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How are we feeling, kings?

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60 cents end of day or I will kill myself

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>only holding OGN & LTO and theyre both pumping

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$1 EOW

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Anon, careful there. Being this based can be dangerous for your health, take care.

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Based beyond my words

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I bought chainlink in 2017 and recently cashed out 320k. I put half of that into OGN a month ago and I'm riding it until $5. This coin is very overlooked.

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Anon tell us your wisdom, how do you spot good coins?

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What app are you using? I want to invest in crypto too. I cant find this on Binance

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tfw only 1400 ogn

not gonna make it am i

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Feeling fucking good atm, not gonna lie

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thank you frens, unfortunately not as based as >>30401137 dude has 160k in OGN holy shit

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need to 3x that atleast brother

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I bought at 0.51 (around aws announcement) and more at 0.42 during a dip. I want to invest a lot more in this coin but seems the Sunday dip isn’t coming. What do bros? Burger Stimmy checks are coming

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It's not on Binance US.

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Not going to happen

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you probably still have time, most of the ogn threads go pretty slow, which means most of biz is still sleeping on it.

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Damn. OK, anon. I respect your decision as well as you as a fellow OGN hodler. Got a little heated there, apologies.

I hope you're right, anon. Tired of poverty

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So wait for a dip?

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i’m waiting for the dip too, please dump brothers so i can get in

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Held FTM since summer 2020. Sold it all for OGN.

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This is the new floor, this is the final dip. All in, OGN chads

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The OGNcologists have successfully converted me. So much potential with this project. I hear rumors of a coinbase listing... worm moon incoming....

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Another cup and handle about to form?

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Damn. Now that you draw it I'm a little scared.

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cuppy handle on cuppy handle

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Yeah I noticed that too, still looking very bullish desu

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I FUCKING KNEW I should have bought a bag last night. I was even telling people about it on TG, pretty sure they bought.I think not listening to yourself is the worst feeling in crypto. Way worse than making the wrong call, at least you can live with that. This just makes you feel like you're dumb AND a pussy

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0.55 accepted

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Blast off for real this time

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Im so glad I bought this last week, and im not the type to sell. Truly believe in this project.

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my lil origin stocks doin some

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0.57 accepted

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$1 EOD

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We are 30 minutes away

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We moonin boys. Savor that dopamine. You made a right choice and your brain is rewarding you.

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0.58 accepted

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I understand this is Shopify in the blockchain?

But how are they hosting a shop for you in a decentralized way?

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0.58 accepted

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>tfw only 1.9k OGN
COTI better be worth it

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Buy now or wait for the dip?

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Dshop, which utilises IPFS

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Just cucked us unironically

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This is the dip. This shit is going parabolic today. Gonna pull an ENJIN and hit 0.75 EOD at this rate

>> No.30406042

ATH today

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the TA on this coin rn is unreal. ive been filling my bag on ever dip since 25 cents

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The Mumbai white whale has reprogrammed his bots!

>> No.30406140

Wow you're right, right as I posted. Just bought

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This is your new LINK. I love that people here are still buying rugpull shit like MATIC and "uniswap gems" instead of buying shit with actual long term potential.

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It's dropping! Abandon ship capt'n whale told me.

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Gotta uniswap nigga.

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Lots of unique use cases and great team this been slept on

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He just clicked the Coinbase rumor setting box

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Are we actually gonna make it bros?

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Wait for the dip

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If this hits coinbase we are unironically going straight to 2 dollars overnight

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Yes, working product. It's crypto spotify u donut

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my lack of sleep destroyed my brain

>> No.30406893

>crypto spotify

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What is the usual price pattern for a Coinbase listing? If I remember correctly it spikes hard but then dips hard and then slowly gains to a new ATH over several weeks. Is that right?

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Selling right now would not be the smart thing to do...

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boughted at 0.56

>> No.30407120

For a lot of projects this has happened. UNI, SNX etc.

