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You have bought Marlin by this point, right? It's market cap will only get larger and larger. It has the Layer 0 caching niche all to itself. Marlin can be plugged into any blockchain and will increase the transaction speed of every scaling solution above layer 0. It can be used to decrease latency in web 3.0 applications which means truly decentralized Music/video streaming and game platforms adoption will be possible.

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Are you sure it works as well as they claim? I haven't seen a single video or demo that verifies their claims.

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Lol this is such a hyped up, BEYOND ridiculous claim, it's unfathomable actually.

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Have you even read a single article about this project?

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I might be interested if they shutdown Flowmint

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British faggot

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Anon I think they're actually still working on the final product

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Why? Is good to get some Pond while you hold other shitcoins

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I still don't understand a single shit about this project, I just aped

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British faggot

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It sounds like bullshit but it's actually true. At least, it's true if you believe their claims..Which I am sort of with this guy. >>30380407
Release a 1080p video streaming seamlessly, without any centralized aspects, and with no buffering ...and I'll be a believer.

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It won't last forever.

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Pond has performed way better than I expected it to

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Kek this, I bought a suicide stack now I'm x7 already

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Someone post some fud. I want to know what I'm getting into.

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>Indian team
>Retarded admins in tg chat

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kek that's not even fud, I'd say they're slow af, and timing in crypto is key, but still... That just makes POND a long term investment

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Blue fish turning my wallet green

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>layer 0

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Not in binance

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Binance soon sir

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When product launch??????

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How much is a suicide stack?

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