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Previously, on /XSG/: >>30361372

Americans can still buy XRP on Uphold or Bitrue
or on the XRP ledger https://xrptoolkit.com/trade
or on XUMM app (with USD IOU's from Bitstamp)
XUMM instructions https://postimg.cc/LqLWr0mn

>Flare Finance PUBLIC BETA:
>BETA Preparation:

>Ripple’s Response to SEC Lawsuit:
>Lawyer Explains:

>Flare (FLR) Overview:
>Bitrue vs Poloniex FLR:
>Flare vs Ethereum:

>Flare Finance Intro:
>Flare Finance FAQ:
>Flare Finance Wiki:

>XRP Ledger:
>XRP Charts:
>XRP Richlist:


https://twitter.com/PRX113 [Mr. Pool archives]

>The Myth of Market Cap:

>Past /XSG/ Threads:

>What wallet do I use?
Hot storage - XUMM, Exodus or TrustWallet
Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/Trezor
Droplet is a scam.
Remember, WAGMI.

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RILEY: "No, what matters is that he shouldn't have had a counterfeit $20. Listen to me, Gates says there's an obscure digital currency named after the Egyptian god Thoth that will be worth two thousand United States dollars. Yeah, I know 'Zerps' is a stupid name. Look, I need you to cross the street and buy me some from that KYC exchange. Because Coinbase is down, you little n—know what, I'll give you this bag of Skittles: I got them from my old friend Trayvon."

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Never stop.
Not even when it's /UHNWI/ general.

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Is it too late to buy XRP? I have 3K USD to spend

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This isn't a thrill of the hunt coin.
This is all about fundamentals, groundwork and utilization.

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Nope, go all in, there's still time.

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Now or wait unit it drops a bit??

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Christ Is King. 2k EOY.

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So what does this shitcoin actually do?

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Cross border payments and On Demand Liquidity.

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Ur mom

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Buy before Sleepy Joe pump. Buy physical silver as well.

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holy shit fuck this fucking coin
pice of shit does nothing but dump and dump and then dumps even more

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when do you think silver price will poompa?

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Can't every coin do that?

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Yup. Sell any xrp you have and never buy any more

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on demand liquidity is a Ripple patent. Cross-border payment probably *could* be done by other coins, but not as well. The magic of the XRPL is it's speed and cost for a transaction. It's promising to the point that banks are actively signing agreements with Ripple as we speak to create their own Central Banking Stable Coin on a private offshoot of the XRP ledger which will use XRP as a neutral bridge asset

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I find there are no more rooms where one can speak.

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The standard? The standard for what?

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Bleeds sats when btc dumps. bleeds sats when btc pumps. JUST.

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sell before its too late, token not needed, xrpl forked

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standard of bleeding sats and missing bullruns

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I want to fomo in with my 4k usd real good.
Is there any dip soon? Please XSG bros be real with me..

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yeah next week we'll be under .20

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i tethered at 47c when should i buy back?

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Ive followed XRP alot lately, what makes you say that?

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I'm using this stimmy to buy resources for the riots that are going to happen and to protect myself against niggers.
>Sanitary wipes.
>Dog food.
>Bullet proof vest.
>Lil xrp.
>Knifes in minecraft.

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i can feel it in my shits

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what makes you think riots will happen

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Hyperinflation that is going to make the world economy crash 10x and ebt failing.

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>knifes in Minecraft

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Flare needs to announce a launch date already. we need some positive news.

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Feds browse these threads, you should know this. Everything I post is about Minecraft.

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damn I love minecraft

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This. Buy and send XRP and then buy and send BTC, report back results on speed, efficiency, and cost. See if it won't make a believer out of you then.

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sell before it's too late, token not needed, xrpl spooned.

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did that faggot from the last thread actually report me

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Frens, Im bored.. Wheres all my larpers at? I wanna read the most recent posts.

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I'm very happy that the pro Trump flags finally went away or stopped the bullshit.
I'm not against Trump, I supported him both elections, but it was clear as water he had nothing to do with it, and at most fought or ignored it.

I mean, try to see it through the eyes of someone who doesn't believe any of the following theories
>Trump will bring us to the gold standard and revitalize the economy
>Trump will dump all the dollars on the federal reserve and make ripple the reserve currency (dabs on Jerome Powell XD)
>America "owns the internet" and is a leader in tech this it supports ripple against China's BTC and ETH (even though China became ISO2022 compliant before the US did, and parts of to are already making BTC illegal
>Trump will use the NWO plan against them XD
>Constant "TRUMP WON, Q IS REAL, DEEP STATE CCP IS ALREADY KILL" even though there's more evidence of the opposite

I'm glad this is all gone and it's mostly a singularly now. BTW, you CANNOT convince me these narratives we're made in here to keep people out,some of the shit was so ludicrous it beat any FUD by a mile, these delusional days are finally gone.

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In all honestly if we're still crabbing by June I might just fall to despair.

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Hugo said in the latest podcast they are pushing for june


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Really need the XRPL to spoon me. Lonely nights these past few have been...

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The acceptance of their slavery is finally upon us

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>In all honestly if we're still crabbing by June I might just fall to despair.
XRP will crab, 0.46$ is too high
Have patience and XRP will explode

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If XRP is still crabbing by June (big if) then we'll at least see a leap from Flare, set to release in June, which will allow XRP owners to create static income by staking tokens. So don't give up on June

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It's a very profitable defeat, idk why not shut up and take it

I know it's all about evil winning or whatever and it's hard to swallow but it is what it is

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At the end of the day, Trump was on their side the whole time. The elites want to destroy the economy to convert their agenda so they put on a show for themselves because they are sick in the head. They can easily convert now and benefit all of mankind with all their technology but they want us dead. We're just early so we get to benefit but its doesn't feel good at times knowing the connections that were connected. Its not their fault to be honest, maybe we can blame them for spicing the food and the air but at the end of the day everyone put them into power. Trump has a big ass zerp bag and so does every high ranked elite as well. Everything is a psyop and society has been rigged for a very long time now. We'll just have to wait and see what will happen with China and with the Navy/whitehats but for now this will be the system we'll just have to be in, a show for the circus and we're all just the clowns. For now (and always) its good to be one with Christ and to spread his word after moon and to build the next generation the correct way.