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holy shit i have exactly the same

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bullish id

>> No.30407362

14000 ogn here... not sure if i can make it

>> No.30407397

How does 14000 dollars sound?

>> No.30407458

We are going a lot higher than 1$

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Man, I really, really hope so.

>> No.30407629

Depending on NFT craze this is gonna be stable at 2 at least.
With 14k you can unironically make it next bullrun.

>> No.30407695

isnt this a temporary craze though? just like cake and bake for bsc

>> No.30407702

Do more research fren. I think you'll like what you uncover. We are so early. 1 dollar is total fud.

>> No.30407731

Yea, probably.

>> No.30407768

It's fully normanised.
BSC is full of rugpulls and memes (you literally see rugs on it every week).
NFTs will pass for sure but higher interest than BSC coins.

>> No.30407848

Is it too late to get into it? I was looking at getting some OGN and ENJ yesterday but didnt do it

>> No.30407891

You're early on both in the grand scheme of things but keep in mind Enjin mooned couple days back already so less room to grow if you want to swing it short term

>> No.30407937

isn't ogn also mooning?

>> No.30408007

Me too fren, just bought a bag at .55. If it dips more I'll just buy more. Should have done it yesterday too but the next best time is now

>> No.30408025

Could hit 70c to a dollar before it starts dipping/crabbing.
Swingies get the rope.
Buy stake and forget fren.

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Imagine thinking that OGN was only an NFT marketplace...

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how do i make it with $28000 ?

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Huuuuge cup and handle forming in the 1hr candles.

0.75 EOD is not a meme

>> No.30408747

You all in

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all my crypto play money is in OGN right now

>> No.30409067

comfy locked stacking gang reporting in

>> No.30409238

Back to waiting another 12 hours for this thing to go back up. Looks like its just going to accumulate for a while before pumping again

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I honestly don't see the issue. I am a poorfag and I need to load up my bags every chance I get.

>> No.30409446

Yeah I was just hoping to unload my stack at 0.594 and planning to buy back in at 0.57

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This is a good ass hold, think might hit over a dollar soon given how they basically run the mainstream exposure game.

>> No.30411427

1 Dollar by Friday I think is pretty likely.
If Coinbase does list OGN then its a certainty

>> No.30411547

IT WON'T, why are you people so inbred? There are coins worth x20, x30 in their custody listing and they weren't listed. They don't list lowcap shitcoins.

>> No.30411679

thanks for the anon who told me about locked stacking btw, that seems to be a very good deal, just made 2 free OGN in 2 days

>> No.30411793

They listed OMG

>> No.30411798

I just knew this will be a fucking solid investment. But I need to accoom a lot more. See you all at 1$ soon.

>> No.30412008

district0x is about the same market cap as OGN and it is tradeable on Coinbase.

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See you on tuesday when this will list

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Wtf I ordered OGN on Amazon Prime 3 days ago and my coins haven’t arrived

>> No.30412084

OP here would like to congratulate all OGN chads ITT. I also hodl ROSE but looks like OGN is gonna be the one making moves the next few months. What else are you hodling, anons?

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All in OGN.

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All in OGN except for 2 meme moonshots that have less than 500 in each

>MEGA for my 20x
>OPT for my 5x

>> No.30412347

Coti, Matic, HBAR, ONE, ADA.
I bought 2k ADA @1.08.
Now thinking about converting 1k ADA into 2k OGN.
Or maybe I'll wait for EOM Cardano hype for more profit on ADA, maybe that will result in more OGN, but the OGN fomo is strong in me.
What do?

>> No.30412426

Im coming to doubt ADA more and more, seems overly-academic, too idealistic, too centred around Charles, just not bullish....dumped 1/3 and it was a relief, dumping all soon

>> No.30412715

Problem is, 58% of my holdings is ADA and I don't see much growth potential in it as of now. I regret not selling when it was 1.3+

>> No.30412877

Me too, I keep waiting for it to get back to 1.3...too many other things pumping though and ADA is certainly in no rush to go anywhere, as you say

>> No.30413223

I think the coin supply number is far too high for ADA to reach 2$ anytime soon.
I wasn't aware of such things when I started trading 2 weeks ago kek.
Still a newbie, but I keep learning every day.

