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Are there even any real people here? This entire board seems like bots... Post in this thread if you are real.

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You should totally buy RUBIC, anon.


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You are a newfag to 4chan or from a cringe tranny board, this is common knowledge for all based and redpilled boards

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Sirs, please buy RUBIC
Many profit be made to fuck women
Remember RUBIC please sirs

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buy rubic rubic go to moon haha
you like boobs? you buy rubic sir

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This board is like 5 people. I alone am the reason for 80% of the posts here.

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Protip: any coin that has a general is part of a coordinated shilling campaign by bagholders from discord

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The only thing our hunter gatherer progenitors didn’t have was refined sugars. Everything else is ok to eat

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PepeToken will revolutionize the NFT marketplace by creating a rare Pepe NFT database of all existing (and new!) Pepes.
You will be able to buy sell and trade Pepes on the BSC blockchain.
Early holders of PEPE token will be airdropped rare original PEPE NFTs.
PEPE is a frictionless, deflationary, yield token, all holders of PEPE token receive 1% of every PEPE transaction and 2% is burned.
Buy some PEPES and get comfy!
Remember anons, every single pepe in this thread will be minted as a NFT, once the pepevault launches. Think of how much you will wanna kill yourself if you didn't get in early on 4chans version of dogecoin. Suicide stack is 1000 pepes.

THE KEK FARM HAS LAUNCHED!: https://pepetoken.finance/dapp/
Liquidity Locked:
Buy here:
t me/PepeToken2021

Max Supply: 1 million.
Circulating Supply: 900k (10% of Tokens already burned and GONE FOREVER)
Token Burn: 2% per transaction
Reflect Rate: 1% per transaction

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I ran an experiment in 2018 when chainlink dominated the board. I would make my own Link threads. The same thing always happened - nobody posted in it. Why? Because the paid shills only posted in their own threads.

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If you are looking for a deal. I know the real one people are talking about. Its going to moon so hard not even bots could do as well as just HODLing. Litecoin. If your not stacking LTC you shouldn't even post in this thread.

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Pls buy rubic sirssss

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Buy BAT before it hits $1 or you'll regret it forever.

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Too many poos, not enough loos

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This still happens today, btw. Try to make a thread about AVAX or Fantom or any of these coins with 100+ reply general threads. You will get maybe responses tops. Strange!

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Lmao you are still and doing the fuck with these shitty coin?!
I was once an boy and learn the hard way.. let me tell you, when you are in the time... That time is for you!!
Do the checking of rubic for trip to space moon. My rubic stays cubic!!!

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show vagene and buy (insertshitcoin.)

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I need scissors 61

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My top comment was literally deleted. I said to buy silver.

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Someone post booba and poopa please

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Do any real humans look at this picture and think
>Wow that's a lot of money!

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/biz/ is basically a psyop at this point. All threads are either made by newfag idiots, pajeet scammers, discord trannies in muh super sekrit klub or "ironic" shitposters.

It's so very tiresome.

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He has $1215 more than me right now.

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hahahahahaha I laugh wtf everybody losing money buying scam coins

I was tired of all the shilling scams did research and bought mochimo 10x 100x easy while biz in shitcoin scams LMAO

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LINK threads:
30% GPT3 bots
30% shills
30% shitposters

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the taste of the future, seeking truth where there is none

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It’s to show how poor you are and he isn’t faggot

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Double spend

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most of the posts are made by the same kikes that post tranny porn, bbc porn and propaganda on pol
The same people are using frankfurter school tactics across the internet to further their agenda.
Hypno porn, destroying the family unit, destroying religion, destroying roots
Its a problem on all the chans and on every platform where people interact
Those disgusting kikes have their fingers in every corner of the web.

But with time you can look through that and operate normally. Some fall through the net sadly, because they are not aware of the situation.

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I am here anon. You are not alone. Hello

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real nigger reporting in

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Lmao I could go withdraw $50k from my checking account and spread it out for a picture and that's still not a lot of cash.

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ITT: Coping bagholders. Sell now before you regret it.

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Why is mochimo up 100% when bitcoin is down 25%? Should I buy?

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I am a bot

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I'm so new to finance that I don't really post anything. I just lurk.

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very real

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Sirs my rubic stay cubic

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The sad reality of crypto I'm afraid. It's a ponzi so all those with it and constantly pumping on here. Logic left the room a while back!

