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Alright I’m listening. Why should I spend my stimmy on this?

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Don't. I really don't care. I put all my money in it months ago and FUDers are broke while I'm rich. Never selling. Never. Not 10 years from now. Not when it 1000Xes because 1000X is just the beginning. This is the future. This is the thing that will come along and reshape our society. Changes that will be effected on a literal global and international scale. The complete reworking of the US and global economy. The abolition of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon. The end of banks as we know it.

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Nothing is gonna stop the future though, so I'm done selling it. That's what I've learned. "Nothing is gonna stop the future" at this point. Technology is like a freight train rolling along and FUDers and normies are like flies hitting the windshield thinking they can stop it.

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only 1400 ADA?
LOL ngmi

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because normies who don't understand market cap will fomo in seeing its price compared to eth and btc. The amount of idiots on this board ive seen crap on this coin for that very reason... it is true though so why not buy it if you actually believe thats the only reason its mooned? Stimulus money is going to bring in new bloods who dont know what they are doing... Forgot use case and ask yourself "if i was a normie what would I fomo into?'' and then buy that. I swear the amount of retards who bitch because their "superior'' coin didn't moon... this whole market is fuel'd by speculation.

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This is next level bait. I’m impressed.

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To be fair market cap isn’t the end all be all for potential price..

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>Muh market cap
Keep seething
We are going to $50000

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sorry if I made it sound like I was fudding, I actually put everything into ada and 4X my money. people who buy because "the use case is great" are idiots its called a speculative market for a reason. I agree ADA will continue to moon purely because the speculation around it.

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If market cap was a good indicator of what the best investment was then BTC and ETH would have been shitty investments for the last decade. Obviously that's not the truth. So this is extremely dumbass logic masquerading as "smart person thoughts"

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Don't it has a stupid name

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So what’s your take? Do you think we will live to see a $1,000 ADA?

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I sold ADA went into HBAR right move?

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No, unless Charles starts burning.
If ADA had the same Market Cap as ETH right now it'd only be $6
I'll be doing that in a year ADA into HBAR and/or ALGO

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If the project does what it is supposed to do then yes. You'll see it transform everything. This technology.......people here don't understand, this can be SO much bigger than the fucking internet itself and more transformative to our society.
It will change everything, man.
This will be the single biggest social transformation out society has ever seen if it actually works. Which based on what we are seeing now, I mean it looks like it DOES actually work.

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That where this is stupid though, assuming the market cap is gonna stay the same. Lol. What was the BTC market cap 10 years ago? Lol. See why this is dumb logic?
When the RIGHT crypto comes along that makes DeFi accessible to the public (which is what Cardano purports to do) it will cause the market cap in this entire space to skyrocket.......except for the devastation caused by the crash of BTC, which will be inevitable in such a scenario)

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if the bible was written in haskell, jesus would still be alive

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The obvious next 1000x.

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ADA will hit a higher Market Cap than ETH and ADA prevents hardforking which means coin bought today can only go up.

Problem is even a $5 ADA will take years to be realized.

A great price ride but it'll stagnate now.

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>partnership with Shopify
>partnership with Bondly Finance
>future partnership with PayPal
>partnership with SingularityNET

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Utopian pump and dump, the most deluded kind. You really have to chug the Kool-Aid with this one.

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You aren't fully wrong in that all market caps will go up so a 500B mc on ADA is achievable the only problem with this is once you start getting into the Trillions, the "play" money is gone, and its going to take real serious money years to get a 2T and so on.

There are a lot of comfy holds in Crypto that can't go down but a 10x from here is years away.

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Well, my opinion is that you don't fully appreciate the true breadth of the possibilities that this technology presents. Very few do seem to. Most people don't seem to understand the precipice of the revolution we may be potentially standing upon. And it's alright. It was the same way back in the day with BTC so it's just the same old thing. Nobody ever realizes the stuff that will change everything until everything changes.

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i have 20k ada and im just gonna not pay attention to crypto/prices at all for a few years, and pray

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To pump my bags

Anyway check the hidden divergence, it should indicate a reversal, I'm hoping we pump again soon

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I want to believe anon, I really do. I’ve just been hurt so many times before.

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You should definitely be staking if you aren’t already while you do that.