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Poorfag here, feeling comfy rn. Still have high hopes for ada.

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that 60c sell wall

>> No.30413757


>> No.30413778

.6 .6 .6 .6

>> No.30413848

You made it breh

>> No.30413853

Ate it like it was cotton candy we're a wet handed raccoon.

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Sold my OGN two weeks ago to buy a shitcoin... I'm really NGMI am I...

>> No.30413974

nice swing

>> No.30413994

Accumulation and distribution. We're fine. Everyone and their grandmother is scalping this shit.

>> No.30414000

Is that a fucking minute chart. Get your shit together

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mfw I sold 750 OGN last night for 955 sats.
Rope for me today.

>> No.30414078

buy back in, it's just getting started

>> No.30414094

Bro your battery

>> No.30414119 [DELETED] 

The best crypto project is $MCM

> post quantum secure
> future of crypto
> no ico
> didn’t solicit any investment

>> No.30414168

Their village only has so many IP's

>> No.30414191

approaching ATH

>> No.30414209

poorfag here, I have been researching for a couple weeks what altcoins to get into and it's funny, I also settled on OGN and ROSE (plus some BTC). it's looking good.
I think ROSE is longer term, but I'll be buying more of both when I see a good dip.

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wtf are we gonna break ath??

>> No.30414272

I sold and took profits it’s already 2x from the last dump
I imagine other people are going to do the same now
Also I don’t really understand why this token is needed or what it’s used for besides the gay stable shitcoin thing

>> No.30414319

anon, i...

>> No.30414325

I'm all in this. Do you say Nifty or EN-EFF-TEE? Thanks

>> No.30414367

Pretty good!

>> No.30414369

That's a yikes from me

>> No.30414378

if we break ath and enter price discovery there is no stopping this rocket

>> No.30414395

loom is on coinbase pro and the project is literally dead

>> No.30414411

>lost 1k OGN trying to swing just now
Its true..swingies do get the rope

>> No.30414412

This is not REALLL this is not HAPPENING oh nonono I am gonna COOOOOOOM

>> No.30414467


>> No.30414512

Fuck I never considered that one

>> No.30414567

A pump like this is every swinger's worst nightmare

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Extremely poorfag here.

Fuck, I do not have much, but I was waiting for sunday dip to buy more. Should have bought yesterday.

>> No.30414717

This is fucking gross. I sold at 0.594 expecting it to briefly break 0.6 before crashing to 0.58

It decided to go fucking parabolic to 0.62 and I decided to take a hit. There is no way this thing is going to go back to sub 0.6 without some hard resistance

>> No.30414786

Too late for this?

>> No.30414873

it's a long term hold.

>> No.30414915

I watch a few youtuber, twitter, celeb wallet and mark cuban bought 20eth worth of OGN this morning.

>> No.30414924

No 0.60 is the new floor

>> No.30414932 [DELETED] 


Hey king tell about Mochimo.

Just saw it posted and what are your thougths?

>> No.30414982


>> No.30414983

He's a Coinbase insider trader I assume

>> No.30415042

This wallet is orwtty well known, I'll post the tx hash as soon as I'm on my laptop

>> No.30415076

It's literally below it

Shitcoins are never a long term hold

>> No.30415188

go back to chasing pump and dumps then

>> No.30415397

>>30414915 here

Here is the transaction:

>> No.30415404

i only had 2.5k ogn that i bought 3 weeks ago and held during the 20c dip
i made a few hundred off of it and i just want off the ride
what does this token even do ?

>> No.30415430

this is mark cuban's known wallet

he has no ogn, dude...

>> No.30415484

This garbage is already dumping

>> No.30415485

WTF happened? why did we moon

>> No.30415499

Looks like I have better sources than you fren
Check the comments, it's also the latest transaction.

