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/biz/ put some money on MANA and XLM, they will pump hard this week, then just sell and take your profits
Except i forgot that im on /biz/ and people here love losing their money kek

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>c-can someone b-buy my bags

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why would they pump

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faggot its litterally starting to moon rn, enjoy being poor, alos im not a shill, im not telling to go all in, just to enjoy some free benefits, but of course i advise faggots here to never buy these shitcoins in order to hold their bags kek

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no fkn idea but mana is pumping and idgaf why
just keep it going you little shit

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they are pump and dump coins, MANA is in a good run, last week it managed to do +30% in a single day, it will do it one or two time agian before dying imo, XLM has been crabing for too long now its starting to get green again, tho i only have 15 euros on XLM, i just like this shitcoin idk why kek

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how much you got manabro? i fomod in a little late but fuck it. wagmi

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Also i want to tell to all fags on /biz/ that my thread got dubs and my ID is green, what are you waiting now

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im a poorfag, i only got 80€ in MANA, bought it after selling all my ADA

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well its something. Make 160 out of those 80 and keep going.

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I sold my mana at the top, might buy back in soon

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Wagmi MANAbros

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I don’t take money advice from anonymous sources

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MANAbros ??... why does it keeps going green ??!!

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fuck me if i knew. Year of the meme i guess. gaming tokens gets hyped i guess.

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kek, its mooning hard

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