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Based trips. Don't worry friend soon you'll have enough money that you can be spooned all you want by just about whoever you want.

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I live in a country that have some restricted gun laws, and they are pretty expensive, so I do have knives, brassknuckles and one nunchaku. Hope everything's gonna be okay tho... I don't want people to suffer.

>> No.30383794

I don't want people to suffer either but 60% of them are retard animals & 40% are beta cucks/midwitts. All people can do now is rely on the government and complain because they have been programmed too so when the government's current strongest asset fails what are they going to do? Its good to be prepared and the only good result is if they convert digitally with UBI instantly after the dollar crashes and burns but they want to see what happens first so I don't have high hopes. Good luck anon.

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any day now

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Realistically price increase next year when the lawsuits resolved?

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Any opinions on the fucking reptilian body posted and stickied in /X, the first ever post important enough to be stickied that wasn't Art Bells death?

Is it fake bros?

>> No.30384129

That's true, people are truly brainless. I tried to warn friends about the corona shots, but they made fun of me... Hope that I'm wrong and they don't die. Let's get /fit/ and sharpen our martial arts skills.

>> No.30384159

so when's the next court date ? This has turned into such a shit show and could drag on for a long time like some predicted. I mean do we have any other catalyst coming up for price movement besides flare launch?

>> No.30384162

the hyperinflation black swan will hit before then most likely. if you can't swift or ach USD there are only so many candidates that are set up to immediately step in.

>> No.30384245

Based /x/ cross-poster. I saw this too yesterday. No idea what it could be, I don't even see the body

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Look at these post numbers....

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Barely a schizo anymore..

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>he has little legs
>moon phase calendar
I think more than ever that DS is BG. BG's moon phase bells. Last time BG tweeted it was within the same minute as DS.

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Can you feel it?

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>Let's get /fit/ and sharpen our martial arts skills.

A must, all schizos should try night running.

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Last Quarter Moon.
Full Moon
Waxing Crescent

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i question the OP picture used
delete and attempt again

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I'm sorry that first one is First Quarter Moon, which we will be in on March 21st. Full moon on March 28th.

>> No.30385226

why joel katz

>> No.30385252

When is the waxing crescent?
April 4th?

>> No.30385341

XRPChiz is such a G

>> No.30385386

He used the internet back when everyone had usernames/fake identities. Joel is Stimpy's (from ren and stimpy) middle name or first name and he's a cat.

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Lord Jesus please save me from this slavery. I don’t want to go to work anymore, it’s fucking Sunday.

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> gods simple proof
> xrp go go go

2k EOY confirmed.

>> No.30385799

we are all one in wanting to escape this gay clown world

>> No.30385894

Both India and China have talked about or taken small steps toward limiting or banning Bitcoin now.

>> No.30385949

Looks like waxing crescent starts around April 14th
beautiful. wagmi.

>> No.30385990

lol this guy wants to make it

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Could also be reversed since bg123 has used the Masonic law of reversal before (321yugelbaraeb)
Waning Crescent 3/10 = 13
Full Moon 3/28 = 13
Last Moon 4/4/2021 = 13
3 13’s

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wow, literally a biological female epic style

>> No.30386181

So the 03/03 04/04 and 05/05 dates were the real ones?

>> No.30386344

very good point friend that makes a lot of sense

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Not sure fren but I think March and April have the most memedates potential

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I've never wanted to punch someone so hard like I want to with this normie uneducated faggot.

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Don’t let the negative energy get to you fren. The normie NPCs can’t see what’s right in front of them. IYKYK WAGMI

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cover your nose to protect yourself from the stinkies and get comfy

>> No.30387050

he's right though, with the private fork, xrp is useless

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female bill gates is hot

>> No.30387206

Honestly what is up with this meme date shit? I’m starting to think it’s some kind of meta FUD to get people discouraged. Seriously why put a date on it we all know it’s an insanely good coin it’ll happen when it happens

>> No.30387329

>XRP *SCHIZO* General
This general would’ve never existed without memedates. Personally I find it fun to connect dots and speculate but the problem lies in people who take memedates as fact or fall for larps

>> No.30387349

China is understandable, but isn't India a free country?

>> No.30387369

pls explian why this is false? 13k stacklet here

>> No.30387459

this is how you know he's a normal human

>> No.30387631

Plzzz number go up I need dopamine I don’t want to wage anymore

>> No.30387875

c o n s o l i d a t i n g

>> No.30387917

I'm not familiar enough with Indian politics to give you a good answer on that, but it's conceivable that any country could legislate against it by abusing anti-terrorism laws, or turning public sentiment against it for how wasteful it is in terms of energy usage. It doesn't fit with the idea of the green economy being promoted in developed nations. China's regime can take much more direct action, as it appears they're beginning to do in Inner Mongolia.

>> No.30388160

fck this bastards! if they do think im so stupid to follow their links for a scam, they will fucking die from schizo
we don’t need your shitcon when we have the upcoming graphene airdrop, lol. the only fucking way to get graphene is the distribution

>> No.30388379

Did that spam bot/pajeet just say die from schizo?