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File: 112 KB, 688x1434, sourgrapes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been hitting new ATHs every couple days lol

>> No.30415667

tfw more OGN than Mark Cuban

>> No.30415706

long story short, it's a decentralised version of shopify (you can check out Brave's Dshop), with the added functionality of selling NFTs and transacting in crypto. Apart from OGN, there's also OUSD, which you can also stake, earn interest and transact

>> No.30415825
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yeah I saw that his known wallet sent tokens to the one you posted. It's not much considering he holds lots of tokens, but still pretty cool.

also tfw when im a bigger OGN whale than Mark Cuban

>> No.30415865

so if you're bullish on the future of ecommerce and NFTs, this project is a good bet. I held LINK from <$1 and sold recently to move into this. Personally, I like long term picks over pnds (granted getting lucky on pnds is good profit too). If you're a value investor, then this is for you. Otherwise, you can still profit a little off the coming pump in the short term

>> No.30415880

coinbase insiders buying

>> No.30415902

I'm sure he has other wallets, I haven't looked too much into it for now, I'm focused on uncovering twitter fags or youtuber wallets. They usually shill what they buy after a while so if I can buy before that I profit from their pumps.

>> No.30415969

BTC pair ATH was 6k sats, though, would love to see it goes past that

>> No.30416026

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Is it happening? are we going to 1 dollar now?

>> No.30416108

This coin seemed to pump a little bit every few days and then quietly go back just a little bit higher than before. Do you think we're seeing a real pump?

>> No.30416112

Terrible. It's a scam being propagated throughout the board. Avoid at all costs.

>> No.30416149

How is it decentralized? Who runs the nodes? How many OGN do I need to run a node?
I believe in what they are doing however I don’t think this token has a use for the reasons it’s being bought right now

>> No.30416335

have a read if you want to get into technicals


This documentation will explain how developers can use the Origin platform to create and manage decentralized marketplaces that are built on top of IPFS and the Ethereum network.

Origin aims to create an easy and flexible abstraction layer that:

Generates and deploys secure Ethereum smart contracts to the blockchain.
Creates and posts user and listing metadata to distributed IPFS nodes
Queries against open-source indexing servers to render content in decentralized applications (DApps)
Origin enables developers to create DApps that allow users to create listings, make purchases, manage their identities, and more.

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File: 12 KB, 426x314, 1535171391737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could have bought at 0.38 and now I don't have money to even FOMO. fuck me

>> No.30416942

The real pump hasn't even started. Wait until it's on the front page of Coinmarketcap

>> No.30416945

It will fall again lol, just be ready

>> No.30417005

This is performing way better than I thought it would when I bought it. What’s a realistic price target in the next 3 months?

>> No.30417106

Is it being listed on coinbase anytime soon? No larps, post proof pls

>> No.30417186

Just bought it at 60 cents. You are welcome.

>> No.30417467

$5 easy

>> No.30417473

I hope so frens.
There is tons of money to be made taking advantage of retarded NFTs

>> No.30417599

on Tuesday.

>> No.30417604

Just aped in before 1$. Can anyone tell me what a NFT is

>> No.30417621

Am I a retard?
>sell order at 0.6315
>buy order for 0.6010
I'm trying to do some schizo TA on this shit but it's ridiculous how high the floor pumps as accumulation ends

>> No.30417706

80c next 4hrs

>> No.30417730

This. And it would still only be 5bn MC. In few years this will be over 30$ easy.

>> No.30417737

Don't even fucking joke about that. I said that shit when we were at 0.55 and it plummeted down to 0.45 in literally hours

>> No.30417871
File: 139 KB, 948x996, Screenshot_20210307-195409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's joking?
Pivot taken, expanding volume, three bar play.
I just bought $10k worth.

>> No.30418148

Exactly. This coin is at the bottom right now, no reason not to buy in with at least a few hundred OGN's. It'll be a small fortune in the future. Any stacks over 10k OGN will make it.

