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Fucking trash

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uh oh

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$1000 eoy

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>down $10 in 2 weeks
LINK $0.00 in April confirmed

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>MFW pending buy at $25

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Please sell, tbf I think my $27 buy order will be filled anyway but we shall see

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You had three years.

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Seriously don’t sell this is an 81k coin. Literally holding 14 of them makes you a millionaire

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Anyone else looking forward to this board turning pink when LINK starts dumping?

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already did will buy back at $19-21

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>Anyone else looking forward to this board turning pink when LINK starts dumping?
Who is going to post them? Barely any newfags around that hold LINK. OGs from 2-3 years ago are all in 6 or 7 figure hell and have been through worse, so even if they are still lurking don't expect many pink wojaks from them.

IF LINK dumps, a few noLinkers will make threads about it to gloat and that will be it. Linkies are patiently biding their time.

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I think plenty of newfags bought link in 30-38 territory, we'll see.

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my mom held 10k link for almost 3 years and has been cashing out since $33. what does this mean for links future frens im scared

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>have been through worse
I'm at $400k+. Been holding since start of 2018. These past months have been the worst. 2018/2019 was easy. 2020 March crash was easy. This is absolute fucking torture.

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LINK threads barely gain any traction, there is no hype, weak price action, barely any news. I'm telling you, newfags are not in. At all. Just imagine you hopped on /biz/ at the beginning of this year because of the BTC bull. You'd probably be in ADA, BNB, AVAX, RBC, UNI, maybe got rugpulled a few times if you managed to work out of Uniswap work etc etc.

The fact that most LINK threads get only 30 replies, of which a big portion is this Schwabnigger >>30402769, should tell you enough. OCR launch kicked up some dust, but it was mostly just retards perpetuating the "LINK WILL BE USED 10x LESS SO IT WILL BE WORTH 10x LESS!" meme.

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Yeah same. I have grown to hate sergey but I depend on my shadowstaking income to get into new projects so I’m stuck with this piece of shit.

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it's over sell now.

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>These past months have been the worst. 2018/2019 was easy
I really doubt you were here in 2018. Complete radiosilence for most of the year while only having a 2 man team. Crashing from 60 cents to 20 cents (-67%) THREE times. Other ICOs hard or soft exit scamming left and right. Holding after mainnet (and thus confirmation that they were actually going to pull it off) has been a breeze comparatively. The summer 2019 crash, the corona crash and the summer 2020 crashes were tough, but you get used to it.

You're in the wrong mindset if your mental wellbeing is deteriorating because your investment only went up 50% compared to other investments going up 200% or more.

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>it's over sell now.

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The team wasn’t cashing out 40 million a week then that’s what idiots like you never understand. Link has crashed 70% in sats while the team has made a half billion. If this doesn’t piss you off you are a truly hopeless delusional.

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Sell? Now?? Its down like 30% from its ath like what... 2 weeks ago? Not even?? Im not fucking selling now. Infact if it goes below 10 dollars im leverage longing half my stack.

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I see no difference in trusting that a philosophy major does the right thing with 30m ICO funds, or now trusting one of the biggest teams in crypto to do the right thing with the tokens they are supposedly selling. Both scenarios are retarded and cultish, and at least the first one has made me a shitton of money. I suspect the second will too.

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When, in 2055?

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The tokens have been traced. Straight to exchanges. You sound like a cultist. There are degrees of difference between 30 million for 3 years of development and 2 billion a year.

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Well obviously linkies are going to put their fingers in their ears and ignore the bombshell we just dropped. Quick rundown:
>10x cheaper fees and 10x speeds means the token will drop 10x in value because you need to buy 10x less for the same result
>it will be used 10x less, becoming less popular
>If OCR becomes 10x less used, that means the effect of everything becoming 10x less valuable will be diminished
>OCR is going to cause 10x less usage and likely 10x less new use cases
>This will cause normies 10x more confusion and make them 10x more fearful to invest
>If you multiply 10*10*10*10.... we're looking at a x10000 downwards here.
>What are the ramifications of this? Bigger weekly dumps
>10x larger dumps, 7 million to break even
>Throw in 10x more node operators, and now make that 70 million a week JUST to keep the lights on
We've got about 4-5 weeks tops before Sergey literally, unironically runs out of LINK to dump. I advise everyone to act accordingly bros, this could get ugly real quick.