>> No.30388499



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>die from schizo

>> No.30388687

The only people getting Fudded by memedates are people who don't know how to play with ideas without investing their identity into them. I've probably shared like 5 memedates over the course of xsg without actually believing any of them personally or investing my identity into the dates.
I just find the connections interesting and share my thoughts. This is entertainment.

>> No.30388777

I believe every meme date but besides one back in November I've never been disappointed when it didn't happen. Hope for the moon, prepare for another day of wagecucking.

>> No.30388800

Based and checked

>> No.30388853


>> No.30388860

Based and double checked.

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>> No.30388894

You must not be a whale

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>> No.30388962

Yeah I think the November date may have been a learning experience for many of us.
If someone hasn't learned by now that we're just ultimately 100% all in on fundamentals, and most of our time here is just about making the wait more meaningful and less boring and lonely, then they deserve the fud coming to them.

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Dates are irrelevant. Would you rather watch an anticipated movie knowing the script from start to finish or have a more fulfilling experience being taken along for a ride?

>> No.30389204


absolutely based on facts

>> No.30389206

Coming here has made me be able to read people’s minds, hear voices, become obsessed with money in a way I never was before, change my phone number, disappear across state lines, sell all of my belongings to the point where I live in a studio with an air mattress but I’m a top bag holder. I talk to my old friends, still chasing the dreams of art and music, still waging. It feels more and more distant to me now. When we speak, I tell them obscure defi protocols instead of the latest dj drama like they are used to. I made the mistake of even letting them back in, but I’m lonely. The creative drive is still there. Music changed to writing. I tell myself I’ll use the money to manifest all my dreams and hold the reigns of my industry. But quite frankly I never needed money to do that. I went to the big cities. I was that guy. I don’t understand what I’m becoming. Some type of new elite. Jester of the technocracy. Symbiotic phaedran Sophia manifestation light bearer of Thoth

>> No.30389384
File: 43 KB, 718x540, 1614695904982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the return of Troll, the king of memes.


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Absolutely based and synchronicity pilled. Only YOU know who are you are and your souls truth. It sounds like you're becoming someone that's in this world but not completely of it. Like being a zoo, not in the enclosure but simply watching the events of the enclosure unfold while animals acquiesce to their controlled environment. Simply BE-ing in divine order and exercising your free will as a creator is the ultimate freedom in the world of Caesar. It's certainly an interesting journey when one comes to that truth. Friends, situations, circumstances and in my case family have become distant and disconnected. This isn't just a coin, this is purpose and we're all here in service and raising the vibration of gaia in light.

>> No.30389684

Gold is the future, diamonds are BOND. Makes no sense right.. iykyk

>> No.30389694
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Absolutely true. I have also shared moon dates I do not believe like the one in this thread. Then another anon offered a more sensible explanation off of what I said.
In here completely on fundamentals and could never be fudded by a meme date.

This is a relaxing video I'm currently watching.

>> No.30389707

800 threads of this

wow, just wow

>> No.30389760

Imagine these threads have been around for around a year, but you've had to live several multiple times that length as a faggot

>> No.30389908

Better hedge copper.

>> No.30389962

Silver fags btfo. Do you not realize Biden will use Chinese tier scams to boost the dollar?

>> No.30389978

Thanks friend. Screenshotted for reference. Brought me some clarity

>> No.30390034

Pink Moon was such a fucking brilliant album. I hope you make it, fren

>> No.30390059

Why will this explode? This has formed into a cult

>> No.30390290

i still drink koolaid as an adult
i buy XRP
i believe in God
simple as

>> No.30390409

It truly is fren and of course I hope you make it too.
From the Morning is my favorite on Pink Moon
It appears mattyg has gone full schizo if he hadn't already.

>> No.30390449
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anyone else buy because of keemstars keemstonks youtube channel

>> No.30390487

Keemstar bought because of XSG lol.

>> No.30390512
File: 55 KB, 745x481, 5D8065F2-6C32-40CE-9D7C-6F5BA0D3EF00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only buy because of this man

>> No.30390536

I bought because of Austin steinbart

>> No.30390614

I bought because im jewish and am heeding the calls of my ancestors

>> No.30390820
File: 1.02 MB, 3641x2048, 1601743993949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. I ain't no jew, but my ancestor are jews from the Switzerland (which makes me double jew), and ever since I became interested in gold and silver and buying it, and also wearing a silver ring, I felt like I connected to my ancestors and they called me to buy some XRP. Soon we will be rulling the goyim real good hehe.

>> No.30390939

huh, didn't know that there were silver Buffalo's

>> No.30391127
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fuck he's in XRP??? god fucking damn it, makes me wanna sell

Anyway ...

>be me
>buy XRP
>come to XSG since thread #100 at least once a week
>"it's gonna moon, 2k soon, baba said so anon"
>check XSG #800
>check XRP price
>check XRP news
>feel despair as nothing ever really happens
>sigh and blast Wheel of Time by Blind Guardian, screaming the lyrics
>faith restored

What the fuck am I even doing I just keep acoomulating, but I still have faith for whatever reason. Here's to give you some faith scared schizos


>> No.30391139

What's with all this ME war by the way? Didn't Trump sign peace agreements? Did the timelines shift or was it just necessary for the game?

>> No.30391175

You are unironically incredibly early

>> No.30391353
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This song also makes me wanna accoom and hodl harder.

>> No.30391416
File: 12 KB, 236x213, 1613602222224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and disturbedpilled

2k EOY faggots waiting for the flippenning

>> No.30391607
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Post accoomcore


Inb4 Someone calls me a basic bitch

>> No.30391792

when banks are successfully using xrpl corporations will want to get on board, they will not use the private banking ledger, they will use the public one meaning xrp will be used to facilitate a huge amount of transactions.

