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What if this whole bsc explosion and copy paste attempt by CZ was actually an inside deal made by CZ and Vitalik to reduce pressure on ETH as to give it more time to release new developments. This whole drama fabricated to promote some sort of feud between the 2 ecosystems.

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nah, chinks are just cringe and out of touch. he actually thought he could kill ethereum by copying white men's work and repackaging it. chinks are out of touch, they can't compete in the real world outside of their censored country

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>they can't compete in the real world
Enjoy the next 40 years

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souless bug ppl will never make it. Enjoy your styrofoam skyrises

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Or they realized they could take shortcuts to provide cheaper and faster transactions and even keep it centralized so they have full control. Based chinese. If you aren't invested in BNB, the real ethereum competitor, you're NGMI