’s still cheap

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Ill be damned if this hasnt happened before. What followed was a facemelting pump

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If/when Link moons past $1000, it's going to feel so satisfying knowing that I made it even though I had to wade through years of fud on biz

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Dude are you not paying attention it never will. Btc would have to be like 10 million for link to even get close to $500. Like how deluded are linkies

>> No.30411659

Yah. We're getting flipped by Uni. This was the always the plan and why LINK's cap was pegged to keep it 20% ahead of #11. So that it wouldn't be shat out of the top 10 during the rise of Uniswap. We got justed this run.

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JFC. Link is a solid hold, It is like DOT/KSM. IT should be the(a) backbone of your portfolio. If you want face-melting 10-100x pumps allocate for those. RAY, BNT, ORN or risky biz with HTR, and yolo coin : eRSDL. Use gains to stack LINK, DOT, KSM and not sats.

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It was 1.5 million. This is how we know you're a tourist fag. Very low information.

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it was 410.5M last week now it's 411.5M i autistically pay attention to these numbers

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sergay is dumping turds in the wood

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Are you sure bro?

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I'm gonna cap this and put it into the photo album that will sit on my coffee table with africans for legs.

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I'm mostly in LINK, XMR and ETH.
It's simultaneously extremely comfy and really annoying.

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Do it I dare you. You’ll be happy to ever even get past $75. The fact that you think link can actually go to $500 is so ridiculous. It literally can’t sustain a pump past $30 and there is nothing special coming out in the future. Ohhhhh 8% apy on my link that the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Go look at BNT returns and yields

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