>> No.30391804

watch frinkcoin

>> No.30391839
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>pink moon


>> No.30391856
File: 62 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8031-07a4da3f313f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these threads have been pretty slow all day

>> No.30391981
File: 85 KB, 860x499, 411-4118058_apu-apustaja-hug-hd-png-download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the weekend. People are living their lives fren you should do that too. Go outside, workout, cook a healthy meal, talk to a friend. I'm just here while I drink my morning coffee.

>> No.30392025
File: 37 KB, 976x631, mattyg schizoids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It appears mattyg has gone full schizo if he hadn't already.

He knows!

>> No.30392117
File: 38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i failed nofap on december 21st when we were going into the portal to the good timeline causing a blackhole to tear our universe a new asshole and dumping us into this nightmare biden timeline

>> No.30392164

> I don’t understand what I’m becoming. Some type of new elite.

Ascetic-aristocracy on the edge of time.

>> No.30392219
File: 732 KB, 1200x1000, 1605603250705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I failed on the december 27, I think, anon... I feel that way too. I'm going strong since then now, hope WAGMI.

>> No.30392230
File: 187 KB, 1220x1092, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys play minecraft too?!?! I'll give you 5xrp each if you will come play at my server:

>> No.30392336

What made you want to buy xrp? Explain fully.

>> No.30392589

I failed today after going for two days

>> No.30392628

heck I'll play for free

>> No.30392635

Also banks may not trust each other enough to use their respective private ledgers to settle, since those could be tampered with. Each central bank would have an internal ledger comprised of member bank validators. The central and member banks transact here since each is a validator, which keeps it tamperproof. However, instead of a central bank transacting on another central banks ledger, they could transact on the public XRPL since that is more tamper proof, and since central bank A is not a validator in central bank Bs ledger.

>> No.30392649

Kek. Yeah I should stop being a coomer, but, I doubt that's what is holding us back.

Tell you what, I'll no fap for a big coom on Sunday, and entire week... Lets see what happens. ;)

>> No.30392668

what if i say that it was literally memes and digits

>> No.30392756
File: 195 KB, 1079x459, Screenshot_20210222-020459_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30392821

Sounds legit, we always have the best digits!
And memes.

>> No.30392843

>I know it's all about evil winning or whatever and it's hard to swallow but it is what it is
evil will not win
evil cannot win
dumb glownigger

>> No.30392879

Evil or good winning, XRP is the best anyway

>> No.30392912

is it still suicide stack 25k + 100k make it?

>> No.30392956

It never was

>> No.30393002
File: 33 KB, 696x483, Jed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*dumps on you*
Nothing personnel, kid.

>> No.30393007

Are you kidding me, do you even know what you're holding is this a joke?

>> No.30393043

yes, if keemstar can buy 1 million xrp you should need atleast 100k aka a tenth of his stack

>> No.30393064

Evil never wins.

If evil won, you'd see the evidence of it around you, ie, you wouldn't exist and everything would collapse. If evil ever actually won, by the way, I mean at "the end of the cycle win"...... then everything would be destroyed and all would collapse until God recreates everything again and we do it all over again.

Simple. As.

>> No.30393073

1k suicide. 2k make it. 10k make it even more comfortably. 50k 9 figure club (pre tax). 100k fuck you money (even post tax.)

>> No.30393108

He put over 200k for that stack. Not everyone has 200k to just throw around like that.

>> No.30393129

no i do not
something about transferring money

>> No.30393135 [DELETED] 

Anon check out this gem.

$MCM Mochimo
> Quantum Proof
> Scalable and Fast
> Decentralized and Fair
>Price going crazy right now =)))

>> No.30393194

Is kind of confusing, Christ’s chosen coin and all and then God lets a third rate youtube influencer get a ridiculous bag but shrug maybe he’s secretly based or something

>> No.30393210

>literally memes and digits
You exactly the type of a sophisticated investor /xsg/ is looking for!

Welcome the Club, King.

>> No.30393219

i hope it's true. going to see a whole lot more anons make it if it goes that crazy.

>> No.30393244

>no i do not
Should probably look into it then.

>> No.30393338

Keemstar is a glowie or is in contact with glowies. He has shit on the "4chinz autists" but is obviously a schizo, if you yourself have a schizo sense.

We'll see what side he takes once moon. But I'm pretty sure he's just suppressing his power level, Keemstar lurks here, baba too. Trump as well, even Biden probably. You guys really think that ONLY the intelligence agencies are here? Lol no. Everyone, EVERYONE watches what we say, if they're a somebody. And even the well off nobodies too, and as far as the power of this site..... well the entire planet feels its influence.

4chan is fortune.

>> No.30393460


This is really fucking stupid I hope you understand that

>> No.30393465

shizo time, xrp, xmr, spark, algo and bat

>> No.30393722
File: 38 KB, 681x382, 1611825272266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

memes, digits and don't forget the dot-connecting and conspiracy theories. key to the XSG mythos are the beliefs that:

-XRP has already secretly been adopted by the world financial system

-This secret adoption is part of a decades or perhaps centuries-long progression towards a global unified political and economic system

-The creation of a world digital currency is a key cornerstone of The Great Reset, which is the public-facing name given to the debut of this global system

-The powers behind or underlying this plan or Great Work are Masonic and Luciferian in nature, and therefore possibly connected to age-old struggles for power and influence between shadowy factions of elites

-These elites may or may not be connected to the religious and mythological origins of mankind among the stars as well as other important sectors of human development, notably architecture, politics and science

-By investing in XRP, therefore, the conscientious /xsg/ member acknowledges that he (because let's be real, there are no girls on 4chan) is voluntarily taking part in this decentralized, distributed conspiracy. In this sense, /XSG/ is part of a wider ARG or Alternate Reality Game, the gameboard of which is as large as the world and as diffuse as the internet, with every person, object and piece of information potentially constituting a player or a game piece

-XSG is one of the main loci of gameplay in the XRP ARG, but there are others, mainly located on social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube and Reddit (and perhaps other social media networks for other demographics). One of the main functions of gameplay is answering riddles posed by influencers, another is connecting new pieces of news into the already-existing constellation of information and meaning

-Besides the players/investors, the main players in this ARG are the Riddlers, the Influencers, the Ripple employees, and the Institutions. These interact in different ways and across different media.

