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Serious replies only, I'm not here for your hypno-anime-gay shit.

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All the 9s plz anongods.

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Miners arent eth investors or users, who gives a shot what they think

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They have invested their hard earned dollarinos into graphic carderinoa which they use.to.secure the networkerino.

They are investerino-ed.

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I was there anon, coal black suit on me.face, cough like coal canary. Arthur picked me up on his shoulders, held me.high into the crowd as jbiliant cheers rang out, echoing through the now empty mines where many merry men once stood.

As I was raised into the air, like.the coal leaving the depths of despair and into the light, i.felt that feeling the town hadn't seen since the collapse. It was at this moment, Arthur realised, covering his strong coal mining hands, was now, pee pee poo poo.

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Yes, ETH is fucked.

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ETH is fine. Miners profits will take a hit but anyone who has been mining for more than 6 months has likely already at least broken even. I've been mining since 2017 and I welcome the change as my ETH holdings growing will almost certainly offset any loss incurred from the fee changes

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No, just (((miners))) being whiny pieces of greedy shit.

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Why is everyone on biz literal nigger tier logic? Ethereum has proof of stake now, miners are the old jew being finally abandoned

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I hear people about miners going to get fucked, but WHEN will that happen and why?

I've started to mine with my 5700 a couple of weeks ago (not 24/7) and made 50 bucks already.

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Vitalik change rule
Vitalik like fed. Change inflation on whim.

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Eip 1599 is changing the ways fees work on ETH instead of going to the moners they are burned instead. Mining profitability will go down once its implemented in July

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They can sell their graphics cards for more than the sticker price right now. Graphics cards are not crypto or tied to the price of crypto

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I see, thanks guys.

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god bless eip

who want to pay 170 $ gas fees?

long term such high gas fees would fuck over erhereum

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ETH has had its time, 2017-2020 was Ethereum era. Now it's clearly finished and cannot keep up, there are way better alternatives to serve the needs of today's crypto world.
Same what happened to Yahoo/AOL etc

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such as?

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>clearly finished
>hasn't even fully activated its second form
>going to become deflationary in the next few months

LOL, the era of ETH hasn't even begun. You'll know it's started when BTC gets flipped.

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Miners are already setting up part of their rigs on Ethereum Classic.

When eth goes pos, they will 100% switch to ETC

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market cap is literally the shittiest thing to look at

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so what are u complain about lol

don’t be a fag who trusts this scam that is shilled on /biz/
>tax will kill ETH and common trading with lp
if you wanna live and have profit go with me
check ENQ Blockchain, gem blockchain for smart guys

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10K when, please make it EOY

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why the fuck would anyone support a bunch of chinks hoarding gpus?

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Can u mine nething else in ethereum that isn't ETH? Like I want the bitcoin inflation and hard cap, so much better than Eths economics, but I want that inside smart contract land.

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But what will happen when all bitcoin is mined and there is no incentive to verify the chain?

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yes, it cannot scale and it will never scale. some other chain will eventually replace it. probably BSC which has decentralization starting already.

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yes ETH is done

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Thats like 200 years away.

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Can someone explain to me how a PoS coin can be decentralized?

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>Lose our to your clone
>Release eth 2.0
>Fees are STILL higher than bsc
>No one comes back to eth besides extreme bag holders and muh decentralization fags who must desperately convince themselves people use crypto for more than to make a quick buck
>They try, desperately, to cope because binance may one day possibly do something


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If it was inside Ethereum network then no need to mine just to secure network, ETH does that bit. It would be mined for distribution. But needs to start from fresh or port chain data over so it's same owners as now.

That way when it all mined its still there inside Ethereum being secured by the Eth peeps

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How many ETH will there be in 5 years? It's nice to be able to plan ahead. I know how many BTC there will be by then. To the exact number.

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>But what will happen when all bitcoin is mined and there is no incentive to verify the chain?
People who own millions of dollars in BTC will have plenty of incentive to run nodes: to keep their investment from becoming worthless.

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No. Miners will get over it when pools introduce MEV

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Vita Lik

Vita - Vita or VITA (plural vitae) is Latin for "life"

Lik - noun A Middle English form of like

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