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>Will become the First Blockchain Bank.
>Will be the most profitable bank
>Will be the bridge for those who don’t care
Why haven’t you invested in the base? Also, why aren’t you sitting on AT LEAST 100k GRT?
pic unrelated

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Don't we already have crypto banks?
coinbase isn't even an exchange yet

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"First Blockchain Bank."
You're retarded. Kraken is already registered as a bank.

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100k grt? ffs, that's overkill isn't it? you have 1,000 BTC richie rich. GTFO

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IPO’s are a scam. Never buy an ipo

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Hahahaha youre money should be going into bnt fuck GRT shit tier returns

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Exactly this. Fuck Wall Street hate CB for goijg to Wall Street

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Cryptos insured? Fully regulated? Chosen by glowies? Secure enough for normies?
That will be the base.
See first reply
I wrote at least 100k - at least
Coinbase will essentially own the jewgle of blockchain. They will be the massive on-ramp we need for normies who want nothing to do with the responsibility of their digital assets. In a way that suits them. Base will hold their hands and make everything easy and seamless across the graph. No pun intended.
Also, do they have arbitrators to represent the owner of addresses? They will be required for this to work. Again, normies don’t want to think.
$12.00 EOY cap this
Watch what happens

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are those 2020 batcoins in the blue box?
i love those little niggas like you wouldn't believe

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why doesn't coinbase have a token? I'd buy that shit in a millisecond

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Yes. NEVER breaking the seal and NEVER selling! Do you hear me?! ...
Yeah, me too.
That will make this IPO one of a kind. It WILL be tokenized. And shares in token form will come with several benefits, I suspect.

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feels comfy. All the shitcoins shilled here anymore. Desperate victims of rugs still chasing PnDs
This thread..perhaps it is best for it to die quickly. I should be fudding instead. So be it. Goodbye - see you starside

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>he isn’t fondling them
Also, how do you know they’re even there if you didn’t check?
Enjoy your 500 ozt of rocks

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I hope not. Let coinbase stay the first blockchain Schwab or something.
Gemini is legitimately a better custodian
Huh that's gemini right this second

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That's nice and all, but can i have the boxes with shinies in your pic instead please fren? :3

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every single ipo tanks like two weeks after it launches. who the fuck are these for anyway

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Nice silver anon

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Why did they not go the tokenization route?

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fuck GRT, my AAVE doing a little something. 2k EOY

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Cause crypto is gay

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>That will make this IPO one of a kind. It WILL be tokenized. And shares in token form will come with several benefits, I suspect.

that's a regulatory nightmare

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