>> No.30393773

Can DIA hire me for UI sounds/ electronic music culture jamming/ hypertext cut up writer already

>> No.30393849

Stfu glow so bright nobody believes in args it’s the cringiest attempt at a psyop at least make it believable. Have you ever in your life met anyone, literally anyone who actually makes ARGs? Conceptual art is like postmodern ringtone music in galleries nobody makes ARGs

>> No.30393932

yes, eventually
thanks fren

>> No.30394008

>he doesnt know its an ARG

>> No.30394017

So whats te deal you guys expect this to go up when the lawsuit is over?

>> No.30394103

we moon with /XSG/ #888 (to $1 then dump and crab or not at all)

>> No.30394179
File: 2.37 MB, 2560x2560, 1609982776473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you have a background in art? that's pretty cool.

you don't think Q was an ARG? then why did Flynn, McChrystal, and fucking Paul Vallely (Aquino's co-author on MindWar) sign off on it? Seems pretty real to me.

>> No.30394274
File: 69 KB, 473x872, 1615092994199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah probably. maybe not like immediately but pretty soon yeah. it's starting to get used.

>> No.30394288
File: 239 KB, 500x667, 1615079831084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

flare is gonna be 3 digits, not xrp

>> No.30394311

When is the lawsuit over 21 march?

>> No.30394377

thats why I said you should atleast have 100k, if you unironically dont have 40k to drop you shouldn't be gambling on crypto

>> No.30394475

o-ok buddy

>> No.30394534

Well at the highest levels you are not hired. You are scouted, and if you ever sort of rise up, or in special occasions you will be contacted.... then you will be approached, by multiple parties most likely mind you, and you'll basically become "an influencer" if you want to go the music route.

Basically, you're now an agent, a new piece on the multidimensional chess game, and accepting ANY offer inherently is allowing (by their karmic mindset, and good in effect is forced to do the same yet they don't believe) or better said, inviting escalations in your life in the form of more gangstalking, light codes, etc.

So, my advice is pick a side, make sure you're on the right side and once your talent becomes noticed, it'll be so. But the best option is to simply nit accept any offer and do your own thing always, but watch your step and definitely make sure you are siding with good, for God will not forgive the willing players, knowing of the game, that willingly went against the all.

This is why evil always loses, it's s hyper complicated game but time and time again once everything has settled, you'll find that good always overpowers evil because evil deep down always wants to be good and thus they want to lose. Whereas good has evil, but they want to good to win. Thus, naturally, being evil is choosing to play as the underdog in a game that is always rigged because if the underdog ever wins they won't just shake hands and play again like how good always does. They will destroy the game, all of reality, because of stupid things like spite and ego.

>> No.30394563

Why can't I throw in 5k for a 10k+ comfy make it stack? What's the alternative let it die with inflation in a savings account? Play the ((stock market))? Boomer Roth IRA?? Get real.

>> No.30394773


>> No.30394782

today is the 7th. iirc the vote to confirm Gensler is the 9th after the question period ends tomorrow. I'd be curious to see if we don't get some kind of news later this week (seems like Fridays are news days) or early next week. The schizo in me says 12/3/2021 or 13/3/2021 might have some news. but who knows.

tell me what you mean by light codes and what they look like/what the experience of receiving one is like.

don't let these people tell you that 100k is the make-it stack. the real answer is that it's a good idea to put in whatever you can, with the understanding that it's possible you might lose it.

>> No.30395177
File: 79 KB, 653x653, 617960cfa3101bf2ed6ca9501f63b4c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just another form of FUD that should be added to the bingo and I emotionally disconnected from my investment the second I bought. Only a complete retard will put money they can't afford into anything.
>cutlery FUD
>Q/2 more weeks/Trump FUD
>memedate FUD
>larpfag/namefag derailment
>"you're a tranny" derailment
>gorillion xrp to make it FUD
>Get dumped on FUD
>Politics/Race derailment
>1 post by this ID FUD
It's all so tiresome.

>> No.30395243


Ripple support bill and Melinda gates foundation

This coin will moon, because (((they))) have planned it to. Just ignore all gates and hodl

>> No.30395476

That sums it all up nicely.

>> No.30395521


This lawsuit will take years for resolution

>> No.30395700

Y-years bro? Thanks bro just sold bro

>> No.30395758

Thanks bro just killed myself.

>> No.30395761

It was pretty quick in 2015

>> No.30395828


Made on the xrpl.

>> No.30395832

Light codes are synchronicities, coincidence, the seemingly random interconnections that you observe and experience day after day that maybe at first you thought, "hmmm strange what a coincidence."

Example, you got go a restaurant, the food price you observed is say 14.99.

Then you're driving home, and the license plate on the car in front of you begins with I499... so you say strange whatever. But if you pay attention, look around and you might realize that "wait, I live on 50th street, and when I saw the car it was almost at 5pm...."

So then if you're really smart you start adding letters up A=1 b=2 etc and you think, "there's this new buzzword my girlfriend has been using for some health recipes and it was used in the description of the plate I ordered...." so then you start doing simple gematria in your head, paying attention to colors and symbols and that's when you'll "start to go insane" by normie standards but you and I know the truth.... you found the real word of God, no, greater.... you have now perceived the eb and flow of creation, which is God.