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>You sound like a cultist.
Literally what I admitted in the post you are quoting, retard. It IS cultish behavior, in both scenarios. You completely place your trust in a team you have ZERO real connection with. They don't even know you exist. They have absolutely no obligation to reimburse you if shit goes sideways. Having more than 1% of your net worth in a startup like this is insane. 100%. However, that also what makes the potential returns stupidly high.

I seriously don't get assblasted anons like you. Is someone holding a gun to your heard, forcing you to hold this shit? No? Then why are you crying like a little bitch and throwing around the word cultist like anyone cares? You are free to leave whenever you want, nigger. Assess the situation and allocate your funds accordingly.

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You are such a god damn retarded nigger really. It's like talking to third worlders in shitcoin Telegram groups.

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Thanks just sold 100k

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Pretty much. Now imagine how much liquidity exists outside of LINK, ready to fomo in when the suppressors want.
If AVAX or some shit pumps 3x from here its finished. Literally every retard is in. There is nobody to buy. They probably also have BBB, Rubic, ADA, Doge and other in their shitfolio.
Now imagine LINK suddenly pumps to 100$, extremely quickly when suppressors want it to. These fags STILL wont be in but they’ll he attracted to the pump like a fly to shit. All that liquidity in all those other coins will suddenly fly to LINK. Imagine the pump.

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Bitch I got dat link

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You are a cunt but that is a fantastic response.

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Fuck off larper nobody has so much money in fucking LINK and doesn't sell.
Nobody is that stupid

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Sold the top, buying back at in $10

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> It's like talking to third worlders in shitcoin Telegram groups.
You mean the ones that constantly spam "Wen moon? Why no moon, sirs? Dev betray??"
If holding through a 50% price appreciation has worn you out to the point where you are absolutely, completely and utterly DEMORALIZED, you should probably liquidate that $400k and buy yourself something purdy anon. Or just add to your BTC and ETH stacks. You are diversified, right anon?

Thanks cunt

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Sergay is relentlessly handsome

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>5 posts
Do I detected a slight seething?

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Don't tell retards how market works

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Klaus Schwab openly professes transhumanist leanings in his books, even describing the use of mind-reading to determine people's level of security threat:




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Be one of the most critical projects in defi. Crab for an entire month. Entire community: “omg this is complete shit. I’m gonna sell and put my funds in some pajeet scamcoin.”

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>100 Schwab posts a day and counting
Just bored, but I couldn't possibly out-seethe the one and only Schwab Schizo himself, of course. Dozens of posts a day, for months on end. Read Schwabies books yet?

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Cool story but that CANNOT happen with Chainlink

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I'm thinking of selling all my LINK and get BAT with it. Thoughts? I just don't see Link making me enough profit in the next 5 years but BAT has a shit ton of room to grow and an ambitious road map.

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I think the fundamental problem I have with selling is there is nothing better. I understand there may be better gainers especially in the scamcoin lottery, but specifically there is nothing with the potential of Link outside of ETH.
I have play money for small caps, but my cold stack of Link will never be touched until I can stake it.

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Nobody who ever bought LINK and held it for more than a year it dumb enough to sell it for BAT, you're making shit up

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>retards: sell
>me: no
>price: $0.30
>retards: sell
>me: no
>price: $0.70
>retards: sell
>me: no
>price: $20
>retards: sell
>me: no
>price: $120
>retards: sell
>me: no
>price: $1000

mfw the whole time

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We go up and down with this ship whatever happens

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>Read Schwabies books yet?
I'm afraid I only do quick rundowns

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Kek, people give LINK shit for its shitty price action lately and rightly so, but BAT has been the crab token for more than 3 fucking years. If there is one coin that I would have been absolutely demoralized by for holding it, it would have been fucking BAT.
> I just don't see Link making me enough profit in the next 5 years but BAT has a shit ton of room to grow and an ambitious road map.
This sentence is hilarious in and of itself.

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Been holding 900 LINK for a year now and honestly contemplating it. Seeing "Link Marine" cringe on twitter is really putting me off the community recently.

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Which one is more likely to go 50x in the next 5 years, LINK or BAT?