>> No.30418197

We will probably have one or two more dumps to $0.50 range, so be ready to buy in then, but make sure you get in soon, we won't stop if we hit $1, could hit $2 immediately after that.

>> No.30418211
File: 62 KB, 1080x452, Screenshot_20210307-200043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30418251

Shit dude. I only have 6k and it's my entire poorfolio

>> No.30418267

fellow ognchads, whats your thoughts on lto? i was thinking of putting more on ogn tomorrow and putting a percentage of it into lto as well, good idea or should i just all in ogn

>> No.30418310

I don't hold. I get in, make 15-20%, get out. I'm selling at 0.8

>> No.30418349

I don't hold LTO but from what I see it's a solid coin.

>> No.30418351

OGN ogn ogn.
thats 25% though.

>> No.30418366

I personally dont have origin i wish i did but i dont have. Just here to say im happy for all you guys who are doing well from it. From the ogn threads i see it looks like youre a solid bunch of guys

>> No.30418438


>> No.30418464

Thanks. Hope ymi.

>> No.30418472

Eh yeah, you get what I'm saying. roughly 20%, I never get too greedy

>> No.30418491

thanks lad, wagmi

>> No.30418579

Im only in OGN & LTO
LTO is one of the comfiest holds youll ever experience, lurk the threads and read up on the material provided

>> No.30418580

Incredible strength on this given the BTC dump, beautiful

>> No.30418616

I'm not holding any OGN yet but what the hell is up with it frens? It fell under my radar a few days ago at ~30c and I looked it up now and it climbed to 62c and still going up.

Hopefully I'll buy in if there's a dip but in any case good job to anyone who bought, hope you make it

>> No.30418737
File: 137 KB, 942x1004, Screenshot_20210307-200919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a beauty. No wick on that 4hr! It's about to pump

>> No.30418775

How high are we mooning

>> No.30418804

80c within 2 hours

>> No.30418806

Wait, it's making another USD ATH lmfao

Use OGN as hedge against BTC dumps

>> No.30418836

50 cents from ATH, exciting

>> No.30418918

Okay I'm starting to feel the FOMO, every minute it climbs 1 cent, what the actual fuck frens

>> No.30418966

Holy fuck this is retarded. Fuck it I'm out at 0.8 to buy back in at 0.7

Call me a retard but this momentum cannot keep up for 2 days in a row

>> No.30418996

And what in 12 hours? I have 6k coins. Can it reach $1?

>> No.30419020

Are you winning son?

>> No.30419033
File: 9 KB, 247x204, DBC51478-9A76-470B-B25F-FF19763D3055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30419035

Holy fuck, this is nuts
Hey thanks man. WAGMI

>> No.30419036

There has to be pullback. Like this is an ENJIN tier run right now

>> No.30419088

Increasingly nervous man

>> No.30419104

I hate to watch the order book. That entire shit is bots trading.

>> No.30419162

Yea, I had enj at 0.67 and sold like a retard at 0.71 and then I had second thoughts about entering back. From a possible 13k I ended up losing 2.5k on other crap and I want to make my money back lol.

>> No.30419172
File: 41 KB, 640x700, 1613530101233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post yfw you locked in the 47% and 17% stake

>> No.30419182

What a nice fellow

>> No.30419212

I don't have a crystal ball mate

>> No.30419644
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>> No.30419740

considering exiting hbar for ogn is it worth

>> No.30419832

Oooff I sold this one a while ago and now mark cuban is on it??

>> No.30419842

yes, all in on OGN.

>> No.30419884

I do the same but I just take out my initial and let the rest ride in case of a 10x

>> No.30419900

maybe dont completely pull out, although i dont get why hbar is a good coin

>> No.30420040

OGN demands a 1 billion market cap easy. That’s a 10x from here. Strap in boyos

>> No.30420046

What? :))

>> No.30420058

we need a fresh new thread so newfags can get in on this

>> No.30420071

Got a limit order set at sub 0.6 in case it dumps. Only 15% of my holdings, sold at 0.635 so I wont be too pissed if it goes to 0.8 tonight

>> No.30420108

Thanks to this I have achieved the 4x that I wanted this month, feels good man.

