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So as an American there was an option that said "have you ever traded cryptocurrency" and I said yes but I have no fucking clue how to report this shit. So I submitted my tax info and already got my return. Where do I go from here why the fuck is this shit so confusing

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Lmao you fucked up. IRS is going to audit you now if you didn’t submit every sibgle one of your crypto to crypto trades

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dude only report when you cash out. you fucked up now.

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Prepare lube.

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WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO BROS I only made like 5k

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It's over bro. Prepare to see tanks rolling in at the doorsteps of your house.

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guess you're going to jail. there's no amending tax returns.

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holy SHIT dude 5k??

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Cash out meaning transferring to my bank? I’ve only bought and sold using coinbase pro and haven't withdrawal anything yet.

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Five fucking thousand? Do you know the fucking hellfire you've brought upon your home? You're getting 20-25 years MINIMUM. They might let you off easy with ~10 years if you turn yourself in. Good luck.

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Might as well have submitted a picture of your buthole along with your tax info since you're inviting the IRS to raw dog the fuck out of you.

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anyone suggesting you're going to get audited is a LARPing retard. if you didn't cash out and only sold a few thousand on coinbase, literally no one will care. but report your profits when you cash out.

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I didn't sell at all just did uniswap and bsc shitcoin trades

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Look up how they caught Al Capone. Taxes. Why do you think everyone wants to see trump's tax returns so much. I honestly hope you put that shit in Monero to stay untraceable because you might get your wages garnished once they realize what you did. Best of luck

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>land of the free

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rest in peace dude

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Conflux is a good hold then I assume, if you don't sell

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If you havent suicided already, I'd ask you to leave me some, but I dont want that tax burden. You brought down the wrong kind of heat.