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Piece of shit do something

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wat do u mean op?
Its dropped from $2 to $1.11 over the course of 2 weeks

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Meant nothing by it, just schizoing. $7 EOM

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just 2 more weeks

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This is Parsiq

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So what we thinking, news on Monday?

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Spoonfeed me on this.

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here, exactly what you need

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How do I buy this shit outside uniswap? Coinmetro only allows buying with eth or eur, I don't see usdt and the volume is shit

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It’s just a wallet anon

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The basic stargate concept is that it has at least two devices in distant positions, and when active, the rings of each become similar to a physical, singular gateway or door-frame between the two locations.

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The central core of the project are smart triggers which take data from smart contracts and take it off chain. This is not an oracle, it is bigger. It can transmit data before confirmation and using some mathematics I am too dumb to understand can parse this info including what happened, what didn't happen and what may have happened. It will filter this to the bit you need and deliver it off chain. In q4 they will release smart triggers that go off chain to on. This is full automation. Trigger activates which in turn activates another trigger. Think automated trading based on an action on the blockchain. BEFORE that transaction has confirmed. Blockchain agnostic and with so many usecases it is hard to describe. Automated accounting, automated stock control. It is a real time data actionable tool. Works off chain too. T
Added to that is their new IQ protocol launching this month. Essentially a defi lending platform but with new tech that will take transactions off the blockchain partially to counter transaction costs by reducing computational needs. it is revolutionary stuff. Coupled with Ncase, (already deployed and being tested by big projects like Coin Metro) it will offer a full payment processing system which will allow tradfi a back end which will accept payments in any crypto and output the token of choice. Eg USDC. It is also a wallet deployment system cheaper than anything else on the market.
Parsiq tech will change crypto for the better and will bring mass adoption. It is a top ten project yet to be noticed. Won't be waiting more than a month though. This month IQ protocol launches, along with new tokenomics requiring all service users to hold or borrow tokens. On the roadmap left for this month includes 1 Layer 1 integration, 2 top Defi integrations, we are expecting a binance listing as per info on github plus a listing with a BSC bridged token on pancake swap to allow farming.
Act accordingly.

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jesus this is the best tldr on prq I've ever read
good job

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I'm writing another on their role as a hack mitigator. People have no idea the depth, breadth and innovation Parsiq brings to the space. They are top ten without question.

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Some anons last night thought Parsiq might be helping paid out after the hack (i still think it was a rugpull) any word on that yet?

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Oi... that's a nice portal you got there mate...

Be a shame... If something came through the other side...

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Based. I loved that show.
In fact, I might just start a rerun today.

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this fucking coin

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It’s dug it’s hooks in and now I’m trapped

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Yes, PAID have thanked Parsiq for their helkp mitigating the exploit and assisting in the hard fork to replenish holders. Parsiq will release more info next week about their role. It does not look like a rug. Seems to be lax security of a private key.

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Nice, hopefully they know how to act on the publicity and don’t let it go to waste.
Hopefully all those YouTube shills who were promoting paid give a shout-out to Parsiq.

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I expect it will get around. They are industry standard at a project level it seems, has not really made it through to mainstream but they are certainly recognised as industry experts in the space.

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Impressive, very nice. Lets hear the most popular FUD now.

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Impressive that it was PRQ. Hopefully it doesn't go to waste.
Supposedly the team has a ton more good news to dump so look forward to the next two weeks unironically.

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We are early
Project is barely even launched yet
Moon will happen but not for a while

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Come the fuck on, Tolya.

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Interesting, can you come up with like 4-5 new things it would enable? Like: 1) check whale wallet to copy his trades
Anything else anyone?

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yeah, good point, you listed the tech but not the near endless use cases that can be achieved with the tech

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Unironically post the most popular FUD and the rebuttals for it. Don't give me some bullshit like there is no FUD.

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Can u throw some out there

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Even the team admit there are so many usecases they keep finding more and have to target the ones they think will be most in demand for now. The usecases are unironically endless.

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>Lets hear the most popular FUD now.
token not needed, can just pay with eth :)

see if someone is front running on uniswap and other DEXes

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I dump the profits from every degenerate play into my parsnip stack so I'm glad we've been having $1 dips for a while

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I dont understand that so i cant do that i have 35000 prq help me

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the only FUD I’ve seen lately is that it’s crabbing, that’s it

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i make 140 and still get 4200 stimmy plus child credit

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Do you think many yanks will be sticking their biden bucks into crypto?

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>Just a telegram notification service.

An easy rebuttal as I said in my tldr above. Smart triggers do not just transmit information, they react to it on the fly and parse a whole bunch of possible outcomes direct from mempool into a filtered product deliverable across many platforms.

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the trials of a crab

never seen as many fags
who will be rich very soon
As I saw in the TG
crying when binance moon?

Rossi is a G and
Jon has a silver cock
Dale has 17 accounts
And Choi cooks with a wok

Jeff got banned again
He could be a real prick
But you know the real T
Brohan has a kids dick

So I’m telling all you fags
To stay out the TG
You can hold a make it bag
And still be a PRQtie

-father, out

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Token not needed was the true fud, soon to be rectified with epoch 2 tokenomics.
Current fud is crabbing/poor marketing. Obviously truth to it but major updates, partners and listings are inevitable, should sort that out.

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Lol i ask in every thread what doea it do and noone can list possible uses and then u just cry we crab

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Thinking of selling my rubic shitcoin for this shitcoin. Not sure if I should go through with it. Can someone give me the final push?

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No its apparently too complicated

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If you like not making money like the rest of us, by all means join the tribe. I’m only here for the friendship and same 10 ass gifs posted daily

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I gave a few examples above. Automated trading, automated stock control, automated accounting, automation of the IOT, and complete and real time blockchain monitoring.
Ncase is a bolt on backend allowing wallet deployment economically and a simplified payment portal for any project/company. With built in AML and Parsiq monitoring.
IQ protocol is a defi risk free lending platform which is layered to save on transaction costs. There are already many other projects interested in using this platform.

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I clapped

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I did well with Rubic. 0.009 to 58c average exit. I put it all into PRQ.

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Rubic has endless competitors, parsiq has none yet. I bought both at 0.005, sold rbc at .56 and stuck most of the profit back into prq nostly for this reason.

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wanted to buy this token
unfortunately too poor for swap tx
went for grt instead on binance

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What do we think the secret announcements are?

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visa or similar
check em

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Is there anything "payment processor" could imply besides VISA/MC/PayPal or similarly grandiose?
I'm trying to temper expectations because that seems way too good to be true.

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Circle possibly. Would still be big.

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Probably providing wallet monitoring and smart triggers to Ellios Superfarms. We know there is something NFT related coming. Ellio and Parsiq have been working together since Parsiq launched. Ellio mentioned on Ivan vid about wallet monitoring which would unlock gameplay based on which NFTs were held. That sounds like Parsiq tech to me.

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Based Father.

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