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Where are we heading /biz/?
How can we profit from the future?

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the future is xrp

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Actual glimpse of the future.

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For me, its Aldous Huxley's vision in Brave New World where he predicted that the mass population will be controlled not by force but by pleasure.

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jesus christ imagine if those monkeys learn how to make an actual roadblock

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Communistic technocracy will fail. Blockchain will govern the human race. Full homomorphic encryption (homoerotic erection hardy har har) will enable private smart-contracts. Expect the freest market in all of history if we all make it. It's getting a fuck ton worse before that.
>buy Monero
>buy rifles, ammo, and supplies
>buy precious metals
>securely generate cold wallet
>put your seed phrase into sharded cold storage (ColdTi recommended)
>bury at least two stashes containing a third of your supplies and a shard with 2/3 of your seed phrase.
>keep the final shard for yourself
>tattoo it on your ass
>even OP (a colossal faggot) is protected by 85+ bits of entropy in stashed cold-storage
>always be a schizo when stashing
>not clearly visible from space
>never take the same route there and back
>watch for glowniggers
>far from major highways
>won't flood
>bury it at night in the rain and under cloud cover
>know how to get there and instruct other in how to get there
>take a photo with your family, friends, or yourself at the site
>hang it on your wall with recovery instructions on the back
>name the photo in your will
>put the only copy in your house
>not visible from your windows

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he was told

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I love these, post more future chart memes

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I can confirm that at least one of these will exist at somepoint in the future.

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Which ever gives me automated sex dolls that'll pound my pelvis to dust.

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Redpill me on bottom right tech transcendence

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