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>be UNI
>be around for 6 months
>everyone gets it for free
>still outpaces link
If you havent sold link for uni you are literally retarded by now

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Unironically link

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>I'm afraid I only do quick rundowns
Which is exactly why you are railing against windmills here. Schwab is just some blue blooded well connected NWO figurehead that wrote a few boring books about his boomer take on advancements of new tech. He mentions anything that is currently being developed, that doesn't mean he supports it or wants to force it on people. The offending book is mostly him blabbering on about how tech can improve people's lives and how current "leaders" should position themselves properly to not get caught with their pants down. Which is actually a surprisingly refreshing take for an ivory tower aristocrat. He mentions most governments are too old fashioned and rigid to sufficiently regulate stuff like Bitcoin for example.

Just read the fucking book nigger, spamming out of context paragraphs and giving it a schizo spin is getting boring.

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See you in 3 years when LINK and BAT are both at 40$ XD

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>wrote a few boring books about his boomer take
Nice of you to downplay his lifes work. Typical slimy liar. This is the founder of WEF and a high ranking (((swiss))) royal bloodline. His family was involved in the first 3 "industrial revolutions".

>spamming out of context paragraphs
Is pic rel out of context too?

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Is this out of context too?

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Never selling. 1000 EOY is fud

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LINK is guaranteed gains, BAT is a meme token that might be forgotten in 5 years.

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Out of context huh?

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Out of context kinda guy

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How out of context is this? Straight from the WEF and 4th Industrial Revolution playbook

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Error: Context not found

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I would like my context back

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dudes wassup. what is the annual rofit from rewards issued by the trust? at least about

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See what you did? This is what happens when you reply to schizoposting.

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>Is pic rel out of context too?
No, what about it?
>Is this out of context too?
No, just general WEF shilling. I am in no way denying that the WEF is a pozzed globohomo org. It's just not as all powerful as you seem to think. Also like I said, Schwab is just a NWO figurehead with his Davos larp. You really think Schwab gives a single fuck about trannies or fags? Lmao
Literally nothing wrong with this quote.

Seems like I managed to set you off again though, I'll chalk that up as another win!

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They can go ahead and add me and my family to the naughty list because we will not comply.

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My bad, I liked poking 42 as well when he was at his worst

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Here you are shilling for Schwab. You think low class scum who suddenly became millionaires will not comply? You faggot will be the first to comply, lest you lose your newly acquired riches and your "real life" never takes off.

>> No.30408153

You go right ahead and eat the bugs, cuck.

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>It's just not as all powerful as you seem to think
I see you continue to downplay these think-thanks and organizations. Next you will tell us the UN, IMF, BIS are also irrelevant.

>Davos larp
>It's just a larp bro
I see you continue with your lying

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Riiiight, because you will eat premium beef with your newly acquired wealth.

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I feel like I'm having a stroke every time I open a LINK thread.

Are anti-linkers anti-Schwab or are linkers anti-Schwab? Or are you both just pro-aneurysm?

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I don’t get why you fags keep complaining. Link crabs alot, but when it moves it makes big moves so there no chance of timing it correctly.

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This desu. Losing $200k-500k when you have 1-2mil and living like a neet really doesn’t make a difference. Oldfag here *flush*

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It all started when someone pointed out the 2015 book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" mentions smart contracts, while sporting a blue Hexagon on the front cover. This was another synchronicity that the more esoterically inclined Linkies saw as a confirmation that holding LINK was "meant to be". Later the WEF started mentioning Chainlink directly, which of course made a lot of noLinkers seethe.

They came up with the fantasy that LINK would be used to enslave people after the 4th IR, and would be akin to the mark of the beast. Linkies shrugged it off and the general response was "Whatever, I'll be rich anyway if that happens". This set off the /pol/ schizoid types like the one in this thread. This particular one has started a crusade against LINK by conflating LINK with all the globohomo agenda points of the WEF, and creating 30 or so shitty memes of bleak Russian industrial towns or other undesirable situations (slums etc) plastered with Chainlink logos, or Chainlink content with Schwab's face as a tumor on it.

That's pretty much it. Schizos are anti LINK because of the WEF connection, Linkies are indifferent or applaud the connection because of the chance to become the NWO token of choice.

