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>bought ETH at $1,521
>sold at $1,690
>gonna buy again at sub-$1,500

This is too easy

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except if it keeps going up. then what?

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he sold? pamp it

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It wont lol, its been crashing all week

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It's like unlimited money. Good job op. Not even going to bring up the tax fud cause fukc em. Keep the hustle up.

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fellas I'm ready today.

Currently -5%, bought top 3 during yesterday's lowest dips..

>low volatility
>stubid investment and trading for whole day

only one point saves my wallet - lp staking and yield farming on YVS Finance. Check it if you don’t wanna risk

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>he doesn‘t know

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EIP 1559 approved. ETH is going back to ATH end of next week

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good job op i've been watching the price go up and down the past couple of weeks anyone could have easily made 1k$ by just selling close to 1550 and bying back around 1440.
unfortunately i'm a poorfag who likes watching lines go up and down

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oh OP.

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Check you out! Making a Johnny Big-Time 10% gain!

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Based retard

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