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Why mooning so hard?

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Big Dick Protocol

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Shitcoin with a dead marketplace.


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this shit coin is such a scam and is centralized (paused smart contract lmao). But im so fucking salty i sold at 0.5 wont lie

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Biggest data products in crypto are the next big thing along with the NFT craze. Buy OCEAN, TAP, and DATA, that's the chadfolio right there. TAP is my personal fave due to the lower marketcap, easy 10x over March

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Anon check out $MCM
They are gonna rock soon.

> No investments
> no ico
> original concept

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I've bought at 0.35 fren

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Top entry mate, don't sell for a cent less than $5

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Market was launched in october, it pumped and dumped for 2 weeks with nothing but rug pulls... then it died completely.

A shitcoin with almost 1 billion market cap

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Same, held it from 15c to 50c and it kinda just stood in the same place for a whole year, so i got tired and sold.

Next month it broke a dollar. I always get wrecked.

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sounds like you missed out fren

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Which is why I suggested the new, unpumped TAP as my favorite. It's like an under 4 million marketcap and has been on the market for like a month, it's at LEAST a 5x, but I can easily see a 10x. We bull now, any shiny new shitcoin with enough shilling moons

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Yee i know. Do you think it can go higher than 5$?

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Dont forget TRAC they are building a data tracking solution for oracle but few know

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How the fuck did this shitcoin go to 700m marketcap Lmao

Dead marketplace
Daimler switched to ontology
Bmw did not go with Ocean( proof in the mobi conference with bruce pon where bmw employee was skeptical wrt publishing their data to Ocean
Central bank uses the compute to data feature without the token lol

How the fuck did this erc 20 shitcoin went to 700m market cap ?

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Lost most of my stack in this shit show. Didn't bought back. Watching it moon is crushing.

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Not without a retrace. Long term $10 is my goal but short term I'll be honest that I'm cashing out at $5
I actually didn't know that, will check it out, thanks anon

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rugpull scamcoin

thank you coinbase

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So much fud in this tred

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BDP a data fork of Ocean that is partnered with Ocean that has a massive staking event for 5 more days. The Ocean pool is paying fat right now. Over 20 million. Ocean is in the pool.

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Because of this partnership thing.
Staking ocean boys.

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>Coin has been steadily growing for 2 years now
Top fucking kek, you sure are delusional

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How to stake ocean

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go to website
click stake

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If you own a decent amount of OCEAN, stake it in the BDP pool NOW and earn some $$$$

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Gaynance allowed ocean withdrawals again

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What is a decent amount

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how much do you have

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Kraken started support on friday

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Again, /biz/ proves that it's a complete brainless vacuum in understanding what Ocean Protocol is achieving.

Keep playing your shitty shitcoins. Keep being salty and trying to fud this while BIG INSTITUTIONAL PLAYERS are buying OCEAN right this second.

Literally FEW.

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Wgmi, frens
Bought at .85 but am happy either way

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it's not achieving anything. it's basically pumping on an exchange listing

apart from that it's an abandoned shitcoin with a dead marketplace... its only metric of success

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See you in a few months, Screenshot this post.

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based af shake that chair baby RRRRUUUUHHHH

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I bought 3200 back in August. Not a bad return. however I am weary of staking as it's not risk-free like ADA.

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I forgot I had it

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Where do you trade those?

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