>> No.30409592


This. Its only since pol came here that bullshit started.
I hate those ugly virgins.
We were basically the jews of 4chan on biz. We knew about the “great reset” years ago and we were set to become rich from it. Nobody cared, at most people said “oh well its going to happen anyway so we’ll get rich from it”.
Then years later long after we stacked LINK these polcels invaded and are all poor neets on gibs, cant afford LINK at that point so start this annoying crusade.

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No. You had 3+ years.

>> No.30409655

I only have 2600 Link and no BTC. Should I sacrifice half my stack just to have 1 BTC? I plan to hold any thing for at least 10 years.

>> No.30410069

I wasnt a fucking millionaire back then. I'm so close to retiring. So close. But I can't do it yet, and I have no idea when I'll be able to. May? August? October? It fucking SUCKS. the time passes so slowly and I cant get any work done because it feels like none of it matters

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>"Whatever, I'll be rich anyway if that happens"
>“oh well its going to happen anyway so we’ll get rich from it”
>We were basically the jews of 4chan
Your new financial overlords

>> No.30410164

>conjures CP
We got a pedo wizard getting dubs over here

>> No.30410812

BAT will have a DEX (Defi and Cefi), VPN service, Search Engine competing with Google, global e-commerce store including NFTs, file sharing via IPFS and so on. What does LINK do then?

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I have 95% of my networth in Chainlink since 2017 and I'm the most sane and grounded person I know. I might be somewhat on the spectrum though.

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I’d recommend having some btc. Not sure about sacrificing link for it though.

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>> No.30411823

Don't worry. There will be different jobs. Someone has to maintain shit.

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Shoulda bought Bitcoin

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I will personally install your buttplug and service it periodically.

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My stack used to be worth a couple grand, up and down 50+ percent? Its a decent chunk of change, but not a life changing ammt.
Now going down 10% is a years salary.

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I will be in the citadel though. You won't be able to get to me, pleb.

>> No.30412445

If you knew anything about the oracles market you'd know Link is the worst slowest most expensive solution. There's nothing to justify the inflated market cap. Its only advantage is being a first mover.

>> No.30412585

Compel. Me sell too.

There may as well be infinite liquidity. What matters is how easily it can be converted to laundered fiat to buy non-virtual assets.

>> No.30412625

just sold 10,000 thanks OP

>> No.30412667

Chainlink and eth gave me 2 million from 200 dollars.

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I will come to service your ass wherever you are.

>> No.30412806


>> No.30412818

i am going to take a shit and dump some, fuck this piece of shit coin

>> No.30412929

It's pretty funny that all of those shitcoins except Bateman's and Allen's are now down around 90% from when that was made.

>> No.30413061

I think the reason i was able to understand link so early was because of my cleanroom background. Imagine you have a hundred million dollar facility. Every surface is plastic or stainless steel. Ventilation with negative pressure to wick off any stray particulate matter. Speciallized processing rooms that have been audited and approved. And then some asshole walks in with shit all over his boots and unwashed hands and ruins the whole batch, making the cleanroom useless. The cleanroom doesn't matter if you can't bring people and products in and out in a sterile manner, just as the blockchain doesn't matter if you can't bring data in and out in a secure matter.

>> No.30413116

If Chainlink is going to be used to enslave all nolinkers, shouldn't you be encouraging everyone to buy LINK so they don't become slaves? What's the angle for all these memes?

>> No.30413146
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thanks i just sold

>> No.30413217

We don't really want others to make it.

>> No.30413364

That fact was unironically my nocoiner justification from 2014-2017 when I was aware of crypto but also aware that it could only interface with itself, making it useless in the real world.
LINK invalidates that justification so I entered the market all in on it. Plus /pol/ turned to shit after 2016.

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Link-ie, link-ie
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up
Link, me say link, me buy link, me turn pink
Me say link, me say link-ie
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up

Wage all night on a drink of monster
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up
Stack link 'til de mornin' come
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up

Come, mister belly man, belly me bigmacs
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up
Come, mister belly man, belly me bigmacs
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up

Dump six percent, seven percent, eight percent crash!
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up
Six percent, seven percent, eight percent dump
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up

Link, me say link-ie
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up
Link, me say link, me buy link, me turn pink
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up

A beautiful bunch o' ripe bigmacs
Shitcoin dumps and it wont go up...