You will never be the same again. Now see things that you couldn't possibly have, you think "why didn't I see this before or why don't others see this."

Well the answer is that they reject this notion because of the implications but yet all of our minds were still processing all the synchronicities and light codes. Your mind is a biological quantum computer. You know when they say that "humans only use 10% of their brains."

Well this is true and not true.... the average person does only use 10% and even more intelligent people similar. The thing is, the rest is just background information processing the reality and creation as you observe it. For example, you play catch with your son and if he wants to learn within a day he can play.

Who taught him the physics? If you tried that with a computer, you need to have a lot of calculations just to play catch. Yet all of us play catch as children.

>> No.30395860
File: 103 KB, 300x300, 33333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the purpose and benefit of creating an ARG for XRP tho?
What do the creators win? How do the participants benefit from it?
Is it a kind of ritual or marketing? I am struggling to see why they would want to make an ARG for something like this.

>> No.30395946

Ask DS on twitter.

>> No.30396008

Year poster might be right...

>> No.30396036


Stop shilling shitcoins

ISO 20022 - xrp/Xlm/algo/iota

>> No.30396067

>years posting
The powers that be love throwing little clues and inside jokes into the mix through movies, the media, literature etc. There's a movie with Samuel L Jackson I believe that had a scene about a WTC false flag where he found out about the plot and asked if the government really would do that to their own citizens just to advance their agenda and the other character answered yes. So yeah they'd do it literally just for fun to laugh at the sheep for not noticing everything that's right in their faces.

>> No.30396131

based, I'm jacked in bro

>> No.30396215


You're either insane or incredibly stupid

>> No.30396241

Think. Why do the powers that were hate "randomness" so much? Why do they make everything an RNG front, as if you had free will like you do, but yet everything always seems kinda rigged? Well, evil had to rig the game always and the magic of God looks like rigging to the untrained eye. So, how do you bring God "out?" Well, contrary to most thinking its not by fighting, as this just tips the balances but in a way that the pendulum will come back to hit yulou in the face. So how do you stop this then and fix things?

Wel you must become one with the eb and flow and instead of "beating evil" merely make the game fair and offer a handshake, let them still choose, because they are going to anyway. And so the true will of the all, the true will of God will naturally rise and be kind and peaceful, much to evils dismay, and it will seem as magic, as if good had rigged it in spite of evil.

The truth is, evil was always undermining the will of the all, the Will of God when they rigged it. And good needs not rig anything but themselves so they should not conquer, but transmute dark to light, evil to good, disorder into order and in doing so, God will do the rest.

Now you see the power of Temple OS. ;)
Good. :)

>> No.30396290
File: 183 KB, 609x943, 1614594952575-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moon 21st March
Go and do something else until then

>> No.30396303


Go back to tumblr

>> No.30396340

Sir , you will be offered to meet the all father
And his son.
Well done on your progression



>> No.30396394

Thanks handler

>> No.30396448

Based. Now this is schizo posting

>> No.30396449

what do you guys think of this?

>> No.30396632

dont say that i love an underdog :(

>> No.30396655

Thank you friend. I merely want everyone to stop fighting. Peace be with you.

These are no meager claims, btw. I love you anon. Peace be with you as well.

>> No.30396692

Sounds like he is describing Etherium and the millions of ERC-20 shitcoins. When doing any investment you should do your due diligence. Ripple has relationships with old, proven institutions and they seem to be using Ripple tech in some capacity. Could Ripple be the Google of the Dotcom crash.

Unfortunately he is coming over as a preachy faggot trying to tell me what to do with my money.

>> No.30396956
File: 32 KB, 680x383, 3FCA993A-021A-4F09-8B88-30FF491CBB32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and peace be with you fren

>> No.30396990
File: 40 KB, 529x421, 1609628347966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is used for identity
Verification and monitoring
Special progress.
We will Congregate

>> No.30397005

Ripple has ties to the bill gates foundation. This should be enough evidence to tell you it’s going to moon me used in the nwo

>> No.30397204

No, you don't, you like Hollywood tropes. What you really like is when good wins, but you have lived in a circus upside down world for a while. The truth is that you love the underdog as I do, because you see their struggle and wish them the best for their efforts, but alas on this subject what we are trying to say is that you want them to repent, be good, betray the betrayers and come home to the Kingdom if so God would allow it.

But if so they will to not righ their actions them I say give them the wrath of God once they perish. No one knows what the void of nothing is like, because no one but God may traverse there and come back to speak of it for God is 1, and the void is 0, and your soul individually is part of God, the will of the all, united. But any soul alone is much closer to 0 than 1.

This is the void where God creates more for us as the Light and love and truth of Gods consciousness, the consciousness of the will of the all, shines through the void of nothing saying. "Let there be light." And thus the presence of God manifests by sheer presence in any part of space and time so that through the mind of God, the Will of the all, you and I could exist in this master piece of the mind which is this vibrational matrix of matter in which there exists a rhythm from the interactions of all that corresponds, the rhythm giving way to polarities and even giving you and all life its gender and sexuality, in this beautiful eternal game of the highest stakes imaginable we have free will, cause and effect. This wonderful, awe inspiring, graceful, majestic, indestructible exceptionally crafted experience of personal growth and the pursuit of knowledge so that in doing as I said, you add to the greatness of the fabric thus to God himself for WE ARE ALL 1.

All glory belongs to God, my words are him and all of you and behold. I am, NOT special.

You are special. They are special. We are all, demiGods, saints and prophets.... if so you will it and think it.

>> No.30397295

Best post in weeks.

>> No.30397383

I figured, fren. I'm glad we all still remember. Thank you for everything. Everything. We shall put the final nail in the coffin of evil in this timespace and so thereafter we shall set our sights towards those trapped in other timespaces.