>> No.30420316

make a new thread once this one hits 300, a lot of OGN threads have been hitting 300+ lately it's awesome

>> No.30420380

>Don't stop buying, after 1$ we won't stop!!!

>> No.30420483

is there a guarantee that this won’t rugpull? Only anons that have researched this pls answer

>> No.30420525

STILL pumping... I got back in again, pls don't dump again

>> No.30420573

Posts like these are why I’m selling now

>> No.30420623

>he bought?

>> No.30420630

Have you looked at the team?
>first employee at YouTube named Yu Pan
>PayPal cofounders on team
>4 year project almost
>most active github ever seen
>very active devs in discord
>solid use case
>3lau NFT made record-breaking $11.7M NFT auction
>Nft marketplace coming soon
>literally tied to Elon musk, PayPal, and a bunch of other high value companies like torbit, Forage, eventvue, etc
This is not a rug this is a legitimate company

>> No.30420677

God damn it I sold when it hit .58. Damn it

>> No.30420732
File: 8 KB, 250x193, 873426715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DJ 3LAU had an hour long interview on The Iced Coffee Hour and not once did he mentioned OGN

>> No.30420828

Two words: Amazon Partnership

>> No.30421108

Don't forget Samsung and Google

>> No.30421221

I bought in at 0.44, 0.50 and just at 0.62. Will I make it?

>> No.30421406

someone check your crystal ball and tell me when it will dip
I got in a .45 and have been planning to get more sunday/monday but I didn't expect it to pump so fast

>> No.30421529

we're going to $1 this week, so buy anytime you fucking can, im tired of people posting about missing out, i've been telling /biz/ about this since like 3 weeks ago.

>> No.30421694

It's a rugpull.
There is no such thing as a >100% weekly gain in this market conditions.

>> No.30421725

>1 post by this ID
Let's keep it this way

>> No.30421797

the fudding of OGN has started lol. whales are accumulating with fud

>> No.30421892
File: 88 KB, 730x783, 8631675123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another ATH

>> No.30421906

AAAA I have no self control I want to trade it for other coins since I hate holding through dips.

>> No.30421959

stimmies have passed and alt season is starting this week. You're going to see lots of 100% gains very soon, and not just from OGN

>> No.30422038
File: 131 KB, 928x990, Screenshot_20210307-210740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I want to trade it for other coins
This is a feeling you need to master. Control your emotions.
Sometimes the best trade is the one you are already in.
My guess is we pump for the next three hours, then dip on the new daily candle. It's what BNT did

>> No.30422406

We keep hitting these ATH's over and over again omg

>> No.30422447

what do yall think about btc crashing soon? thats the only thing bugging my iron hands

>> No.30422567

if it crashes it will recover, bull run is far from over

>> No.30422648

I think it's going to crab for abit desu

>> No.30423075

Is 5100 ogn a decent make it stack?

>> No.30423191

I think 5k is a sui stack at best. I'm trying to swing up to 10k from 6k but its not going well

>> No.30423229

based stack, you'll make it when we hit $500/ogn next year

>> No.30423340

I legitimately dont see this going over 10 in a year.

No fud but just trying to be realistic

>> No.30423500

I should have bought more but I was so upset when I bought at 50c during the Amazon news pump and dump I just held the shit I had.

