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Okay anons. In order for this limit order test to work, the price will need to pump a bit past 0.0002 eth per rubic in order fill due to the beta testing 0.15 eth offset. I'm not sure exactly at what price that would force the limit to execute honestly. I have put this transaction up to show that the limit orders do indeed work. You can stop worrying now and buy back in. I'll post transaction proof when I wake up (if the order filled).


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There is also a second limit order sell up as well for a higher price point. You're welcome.


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thx vlad

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I call this empiricism against FUD.

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just got 2500 cubes to try n pump

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pajeet scam lmao u want them to pump the coin for ur gain? crazy

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Idiot we're testing the exchange for the science. He's not getting rich with this.

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>show that limit orders do indeed work.
>I'm not sure exactly at what price that would force the limit to execute honestly.
You can't make this shit up.


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Hey man, you guys wanted someone who was willing to throw away his ETH to test this limit order shit. Don't complain when it finally happens. I could be throwing away a potential 50k usd right now to see if this works.

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just buy more eth at current price

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Let's do it bros, EOY $10

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Even if it works, is it really a limit order if you know nothing about the price it will execute at, except that it will be vastly more expensive than any same person would trade at?

I do actually appreciate what you're doing though.

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Rubic isn’t going to pump. Put up your order at market price to test it

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true you should be able to choose a price in USD and have it execute no matter if it's ETH or RBC (or whatever coins you choose in the future) that moves

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the platform fee currently is much higher than it will be post beta to limit the amount of people currently using the feature

the ux of this feature (and the exchange in general) will need a LOT of love over the coming months (uxui rehaul incoming), but once that's achieved it's going to be a very feature rich dex with a user friendly interface

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No problem. Allegedly, the offset deal is for beta purposes... Don't ask me why I'm not on the team kek. Maybe someone else knows that answer and can shed some light because I agree with you. Who knows, maybe the order does fill close to the execution prices? Someone told me it has a 0.15 eth fee offset or something. I'm just a low IQ gambler with some eth to spare. All I know is that if biz wants to see results, then anons are going to have to stop being paper handed faggots. I could've also done a limit buy order as well, but this was more of an experiment to see if an anonymous board would actually work together to test something. Or who knows maybe my whale stack of rubic is vaporware worth 0. Let's find out together anon.

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Trying to empirically investigate FUD is like the kid in the playground writing a thesis on why he doesn't actually have four eyes.

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I'm going to sleep anons. Will post transaction if the order works. Good night frens

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thank you for your sacrifice

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