Hopefully once this is done.... we'll get to do it all again but this time even better, grander... :)

>> No.30397393
File: 2.00 MB, 1768x2917, XSGXRPCHAN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the pic for some Sunday fun.

>> No.30397426

yeah the Mojoloop connection seems significant

wise words fren. as i've grown older i've moved away from paradigms focused around conflict, as i realize that this tends to play into the predetermined dichotomies which tend to be constructed anyway, because the powers that be usually own both sides (to some extent at least). nowadays i just follow my own internal compass, because i think it stems from the Holy Spirit.

based, SOLO has a role to play in the coming system I think.

speaking of gangstalking i just had a weird experience. i saw that the sunrise was going to be pretty so went for a walk- as i crossed the street near my house a late-model domestic SUV (which is what all the unmarked police cars in my city look like) was coming down the street and accelerated at me. as it passed, the driver had rolled down the window and went "HEY! HEY!" and drove off weirdly fast (like 45-50 in a 30mph zone). it was probably just one of my friends or some weirdo who wanted to fuck with a stranger, but it still kinda shook me up. It's schizo to assume that nefarious powers somehow knew i'd take a walk to that particular place to watch the sunset at that particular time, but it was pretty strange. Also someone keeps breaking into my car, like 3x in the last few months, but they never take anything, just jumble up all the stuff in my backseat and leave my door cracked so the battery drains. again, it's probably just junkies/thieves looking for valuable stuff, but it still weirds me out.

>> No.30397445

10k flare from snapshot enough to make it?

or do i sell my 13 eth once flare price finds its floor after distribution and just all in it?

>> No.30397475

aw thanks fren

i agree but i guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

>> No.30397633
File: 498 KB, 498x330, 1613174882739.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Both posts add nothing to the discussion.
>Air of pretentious faggotry
Fuck off, what are you even doing ITT?

>> No.30397727

Yes. Exactly. Peace. Or else. It's that simple. You either want good for all with no bias, or you are biased and thus selfish which will manifest conflict and disorder.

They are a nuisance. Just remember that they cannot harm you without your consent, they can't do anything to you without your consent for they are terrified of losing their souls, though i imagine some have done enough evil to where that doesn't matter.

So there is nothing to fear at all. You are above them and they know it, don't let these small moments gaslight you into something they can exploit. Transmute their evil to good and keep in your mind as I have said.

>> No.30397757
File: 412 KB, 1124x1194, 1606366616092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dubs speak the truth


Now remember faggots (those who are not jew faggots, trannies or niggers) you're holding the standard no need to worry. Remove all emotion and go all in with what you can afford to lose for maximum gains.

Swingies get the rope


>> No.30397771

are you guys gonna kiss?

>> No.30397774

We will. It shall be so and the cycles will be all the better for it.

>> No.30397801

what about the retards that where masks and need daddy government to tell them what they can and can’t do

>> No.30397811

Is that what you'd like anon? Are you jealous? I think you're great too and I hope you're well. Peace be with you.

>> No.30397830

damn I really called them retards.. wear*

>> No.30397877

Interesting how this was your 13th post, and you're a 13k stacklet. Isn't this "place" fun? :) wanna make out? Hahahahaha.

>> No.30397917
File: 613 KB, 904x1615, 1613777295911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you're right, they're retards.

>> No.30397946

it's funny you mention it because my first response (after i got over the initial rush of almost being hit by a car) was to pray for whoever was piloting that vehicle. My intuition is that whatever forces mean me harm are unable to hurt me without my consent, and their intention is more to render me immobile through fear than to cause me physical harm. I often pray to Archangel Michael for protection as well.

no but if you need a hug i'm here for you bro.

>> No.30397957

They are scared. The willingness is not there, their souls are maybe newer in the karmic knowledge ladder. But their potential is there nonetheless, you have to help bring that out in them, everyone does.

Go forth and redpill.

>> No.30397995

Only a certain kind of person can see all of the symbolism, its a recruiting tool

>> No.30398006

We still have a few surprises
You'll be shocked who the 47th is.

>> No.30398093

Correct, fear not brother. Prayer is for communication with the all, to speak to God. Meditation is to be influenced by the will of the all, to have God speak to you.

>> No.30398107

My main concern is if we are being psyoped into believing into something that is just another deeper smokescreen.
This is a lifetime opportunity to make it but it just seems way too easy. Is it another token maybe hiding in plain sight? I am probably too paranoid cause i got fucked over too many times but oh well.

>> No.30398123

Now this is finally some quality posting Barron

>> No.30398129

Can it be Mel Gibson? Would be hilarious clown world antics.

>> No.30398224

Its actually jesus.

>> No.30398233

Theta perhaps, have some Megacryptopolis NFT's, some XMR. But anything besides that no go, and precious metals, food, water, guns ammo is good always.

Quartz I suspect will become quite the commodity in the future.

>> No.30398244


>> No.30398303

I think XRP is "the one" but there will be others utilized. Ripple has too many connections and is too big at this point. The crypto community hates ripple because they go against the "fuck da banks" ideology. To become an xrp schizo takes many hours of research. As soon as it hits $10 99% of people will sell.

>> No.30398318

Thats christ.
You'll be pleased
Jesus reincarnated as hitler
Hitler is reincarnated today.
He is the embodiment of
All i can say.

>> No.30398404

P.s. only replied due to numerals
Check call signs
What is 24?
Anyways, I'm making folks angry
Not my intention.
Apologies for major reveals
Creates havoc in the aether
Salute and be well frens

We're always around.

>> No.30398441
File: 85 KB, 540x568, hype.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks fren cheers

>> No.30398483

Thanks fren, I only post this way when yall aren't attacking me. :P

We'll see how that goes anon. It's reasonable to assume that part of the evil ones plans are to usher in the evil facets of the religious institutions predictions in order to be vindicated.

