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Ba-da-duh-da-dah......I'm fucking loving it! Stay poor forever retards.

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kek. I wouldn’t buy MCDC with your money.

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So much seethe on biz against this coin ... “always do the opposite of what biz says “ an all

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isn't this the coin that got rugged by an eGirl they hired to shill it?

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>Isn't this the coin
All good so far
>that got rugged
rugproof. Liquidity locked.
>by an eGirl they hired
wasn't hired, she was shilling her own position of her own volition
>to shill it?
she was a good shill, but remember: Sic Semper Thots.

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regardless of what you think, the fact is, you're missing out if you don't buy this coin.
You should know by now that this clown world thrives on stupid shit.

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Exactly, there’s way too much meme potential to pass this up

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This was a successful meme campaign.

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>regardless of what you think, the fact is, you're missing out if you don't buy this coin

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Biz tards will never experience the mchappyness of a 7x in 24 hours. Only us McBros

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When dollar menu?

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I just feasted upon a Sprite Tropic and McGriddle to celebrate my McGains.

When wil lthis /biz/tards McJoin us?

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Why the fuck would anyone invest in such an obvious scam?
God, some of the people on this board are really dumb...

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Meanwhile anon sits on a coin that does a +/-5% while MCDC doers a 700%. I made 10k last night sleeping. How about you?

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why so cranky /biz/? not enjoying the gainz?

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If you bought yesterday I think youd be feeling a bit different lol

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Salty they didn't buy the bottom lol. It was right in front of their face and they missed it, the easiest 10x of the whole bullrun. Im feeling McGood.

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Don't lol at me, poorfag...
Pathetic that you think making $10,000 in a day is worth bragging about.
Your coin is shit, and you are shit as well.

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whatever. number go up.

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This post is linked in MCDC Telegram. Don't fall for the fake support.

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What is the use case for this coin? Will we be able to use it on the McDonalds kiosks in McDonald restaurants?

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Wow you made a 7% gain. I just made 100x that nigger. You are pathetic. I would recommend you stop investing, you''re not very good at it if a 7% is what you are bragging about.

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Stay poor /biz/tards, roadmap completed and now we pumo

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We're not buying your bags... Now please fuck off

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If you bought anytime in the last 2 weeks you are up at least 200%, some are up over 10000%. Stay poor.

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>I just made 100x that nigger
Prove it

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>If you bought anytime in the last 2 weeks you are up at least 200%, some are up over 10000%.
Prove it pls...

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Wait what is this real? Seen in the mcdonald's Spain app

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