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Imagine betting against money skelly

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Anyone who thinks otherwise is retarded.

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We’re gonna make it skeletor bros

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Ethereum is exactly one cycle behind Bitcoin

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Thank you Money Skelly

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Can anyone ELI a tard how the update will affect L2 scaling solutions like polygon, harmony, etc? From am impartial as can be viewpoint.

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it will probably make them go up since people will use them in conjunction. The bottle neck in the entire ecosystem after all is just gas fees. The userbase exists and will only grow faster once this is fixed.

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Thank you money skelly

I do think eth could hit 20k or even 30k this cycle. 10k will be hit faster than a lot of people think possible

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>Calling anyone else retarded

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So it won't make them redundant right? Is the ETH update not going to fix its inability to scale?

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>The bottle neck in the entire ecosystem after all is just gas fees.

If its just the gas fees that is the problem currently - and these fees will be resolved with the update then why is ETH not pumping hard right now though?

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Its already been priced in for the most part.

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>ETH not pumping hard right now though
24h +7.24%
7d +25.57%
you think it should +2000% in a day?

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because the people on this board are retarded
ETH is always going to have its faggoty scalability issues pushed onto the users in the form of gas fees, as it was recently stated that ETH 2.0 will not change this
Layer2 is a bandaid solution that does not fix the fundamental underlying problem with ETH. Swapping your crypto between the boomer ETH network and an L2 network will still ding you with fees.
Because of this, ETH will continue to bleed long-term as every shitty dev team builds their own siloed L2 ecosystem, splintering the userbase. The most promising (or luckiest) L2 winners will facilitate a centralized, new walled garden crypto-economy, where you'll only be able to swap between the L2 winners, all in the name of 'protecting the users'.
You can scream 'muh decentralization' all you want, but crypto is not safe from free market economic bullshit. Meanwhile, the rest of the L2s will fight for scraps
Just look at the BSC; sure, it might just be food coins and rugpulls right now, but you are foolish if you don't believe that serious projects will continue to trickle away from ETH and onto BSC

This is the time to bet on L2s. Get out of ETH

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yes 10K is FUD

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ETH is going down ur fucking stupid

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I prefer money belly

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EIP 9551

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>ETH to $10K
>$9k on fees

Nice try

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this is entirely correct

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that's why you get on AVAX!

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Just buy link

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10k will be the bottom, at the top of the cycle we're going higher than 10k

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eth is 90% of my networth. I currently hold 104.
Right now I try to accumulate as much fiat as possible, saving 65% of my income, selling shit, trying to make some money on the side just to buy as hard as possible once this bullrun is done and I can buy in peace again. I need to make it so badly holy shit. I wish you guys good luck

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thank you money skelly

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>Skelly dreams

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eth will never go above 2k

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it went above 2k retard

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does it mean i can live off staking rewards with my 100 ETH?

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When ETH hits $20k next year, 100eth staked will provide roughly $160,000 per year.

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Ada will kill eth idiots

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>When ETH hits $20k next year, 100eth staked will provide roughly $160,000 per year.

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not even close anon
full PoS is only coming by 2022, and sharding has been delayed specifically in favor of rollups (L2)
L2s ARE the scaling solution for the foreseeable future

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going back

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Good lord. I have 200 eth. I can only dream

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