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This coin will overtake btc and eth

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Check Mochimo guys.

Microcap that is growing a lot right now.

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Raiblocks 2.0.

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Piece of shit compared to HBAR

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HBAR and ALGO are the future of crypto and dapps.

Change my mind.

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Algo is still blockchain.

Hashgraph is still superior. Stop bringing this up.

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I want a safe coin with 2-3x potential to park 100k for this run
Is this it?

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This is 1000x unironically

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Ignore the others. This is it. I'm currently parking all my Canadian Fiat in it just to protect myself from the incoming hyperinflation. This is a wonderful long term project that truly could carve a massive chunk of the crypto market in the next 5-10 years.

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I'm a Jeet sirs. I don't have 5-10 years. I need to make it and get out in the next 3 months before my government bans crypto and makes cashing out difficult

I have 350k in crpyto right now - 100k usdc liquid, 150k in KLON, and the rest in various shitcoins

Need to turn my 100k USDC into $300k at least because with that, I can at least buy an apartment in my shithole

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>3-5 seconds
painfully slow

t. avax chad

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>buying a coin named after mudslimes terrorists swearing before blowing up themselves up

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Unironically stick with shitcoins.

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Yeah I'm gonna reverse myself and say you should hop on BOG

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can't dump big money into shitcoins
I'm tired of making 3k on 1k investment. It doesn't do anything and I have to manage a huge ass portfolio
I want to make 300k on a 100k investment

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Throw it into Matter, will 3x easy before end of month when the platform is due to launch

Its not a rug, it actually has a real team. I’m 15 Eth deep and may add another 5

Obviously a fraction of what you want to throw into something but I’m pretty confident on it

Do not throw your money into a project with an anon team or that $100k will be $0 very quickly

Also, I’m feeling comfy with my hbar stack

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Please no..
I'm not getting paid for another 4 days... pls no moon yet.. i need to get more...

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You keep losing HBARs. Stop trying to swing trade.

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>Sad face
>clown emoji

I’m retarded haha

I might try doing a 3x Eth long with these funds and catch then next leg up. If it moves 10% I’ll be able to add a big chunk back

Or I might lose some more kek

I need to stay flipping uniswap crap and ignore my binance money

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>Fees in 2021
IOTA will be better on all metrics.
Is there a better feeling than that of knowing /biz will be eternally outpriced and they keep cumswapping their shitcoins for pennies?

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Iota can be successful too

They are targeting different markets and even if there is overlap, competition is good

There isn’t just McDonald’s in the world, there’s also Burger King, Wendy’s, local burger shops etc.

I hate how in crypto people think only 1 project can succeed and all others will fail, that’s not how it works in the real world in a competitive market

Spread your bets across multiple players

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Cope Hashgraph will make all of blockchain obsolete

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Bruh I have like 290k hashgraph and zero iota

My point was that there can be multiple players in the space. The low tier iq anons here that have zero understanding think that there can only ever be one winner

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Aren't Sundays supposed to be doomp days?

I must gather more resources!!

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when did you buy your bags?

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I’m buying 2 grand of jigstack ( a hbar partner who is launching their ico in the coming week) then taking that into hbar, I already have 100k but I’d love 100k more

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I've heard of Jigstack. When is the ICO and how do you buy it?

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>3 sec finality

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You mean ant shares or are you taklking about transaction volume

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In like 2 weeks

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Of it becomes a top 60 crypto it’ll be 80x gains

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ahhh.... yesss...
that best tech coin again

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>why did you Corporate shills delete this thread?
>don't you want people to know about your 100% centralized corporate governing council with god-mode power to modify the protocol and fuck over anyone that is inconvenient at will?
>but it is open
so is android. doesn't stop google from fucking over android on the regular. doesn't stop google from fucking over web-standards to build into every browser injected ADS as a web-standard in order to fuck over Google's primary competition - Brave

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Mods have been deleting HBAR threads ever since the first time they popped up. Wouldn’t be surprised if you autists planned this because muh corporate shitcoin that goes against my cryptorino ideology

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They also deleted this one, mods have been banning and deleting hbar posters for weeks. Huge buy signal

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whats a realistic eoy price for hbar?

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The price target for most non-delusional people and one ashkenazi jew billionaire larper is at least $1 EOY.

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I wouldn't be surprise if we hit $1 and settled around 40-50 cents

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This? https://jigstack.org/

I love when you go to these tokens sites to read about what they are and come away with literally 0 information. Like they don't even try to properly explain what they're trying to do.

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$1 min, $5-10 with retail investor interest

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Shitcoin of the month. i wonder what it will be next month

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Post HBAR thots

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if government bans crypto, i'll forever be a salarycuck, counting on my comfy hashies to moon soon

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HBAR isn't a crypto, its a blockchain controlled by big corporations

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OMG, this is amazing

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hashgraphs and blockchain are 2 different things. hashgraphs are said to be faster than l1 blockchains, but l2 solutions can achieve more than hgs 500k tps.
>can't keep long record of transactions
>all theoretical and unproven science
>not a crypto
>Swirlds and baird leemonhead are colossal jew niggers (patents, closed source). inb4 "muh unncessary forks" fuck off

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