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$9 waiting atrium

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what the fuck is a defi?

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Should I fomo in? I held off because I thought this was a meme

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Good morning lads

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No room for fomo with this glorious kike coin. Fuck off.

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Entered when it was 4.2$,rode the pump to the 6.1$ and sold everything.
Then that big correction came and only put like 10% on it again.
Nowni regret not sticking with it.
I wonder whats the max price

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I bought at $1. When the fuck do I sell? I know nothing about defi or staking btw.

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Never unless absolutely necessary
If you have at least 1k BNT it's worth staking, go read up

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I have 7k BNT. I feel like such an idiot knowing I could have made money from staking. Where can I learn more about it and is it already too late?

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>tfw holding link instead of bnt

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this but unironically
if you think this is the pump just wait for what's coming
it's top 30 coin sitting at #70 it will do the same thing graph did.

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Nowhere near too late.
The rewards are going to be generous in the LINK and ETH Pools for a year

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also we're not even at the ATH which is extremely bullish

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That's a great stack and will make staking gains quickly anon.

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Honestly boys if we merk uniswap we could be looking closer to $100

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Thank you fren.

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Should I buy now or would it be dumb

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if that happens i coom in my mouth

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tfw holding and staking both

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>tfw getting 380$ in bnt from staking a day at this price level
I'm a poorfag im not used being financially liberated wtf bros

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how much do you have staked?

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Use link as collateral, take out a loan in aave and buy bnt. Stake bnt and use some of your staking gains to pay off loan interest

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About 20k bnt I buyed when it was 1$

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Which pool are you in? I also own 20k bnt and get around 180$ a day

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BNT is easily 5x

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Eth and wbtc
How long have you been staking?

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Poorfag here,
Is it worth staking 100 BNT ? First tx to approve the contract is $8, I can't see the gas fee for the actual staking

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this pump is some real white knuckle shit

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Its ATH was $10 in 2017. We're going to $50 minimum during this run.

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congrats wagmi bro feels pretty crazy lol

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Not worth staking under 1k. You'll just lose money on gas.

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no, 100 bnt is unfortunately a bit low, you will be making back your staking fee (current around $100) for around 120 days assuming 100% apy average. You also have unstaking fee.

Best to wait for arbitrum integration or stack some more bancies, fren

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so comfy im gonna coom