>> No.30413431

imagine you spent the last decade on /pol/ instead of /biz/, and you realized how shit everything is, but you didn't take any action to improve your lot in life because you became completely demoralized. Now imagine you pop over to /biz/ and find out that if you had just stopped arguing about the jews for ten minutes and checked out other boards on this site you'd have a golden ticket to the life you've always wanted. That it wouldn't matter what the jews are scheming for you because you would have the financial security to resist them.

That's what this is all about. It's similar to xrp or bsv fags slowly descending into madness because they picked the wrong project, but it's even worse because instead of picking the wrong project they decided to spend their time and energy arguing about twitter screencaps. It's just cope.

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Beautiful post Anon.

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Now is absolutely the wrong time to sell. We're due a pump just from the general market bull sentiment, the log chart pattern, and the slow increase of link as daily transactions increase. I also believe the insiders are moving at the moment - for the first time this year the link utilisation rate and deposit apy is going up on aave, meaning people are starting to borrow a decent amount for the first time in months. The borrow rate has gone from 9% to 25% in 24 hours - so effectively 1.5 million link has been borrowed. Somebody is betting big on a link/eth movement.

>> No.30413939

Well then its nearly time again for Sergey to pull his pants down and unload another big stinky dump

>> No.30414041
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>> No.30414062

This is literally me

I gave up /pol/ completely in November. The schizo posting became critical, and I realized I’d much rather be rich - or at least not a wagie - than cope with the awful realities of this clown world.

>> No.30414063


>> No.30414349

/pol/ used to be worthwhile for jailbreaking npcs, but after a while there are diminishing returns. The problem with /pol/ is that it doesn't accomplish anything and it fosters inaction. It's easy to laugh at twitter libs spouting nonsense about "raising awareness" for a cause, but not actually doing anything about it. But /pol/ is the same way. Your time is better spent here learning how to improve your station in life.

>> No.30414438
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>more schwab token is the answer
>why don't we all buy

>> No.30415060

>schwab token bad
>therefore /biz/ anons should sell it and directly cede MORE power and leverage to the schwab elites
Virtue signalling hypocrite. You should be encouraging linkies to hold to keep control, no matter how incremental, away from centralized elites.

>> No.30415146
File: 11 KB, 1909x139, prepare_for_parentheses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how convenient

>> No.30415193

I feel you. Lol. I’ve got lots to do but damn if I can get myself to work the way I used to.

>> No.30415570
File: 308 KB, 1472x1360, 1614895967151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hang tight.. Buying more 'redacted'.

>> No.30415614
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Nice analogy
>Plus /pol/ turned to shit after 2016.
100% agreed. I can't imagine what would have become of me if I continued into the /pol/ rabbit hole instead of stumbling on /biz/ in 2017. The future looks so much less bleak when you are financially secure, or working towards it.
>That it wouldn't matter what the jews are scheming for you because you would have the financial security to resist them.
It really do be like that. If the schizos are right, I'm sure as hell going to try and be part of the 22% instead of the goyim cattle

>> No.30415840

why would anyone borrow link if it will rise, their loan will increase in value. when you borrow you expect the value of your loan to stay the same (stable coins) or to fall so that you can profit by buying something with it that will appreciate in value more.
If anything this is bearish.

>> No.30415863

That's a lie

>> No.30416030

Are you retarded? LINK being borrowed is bearish

>> No.30416182

Bruh they are taxing the rich to hell. There will be a wealth tax and nonstop asset inflation. Biden is putting in a 43.6% tax on long term gains taxes to the federal government. Puerto Rico won't be a tax haven after 2030. China will surpass the US in gdp in the next 10 years and we'll likely have a ww3 with them. There are no more free market world powers.

>> No.30416276

Our only hope for a free market is on Mars and if China bears us there that hope is dead.

>> No.30416542
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Thanks, I have bought another 300.

>> No.30417101

I didn't tell you to sell, buy more for all I care. By shilling for the Schwab token you are forcing the Great Reset meme into reality. The shilling was and is not organic and the chans seem to play an important role in these times. Then there is bot activity, intelligence activity, shills, insiders, larpers, wizards, autists and everything in between, not to mention crypto, finance and economy being center stage right now. Somebody is definitely not happy when some of these ARGs encounter pushback.

