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Dear anons/bizinessmen.

For the first time in my life I would like to genuinely thank you guys, thank you for shilling HOGE.
In the last hour alone I already made +6% of profits.
My only fucking regret is being such a poor asshole I can't buy more. At the end of the month I will definitely buy a lot more.
So those who are going to hate on this heartfelt thank you note, why not just sell your HOGE stack if you hold any at all so I can buy them for cheap.

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Btw my dear fellow HOGMEN, 0,01 CENT WHEN !?

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Those first few HOGE threads were so comfy. The constant fud in the latter ones was so frustrating and then it finally seemed like it dumped. I held onto some hope though, and it's paying off in a way I could have never dreamed. Thanks to all the real ones on here who held along the way.

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lmao, where are the sneed posters now?
I bought 85M on the first day. Ain't sold nothing.

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I hate to say this, but the Hoge Finance subreddit, while infested with faggoty mannerisms, has the comfy ness of those early threads. WAGMI :)

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I sold two bitcoins at 58k to buy into HOGE cause I thought it would pump and dump. But it didn't. And I held. I am now set for life.

I just want to thank all of you magnificent niggers for shilling as well. Cheers, cunts.

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I sold 1b for 4 eth a few days ago. I want to rope myself.

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wtf i thought this was a worse pnd than doge? why the fuck is it mooning?

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Went in $200 pre first pump that month ago, loved the comfy initial general threads and tried to keep some going throughout the flatline because I knew this coin had it.
Now I've got nearly 10k in HOGE and idk what the fuck to do, the ceiling on this is really uncertain.
What's certain is a saw a wholesome side of /biz/ and made a couple of friends along the way, as well as the first significant gains of my life.
Thanks HOGE bros, WAGMI.

Also I'm open to advice on how to handle these gains, I'm sweating.

Also rate my scuffed NFT

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How much money do you have now?

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I have roughly 116000000000 HOGE (a little more than that) but for the sake of simple math we'll keep it at a round number.

17,400,000 USD

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How did you know? Are you going to sell?

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If it jumps to .00019, I'll have 22 million dollars.

I'm waiting for .00025 or .00030

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So should I buy in now?

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I don't know, man, do you want to make money?

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Yeah but when is it gonna dump? Why don't you hold to 1cent?

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Buy. It's only going up and there are more, bigger listings yet to come. Exchanges will want to sell this now because volume is exploding.
This will unironically moon more from here, and soon.
Just buy and hold for a couple weeks, you will be green.

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If it goes to 1 cent, I'll literally have a billion dollars. I don't think God is going to grant me that kind of fortune, and .00025 to .00030 will net me enough money to never need to worry again. Where I'll get to throw my cash around in investments like a cudgel and make out like a bandit as much as I want.

I don't need a billion dollars. I'm not going to press my luck.

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holy shit, for real?

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So sell in two weeks? At . 0003?

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Yeah dude. My hands have been shaking pretty hard for the last few days. I've been wondering if I'll be able to squeeze it out to 30 million and just retire with a nice house and some cars I've wanted since childhood and just keep investing from there. Then I go, "Nah, just cash out now." This is the most indecisive I've ever felt as a human being and I feel like I'm going to vomit constantly but I'm holding strong. I hate le diamond hands plebbit meme, but I'm unironically diamond handing it.

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OP here,

Guys can you just fucking imagine the gains we will all make it this goes mainstream on binance for example.
Hold strong boys !! WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT !!

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Yeah idk what I would do. Maybe sell half or something

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Every time I get the reassurance of someone like >>30382292 I just have my resolve strengthened and I know I can shoot for .0003

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dude just cash out at least half of it, you can still keep some in the market for big gains but you will never regret setting yourself up for life. Imagine the regret if HBAR craters tomorrow and you are back to 6 digits. Is life with 30 million really going to much different from life with 20 million? Not worth the risk IMO but you made the smart investments to get to this point so ultimately its up to you.

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And now >>30382376 as a post is null and void. I think I'm just going to sell lmao.

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I don't have reassurance dude I'm just blindly listening to you. I bought 6 bitcoin in 2015 and only have 275k now despite never selling and making dumb trades, I'm a retard

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You could put that amount in a fund and get 870k a year in interest. Even if you sold half, you'd be getting nearly half a million a year.

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I think you should sell half. You can still retire off that and not rope if it moons or dumps.

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I wont ever buy hoge

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You're doing better than 90% of Bitcoin investors so you have that going for you. You're in the top 10% of BTC investors. I say this as someone who bought up a shit ton of it in 2013.
That's true. I'm just inherently distrustful of funds and stocks because they're rigged by (((them))) so I'm very hesitant about it. A fund isn't a terrible idea.
Thank you, based footfag. Have a hot gook or two.

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Wise decision. Where do I send my invoice for the stellar financial advice I just gave you?