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Look nobody can know what is going to happen with it 100% unless you're psychic.
OK, but look at what Ethereum is. Look at all of the demand for it. Look at the potential of it IF the network wasn't cracking under stress.
The world needs this technology. There is insatiable demand for it. When the world needs something and has insatiable demand for it then that thing is a good thing to invest in.

The problem with ADA is the whole "vaporware" argument. Which was more true up until a few days ago when the Mary hardfork went live, but whatever. Anyway it's still semi-true. Thing is that anyone who invests in something big is investing in something that doesn't exist yet. Anyone who invests in a new technology is investing in something that does not exist or is not refined yet. I mean, if you're getting in on the ground floor, that is true.

Yeah, anyway. I don't know. I'm not here to sell it. I really don't care at this point. I used to argue with people about it, but I don't want to anymore. Nobody needs to buy it.

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yup staking in daedalus, thanks

please pay my mortgage charles, I believe in you

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>buying Reddit coin

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You shouldn't. You should wait for $STAK release.

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Checked buy cardanos its got the best tech and over 100 science paper!!

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Guys, I need help with staking.
Staking my ADA in Daedalus wallet for 3 epochs now but I don't see any rewards.
Not a fraction of ADA was added to my stack.
Will the rewards be confirmed once I stop staking, or how does it work?

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why would anyone invest in this megalomaniacal creepy faggot?

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dude there's a 15 day wait time, to discourage constant pool hopping i guess

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Why would you save that picture if you hate him so much

Anyway, can I buy the NFT for that pic off you? I'm willing to pay 12 ETH

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23 & you have a deal charles

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by my intermedate calculations, it is a safe steady bet. gl

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If you stacked right at the start of a new epoch, you have to wait up to 20 days to see your reward

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it really is cozy

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I saved that picture like a month ago and I only just noticed the fleshlight/dildo on the bed lmao

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First one takes a while, then it's every 5 days after.

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The choices are invest in some autist who fucks hookers or a skelly that molests children.

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Oh im sorry, what have you accomplished again?

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charles is no autist - he's a charlatan
gavin wood is the child molester
skelly lives in your head rent free
skelly, pedo and cz already won
maybe ada will come out of vaporware eras in 2024
>hodl the line
>apes together strong
>diamond hands

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way more than kike scammer ben

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you shouldn't. Buy FTM instead.

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Unless ADA pull a product out their ass by the 25th March there will already be a platform offering easily accessible DeFi to the normal masses.... If you want to make a big change, you need to be first.

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>Redditor ghostchain that's even release
>Literal IOU's from a jew
You might as well invest in XRP if you're looking for obvious scams.

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Started staking 26th February. When should I expect rewards added to my stack?

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>made by the dude who made ethereum
>lightning fast transactions
>name is a palindrome
what's not to love?

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it's called fantom because it's a ghost

learn english you street shitter

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Invest it into OMI instead

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its called fantom because it'll haunt you if you don't invest in it

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ADA you brainlet

name 1 (one) thing fantom does better than ADA, I'll wait till I become a fantom

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it goes up faster than ada. ez

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Because every dumb nigger will do the same.

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>only when it works
FTM can't even rip of PNK properly

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idk what pnk is. It just makes money and that's all I care about. ADA is the LINK, not ETH. It will crab forever

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What is best place for me to stacking my ADA???

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You're not wrong anon. Still hodling.

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my wallet sir plis i make you rich

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its easy, it had a nice correction, and it is ready to go up. stage 3 coming soon. $5 eoy

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>You really have to chug the Kool-Aid with this one.
So this is what millions of redditors will be buying? BRB before they buy it.

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Being serious, I am holding roughly 30.000 of them and would like to do stacking, if it will generate more for me

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>chug the kool aid

Yeah thats why greyscale and FD7 have acquired multi-million dollar positions in the #4 crpto by volume, its just a pump and dump bro, don't buy

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Checked but you literally have the wrong coin LMAO!!!

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So what does a true & epic 4channer like yourself buy?

P.S. we never forget !! xD

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Download, transfer, stake. Yoroi is an alternative wallet, but Daedalus is the official Cardano wallet.

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grab one of the official wallets and it will give you the option. desu because i day trade i stake on binance. just let it sit there for 30 days and collect 8% apy. you can stake 60 or 90 days for higher apy, but i want to have it available in case i need to sell

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