>> No.30417176

latefag here, been DCA'ing link since $14 and currently have 66 linkies. trying to increase my stack to 100. will i make it or stay poor forever

>> No.30417259

If you knew anything youd know that LINK will get you 10x the MUff of any other token

>> No.30417535

So chain link can make coin transfers from any blockchain x to any blockchain y?

>> No.30417658

schizo cope

>> No.30418487
File: 831 KB, 1085x1085, 1613247147316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Once enough people accept it then it can manifest into reality.
There is no cope

>> No.30418932

I’m actually black and have a suicide stack stay poor OP

>> No.30419255


>> No.30419304

I will never sell

>> No.30420539
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>> No.30421954


>> No.30423022
File: 381 KB, 837x945, 1614886137210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30423080

Arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

>> No.30423782


>> No.30423863

I'd be much more inclined to take your posts seriously if you didn't act like a complete schizo

>> No.30423892
File: 1.39 MB, 2128x3896, SNequalsSN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30423976

the pump from this news already happened 4 weeks ago. Its gonna dump

>> No.30424062


No, the fall from 20$ to 8$ last year was harder. This is rough but not as bad desu. We're stabilizing in the 20-30$ range and one more 2x and we've all pretty much made it.

>> No.30424093

I have 3,000 so not me.. only started coming to /biz/ in June 2020

>> No.30424118
File: 45 KB, 544x496, D07BA273-E920-4D44-BB7B-26BD6F6386CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30424148


>> No.30424197

Should I buy API3 with my LINKIES?

>> No.30424218

not at all. $20 to $8 was pre BTC bullmarket. it atleast made sense because it went exponential and correlated to the defi boom. right now theres nothing to latch onto and everything is mooning.

>> No.30424349

We're reaching dangerous levels of schizoposting.

>> No.30424487

Bought at 27 and sold at 30, bought at 31 and sold at 35, getting in again now maybe

t. new oldfag

>> No.30424599

I like this pasta kek.

>> No.30424964
File: 35 KB, 3000x800, 6FC4BD37-4179-4CF0-9E4D-5AFC1E49FD19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Chad choice.

>> No.30425139


>> No.30425390


Agree except, you should hold some of your Link on celsius. I've been a walletfag for as long as I've been in crypto (not a true OG, but pre-2017, and been holding link since just after ICO). I did a fuckton of research on Celsius and because it seems too good to be true, but it's super legit. Mashinsky is absolutely based and their business model is rock-solid. Staking is already here if you're on celsius, in that you make great passive income, and once real staking arrives the % returns for that are just going to be added to the Celsius rate, and you can keep holding your coins there. Also USDC on Celsius is a legitimate game-changer. Absolutely BTFOs all other money market and bond products on the market. Highly recommend, check it out.

>> No.30425544
File: 32 KB, 400x400, celsius.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's no better feeling than chilling on Sunday and suddenly realizing it's Money Day tomorrow. I'm currently getting 400$ a week in a mix of Link, BTC, Eth and USDC, made over 5k so far.

God bless Mashinsky. What are you holding on Celsius and what are your gains for far? What $ of your total assets, or total crypto do you have on there?

>> No.30425641
File: 109 KB, 960x720, Your car is mine, human.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's just one small problem with using the Celsius Network and we hinted at it before. >When you use their service it's custodial, which means you're turning your keys over to them. That does open up the possibility of a hacking attempt hitting Celsius and your coins disappearing into some thieves' wallet.
I'm spooked.

>> No.30425677
File: 25 KB, 850x400, quote-anyone-can-be-a-millionaire-but-to-become-a-billionaire-you-need-an-astrologer-j-p-morgan-291671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sir are standing on the edge of a rabbit hole, if you look in you will see elites and Schizos fighting.

>> No.30425694



>> No.30425791


>> No.30425853

Why? With my 10k stack, in 30 years I'll be rich

>> No.30426020

There is nothing guaranteeing they won't just vanish with your staked coins.

>> No.30426307

they're probably betting on a big eth movement up while link crabs

>> No.30426666

i just sold again

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