>> No.30423526
File: 133 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20210307-213151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got out, it's slowed down too much for my liking. Easy swing. Have a nice evening

>> No.30424096

What's your next swing

>> No.30424117

Same. In at 0.4 and out at 0.625

Ill buy back in at 0.55 or less

>> No.30424139

Lmao thats not happening, 20$ however is possible if it follows the chainlink route
Goodbye fren till next time

>> No.30424166

I see this being a top 20 coin. ignoring tokenomics and overall market growth, that would mean $18

>> No.30424229

This is an easy top 50. That being said this pump was too much. I'm out until rebuy at .55 or less

>> No.30424275

I'm just staking my ogn fealing comfy
swingies get the rope

>> No.30424367

i hope it follows the stinky route, i missed on that train

>> No.30424376

Indeed, just look at MACD+RSI+SMA
It's going to dip.

>> No.30424412

You may be making a mistake. It's not really dumping.

>> No.30424469

How much do you think it's gonna dip fren?

>> No.30424687

I have 100k+ staking. These pumps are nice for some dopamine but I don't particularly care about short term price action, we're still highly undervalued.
I'm hold for at least medium/long term

>> No.30424698
File: 63 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20210307-215636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought some bnt, I think it pumps tomorrow

>> No.30424847

How high are you expecting it to go

>> No.30424994

Had a couple of k yesterday to put in this or OMI. An anon suggested this and I'm happy with that. Thank you anon.

>> No.30425023

You're welcome

>> No.30425027

This or BAT for long term hold?

>> No.30425030
File: 143 KB, 942x1309, Screenshot_20210307-220200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yesterday's daily candle was 17% on high volume, today we had a small red day with low volume, and small penetration.
I think tomorrow could be 20%-30% if BTC behaves

>> No.30425133

BAT already pumped

>> No.30425322

Thank you /biz/ WOOOOOOOO!!!

If you're missing out on OGN buy the slight pull back or go into PNK, PNK is primed for liftoff.

>> No.30425327
File: 36 KB, 640x479, 1560191909974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I swapped for BTC then went into COMP as it looked to have hit its low and was starting to rebound. Hodlers lose today.

>> No.30425338

No idea, those are just buy or sell signals

>> No.30425424

0.60 c it is boys

>> No.30425782

Hope you picked some up on this 7% dip, we going over 70c today boys..

>> No.30425932

I'm hoping we reach $1 this week

>> No.30426036

We will get there anon. Don't worry.

>> No.30426122

i know we will, just a matter of time

>> No.30426250

only got 3000, sad

>> No.30426433

Are you sure it's tomorrow? Looks like it's already going to pump

>> No.30426576

i have 25k

>> No.30426733

Swingers absolutely sweating

>> No.30426777


>> No.30426904

ygmi buddy, remember me from the top

>> No.30426914

Buyers coming in already though

>> No.30427076
File: 532 KB, 1325x1003, 1605585762210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am absolutely sweating hahahaha

It was a hard sell but profit was good, and Ive been burned many times by greed.

Still believe its a solid coin, dont get my wrong, but again, trying my best to not get my feelings in the way.

>> No.30427196

bnt is next fellow swingie

>> No.30427323

>has been dumping for 4 30m candles in a row
>Swingers absolutely sweating.
ahahaha. comfy holding my COMP tokens, enjoy holding the dump

>> No.30427387

Make that 5, got to know when to get out.

>> No.30427444

Sold at 0.625 after buying in at 0.4 and 0.45
I feel pretty good desu

>> No.30427518

LTO Chad here. I'm glad for you guys. Funny coins like these will prevail.

>> No.30427607
File: 31 KB, 676x676, 1612998270745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked. I got in at those same prices. If you've got the time to post on this board you might as well use some of it to swing tokens.

>> No.30427625

Lto looks good. I'm waiting for an entry

>> No.30427762

Thank you based anons for shilling me this shitcoin. Half my portfolio is in this

>> No.30428398

Why? We can just swing back in if it looks like it'll go up

>> No.30428776

bnt taking off

>> No.30429197

is it though?

>> No.30429383

ogn looks way more bullish desu, i think we'll keep flying for the next couple days

>> No.30429746
File: 52 KB, 381x489, swgarg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NEW >>30429648
NEW >>30429648
NEW >>30429648
ogn bros lets hit 1500 tonight

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