I think Christ's second coming if so it is to be means the unification of all of the holy adepts of truth, of good of God, through which the greatest concentration of Christ consciousness is manifest. Or maybe we are to do this then sing for the return, I am not sure. But all will be well regardless for all of the evil ones plans will fail stupendously, no matter how long they planned this or any shift of the Overton window.

But hey, I'm all up for seeing it all go down! :)

>> No.30398559
File: 196 KB, 361x362, 77051DA9-9F5C-4A52-ABA8-799FFB3BBEEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people seem to have trouble wrapping their heads around the walled garden aspect of CBDCs and how XRP will be used to allow seemless conversion from one CBDC to another by leveraging liquidity pools of retail XRP trading. i mean, i suppose its a little complicated, but its not THAT hard of a concept if even a brainlet like me can understand it...

>> No.30398562

>Jesus was Hitler
Lol nice try deepstate remnants. You will not meme this into success, though you'll make me laugh! :)

>> No.30398590

isn't quartz like the 3rd most common rock

>> No.30398637
File: 2.39 MB, 383x200, 1613379062899.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.30398733

It will be used for technology we have not yet made mainstream but that probably already exists.

>> No.30398995
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>that pic

Thanks, anon, I needed that.

>> No.30399080
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>> No.30399087

how do you know that lol

>> No.30399102

Liquidity pools? are you saying you think banks are gonna buy up xrp?

>> No.30399110

Microsoft apparently got hacked by China (or someone pretending to be China)


Wonder if this will build into that cyberpandemic Schwab was teasing a few months ago. I was wondering when the other shoe would drop on the Solarwinds hack

>> No.30399139

no i think he's saying that we will potentially act as agents, lending our XRP for banks to use (maybe through Flare?)

i think fXRP is going to be a big part of the game plan.

>> No.30399222
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>> No.30399224

It's obvious.
Nice. Was just reading this too.

Well that's a good black swan event right there!

>> No.30399229

banks will 100% not be in a situation where they rely on the peasant masses for anything they do. This is the truth

>> No.30399271


So your saying My coin but would be 10k but nobody will buy it?

As were in clown world, I can see this.

>> No.30399298
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Checked and Based.

>> No.30399399

Q: what is Polysign?

>> No.30399428

There's gonna be no moon march the 21st though let's be honest

>> No.30399468

do me next

>> No.30399525

paranoid schizoid money

>> No.30399565
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I want more strong cats.

>> No.30399770

damn this is good, Bladee got better. did you see that Yung Lean Vice documentary? I had no idea SadBoys were fellow schizos

>> No.30399942

Deutsche just unveiled its crypto custody services:

>> No.30400174

wtf is wrong with the conversion rates on https://stellarchain.io/? Is it an unofficial one or why is everything wrong?


>> No.30400280

I wanted to warn you guys the last bull run is just reflection of an avalanche of inflation, because crypto is unregulated and not under centralised control it reflects financial issues and problems and doesn’t sweep them under the regulatory rug. Inflation in fiat is being held back so far, but it’s like a rubber band being pulled out, it’s going to snap back sooner or later. We’ve been in a real economic disaster and the consequences haven’t hit us yet. I’d say your crypto might become a safer bet as a store of value against inflation, but China is testing their digital yuan and holds so much btc that they could tank the market if they dump and put it in digital yuan and basically transfer value to digital yuan and leave everyone with devalued btc which will also dump the whole market. They’re banning crypto mining in Inner Mongolia and trying to push it out, so they’re trying to phase out DeFi and phase in digital yuan, inch by inch, like their strategy of salami slicing.

The great reset is looming and if they simply crash fiat and introduce CBDC’s, basically if you were poor you’re no worse off your savings are worth jack, if you were middle class and decent savings, it’s now worth jack. And you’re being “reset” back to square 1.

If you hold property and things with intrinsic value you might be alright but I heard there has been record foreclosures in the U.S. over the last 5 years.

Also with lockdowns I heard they were letting big business trade how they want and force small business to shut, so they have to sell or close down for good, basically transferring ownership and wealth to corporations and crushing independent business.

>> No.30400366
File: 197 KB, 500x416, 01291772ef45063d54d689e1a6e9e9f4e9b1215ffc25b262a491b9d46daaf249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

life is so fucking boring and depressing please let it happen already i have a kill boner for killing rioters ready to erect itself

>> No.30400378

eoy $ ?

>> No.30400420

I'ma guess $10-$60

>> No.30400439

$200. But that’ll be $20 in today’s money.

>> No.30400453


>> No.30400557
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>> No.30400561

He looks like nobody wants to be his friend but weirdos
I am that friend

>> No.30400562
File: 75 KB, 616x353, C0BBE6B8-9045-4D23-8F09-5C313CA9A9DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30400616

Is that the Dbol cat?

>> No.30400622

That's not even a belief that's a fact that so many banks have systems in place for XRP

>> No.30400708

post the cat smothering the other cat

>> No.30400850
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Wtf, he's very strong, indeed.

Here, have it... It's all yours.

>> No.30400853
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>> No.30400888
File: 58 KB, 540x720, big black cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30400960
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>2nd Trips for Catposting
Kek is with us.

>> No.30401072

new thread
new thread
new thread

>> No.30401079

I love cats desu really cute animals

>> No.30401336

>Why will this explode?
Because a cartoon bear said it.

>> No.30401413

If u give someone your coinbase address so they can send crypto can that find out your name etc?

>> No.30401897

i dunno man, there's a lot of banks around, and not that much XRP, the banks have to compete with nation state XRP interests and the sophisticated investors/hedges and their demand for XRP.

>> No.30402329

Not under, at

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