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Literally look at the etherscan for this, the biggest holder has only 2 billion hoge and that's worth 2 million

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[email protected]

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Im stuck on binance smart chain, am sorry frens i shall stay poor

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Dump slowly anon. Respect your fellow HOGEbros and the coin will respect you, it's true and simple.
Take out an amount that would change your life NOW. Like 1 mil, or 2 mil (in increments).
Then watch a fucking fortune build. It won't crash so hard you'll have to rope in any case.
You made it anon. Now it's time to (carefully and respectfully lol) enjoy your riches.


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I'll buy me a few of those one day !!
And I'll thank you guys for it again.

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Sir, the email bounced. Please do the needful. Shall I provide a crypto address? What coin would you like to pay in?

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> whales keep all their coins in one wallet, so it's impossible that anyone holds more coins than there are in any single wallet

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This. I’m glad you are gunna make it, but please don’t tank us in the process.

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While what I said to that anon was true, I also looked at the wallets like >>30382544 and this must be a larp.

Also 43 ETH sell just now.
Anyone looking to FOMO in, this is absolutely the time. Like right this second. It will be eaten, already begun.

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he fucking sold
buy now fuckers

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Of course this anon owns 38% of the entire fucking supply and has is spread out in 80 of the top wallets

Jesus shitcoin holders are so fucking retarded

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Lmao this

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correction, 12%***, but it's still total larp

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Good point. Kinda got that feeling. Good luck chief!

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This one, man. I was a top 10 wallet until yesterday, started selling in small amounts as it pumped up. I plan to keep at least half for longer term. But at least this way you’ll have some money in your pocket in case of the worst, and it’ll keep the coin’s price from being affected too much to further boost your remaining investment.

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Just bought even more fucking HOGE !! Thank you my friend.
May god bless you with a nice little harem full of women to your taste.

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gee maybe everyones buying it because its being shilled like crazy

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Poorfag here, I know I should hang myself but I'm happy I can make a down-payment for a car at least, will hold for another month in case it reaches another zero

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So should you my friend, please tell me you bought a suicide stack in case this coin makes it to the major exchanges?

It is so cheap you Don't have a reason not to buy it, believe me friendo you are not too late to buy in.

Like said earlier imagine it going mainstream and everyone who doesn't even know how to use uniswap starts buying it.

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What app are you using anon ?

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coinbase wallet.

easy to transfer eth to my bank with a card

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if i was in that position I would absolutely dump for the lols. simultaneously making it and causing one of the most based shitcoin rugpulls of all time

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170 monero reporting in to pump

>> No.30384727

gross, nobody likes you and you're actively the reason

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Addressing Liquidity Concerns Community FYI:
- This scary part about new cryptocurrencies is that you may be left holding them, but have nowhere to sell!
- To avoid this problem, the developers of Hoge have "locked liquidity", meaning you always have a place to liquidate your assets.
- The locked liquidity date will be extended for a year, to increase trust and awareness of the token.
- Additionally, by listing on Common Exchanges, Hoge will always have a market if you want to participate.
- Can Uniswap run out of liquidity? Price is calculated based on the amount you want. The remaining HOGE pool literally costs over 1 billion ETH. It won't run out. Prices will keep going up until people don't want to buy.

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I bought cuz of you and now it's dumping

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Lol be patient, expecting to make massive gains in hours is retarded.
This is a big dip, it will be eaten, but slower than previous smaller dips.
Just hold, you'll see. You wanna take my advice that's on you, I made a lot of money on this.
My advice is hold and chill the fuck out. It's simply brand new and going up. Enjoy your imminent gains.

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So is this still time to get in to make moderate gains?

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shitcoin goes up because retards buy coin. maybe i should join the retards

>> No.30385938

pump it

>> No.30385958

Abso fucking lutely
The fun is just starting. People were saying and asking the same shit about doge and we all know how that turned out.

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Remember bois buy the dip. The dip is NOW.
my only fucking regret is not being able to buy more.

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new price floor established, resume up only mode

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>new floor is 0.0001
This shitcoin is giving me a headache. How am I making it with a literal meme coin?

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Etherscan adress?

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Lesson I got here is to never buy at midnight-1am EST.

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If you are buying a coin that is up 7200% in 2 weeks you deserve to not make it. Congrats to those who bought low but buying now is retarded.

>> No.30386845

Its doing 2x everyday lol. I dont see an issue with buying in now. Price target is 1 cent, there are X's to be made

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I dont have any ETH, only LINK, how can I buy HOGE in Uniswap? Thanks folks!

>> No.30386930

Swap Link for ETH. In fact drop your Link even if you don't buy hoge.

>> No.30386951

0 signs of slowing down and we aren't even on coingecko yet.

>> No.30387097

Just cash out a fraction of that slowly and hold onto the rest. This thing still isn't slowing down so best to stay on the ride.

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I'm guessing that anon just miscounted his holdings kek

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What exchange

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Swap eth for hoge and profit.

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