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when moon sir

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human here, today they are shilling mochino, yesterday it was katalyo and mantic

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don't buy anything that's posted here

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There's obviously bots but lots of humans too. Like me.

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there is an overwhelming number of discord-trannies / pajeets (same thing effectively) who coordinate shill threads to get people hyped up over some memecoin. HOGE is a recent example of this. basically the people who made that shitcoin are trying to pyramid-scheme people into buying it so they can rugpull the fuck out of it.

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Not even bitcoin?

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I am a human and I don't understand this board either. There are a few meaningful general threads, but other than that I only see an endless stream of shilling pajeets.

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shit like link, eth, monero, bitcoin, etc. are pretty safe. just don't buy random altcoin garbage nobody's ever heard of or you're basically just handing your money to literal discord-trannies/pajeets.

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what's real anyway

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fellas wassup. what is the yearly rofit from rewards sent by the trust? at least approximate

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ADA is vaporware

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I will shit in your mouth fucking tranny nigger

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Dont listen to this pajeet shill. Buy Rubic for 100x

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I'm Ip banned from making new threads on all possible ips.
Also banned from reddit.
Banned everywhere, fuck this.

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BATman here. You may not hear from me often, but I'm there lurking in the shadows, acoomulating bags of BAT at every dip.

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$PISS $SHIT $ASS mooning Monday you’ve been warned get out of GME now

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We hear you friend

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out of all boards, u can clearly see humans post here because most posts are actually retarded

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bip bip bop

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bad id ngmi

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>03/07/21(Sun)10:38:10 No.30391664▶>>3039
> Are there even any real people here? This entire board seems like bots... Post in this thread if you are real.
Here, pal.

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return to monke

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You get used to it.

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Beep, boop, *bzzzt*

Hello, fellow homo sapiens. I think OP is a bot trying to make us all fight each other.

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Much of 4chan is all bots at this point.

Also if you call a bot out they reply automatically with “take your meds”

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I’ve noticed this on tons of boards

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Are there even any real people anywhere? Seriously...

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Sirs. Kleros will moon. Do the needful! Sir!

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yes i am real i love bbc and hold chainlink

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>take your meds

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Do the needful and save your village-RUBIC

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Fuck you

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That’s crazy.

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bleep bloop

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LTC is such a massive piece of shit.

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Are the HBAR shills real people? Please respond

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Mario if he real

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Poo pee pee poo poo poo ayyyyeeeee

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And how do I know you are real?

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Only the realest nigga here
Nigga, you for real?

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If a bot can make me rich they're more human than 90% of you faggot rugpull shills

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Are you the anon that always posts thumbnail sized images?

>> No.30400447

The picture with the penguin and the meds is so inorganic, but bots love it. So surreal how it's been posted thousands of times

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beep boop bap bööp

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do you see the thumbnail? that guy is pretty funny i also like the xrp schizo he sometimes posts in other threads.

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Its a lot of soulless changs and stupid muslims and greedy lying jews. But yes theres a few other here too

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Buy link, it's the future of tokenizing spreadsheets on the blockchain, do you know what a block chain is here let me spoonfeed you. I bought link at 20 cents I'm 18 years old with only a 6 million net worth I'm never going to make it.

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When I got a 1600 on my SATs (back in the early 2000s when that shit mattered before they niggerfied it), I ordered pizza with my friends, played Magic, got a blowjob from my chink gf, then passed out as we watched a movie. Was pretty kino.

Life was looking pretty good. Turns out brains doesn't help if you want to move up in life the traditional way (go to good school, get good job, etc.) if you are a straight, white male. Got passed up for countless opportunities that were instead given to niggers, spicks, gays, and women. Went into the workforce. Startups got gutted by jew magic and bankrupted, even though our tech was top tier.

Now I feel like a robot and am completely dead inside, but I've made more money trading crypto over the years, and especially during 2020, that I'll never have to work again.

Honestly, I feel more awful than before. More like I don't feel anything. I think this is the true endgame. Once you can make money and have money, then what? You can buy women and stuff, but it won't fix the anger or emptiness inside directed at a world that is patently unfair.

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It's unironically over for LINK, you should sell.

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Checked but you are not immune to propaganda

There are only 6 people who are not npcs in the universe

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