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What are the best coins to buy on Coinbase?

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imagine not using huobi

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unironically just buy ETH, can't go wrong

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Bitcoin. ETH is dead.

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Not for me, my normie family wants to buy something and coinbase is the easiest

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who do you wanna listen to OP, the green ID of stonks going up or the pink ID of stonks going down?

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if you're a burger, use Kraken. just as easy to use, less fees, and you have way more coins available, including XMR.

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BTC, ETH, then either LINK or BAT, in that order.

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Unironically, buy BAT as low as you can in the next 48 hours. But it's only going up

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Doesn't matter how you do it, just get xBTC. It's the smart move.

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