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Why are almost all LINK Marines also anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists?

What is it that draws conspiracy theorists towards LINK?

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a 3 digit IQ

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No. Anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists are smart. "LINK marines" are literally normie idiots who read an article about how revolutionary LINK will be and bought it thinking "It's just like bitcoin, it's gonna be worth 50K one day!" without even understanding something as basic as market cap.

Anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists like me pick the good coins, do the deep dives on information, and make literally fucking millions in this space while LINKers crab eternally at 25-30 USD.

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Why are almost all original posters also anti-heterosexual proliferating theories?
What is it that anti-heterosexuals towards OP?

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Shit up idiot only youre the fag that believes shit like that go back to pol

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Cuz fucking not believing in conspiracy theories is the most normie-tier retard thing in the world BTW.
What kind of fucking idiot in 2021 "doesn't believe in conspiracy theories" your government literally admitted UFOs are real 3 years ago and that it was hiding the information from you for decades.

Fuck off all normie retards.

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Cuz many OPs come to a board to troll. They're not actually a part of the culture or board. They come here because they hate you. It's the people in the comments that are the actual denizens of the board.
Do you literally "not believe in conspiracy theories" like are you fucking serious?
That whole term was created because the CIA assassinated JFK and then coined the term to discredit people who tried to expose them.

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Calm down there, Mulder. Isn't it time to buy some more LINK?

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you'll soon find that we're always right

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No fuck you. You're a huge retard and I'm going to tell you.

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holy shit how new are you?

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Do you understand that the CIA used to kidnap fucking children off the street and drug them up with LSD and other shit in order to fry out their brains and turn them into mind controlled sex zombies? So they could infiltrate the kremlin and fuck people for information?
Project MKULTRA. And that's just the start of it. It went on for decades. And they use blackmail / trauma-based mind control techniques, too.
How about COINTELPRO, the FBI's domestic political subversion campaign. Are the sort of super ignorant retard that will unironically claim "MKULTRA and COINTELPRO didn't exist!" or some ultra retarded bullshit?
How about Operation Mockingbird?
It's just the start.
Go fuck yourself. You're slime.

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the covid vaccine isnt even a "vaccine"
it does not provide immunity
so ask yourself, what is it exactly? why are they calling it a vaccine?

would you call a horse a chair? only if you were mad or expected you audience to be drooling idiots.

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Damn, Mulder. Will buying ChainLink defend me from CIA mind control?

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Sing it brother. It's eery when you grok mkultra implanted thought patterns that you picked up through mass media and porn use.

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Why do all nulinkers make sweeping generalizations, assumptions, and do not do their own research? It’s almost like they were destined for poverty.

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Look into The Finders. They were declassified a couple years back, and you can read the documents now. They were a child kidnapping and molestation cult that was covered up by the state department for cold war reasons. In the middle of the declassification there was a single page that was out of place. The government misplaced it in the release, but it was probably intentionally released by some party. I forget the name but it was a middle school that was a big deal in the satanic panic. Franklin maybe? anyways, the case was hushed up and no prosecutions came out of it, but the document showed there were hidden tunnels under the school with the bones of hundreds of animals like goats and satanic imagery.

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20k link here. Got vaccinated yesterday

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25-30 is fud these days??? Damn...

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im sure its fine

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I know bro. The stuff I'm talking about in this thread is only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, the govt is deeply enmeshed in child abuse and satanic shit, too. Sounds crazy but it is and yes you are correct about the docs related to the Finders. It's all real, yes.
People like Jeff Epstein also, who govt officials have admitted was a CIA asset himself, are just the tip of the iceberg too.

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Sounds baste

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McMartin preschool. That document proved the existence of underground tunnels and rooms which had been formally "debunked" in the publicized investigations during the 80s.
Read Ted Gunderson's research if youwant more.

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I think the normalization of faggots was because of the cold war. If you look at major traitors, theres a shockingly strong correlation between being a fag. a sex pervert, or a jew with betraying your nation. I think it became such an issue with the soviets turning fags that they did a propaganda full court press to normalize them. But they still needed to turn people, so they moved onto the next taboo which is child fucking. I think the reason they are trying to normalize it is for the same reason they normalized fags. It's so widespread and such a national security issue that they need to bring them into the fold and try and make them loyal to a fag pedophile nation.

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thats the one

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>Grandpa with cancer in remission gets vaccine, suddenly his cancer comes roaring back has to be put on new meds so it doesnt get in his bones
>Dad gets vaccine, all of a sudden he has cysts on his large intestine, testing starts next week to see if its cancer
>Grandmother gets it, feels like shit for two weeks after

Yeah fuck that, fuck your gay ass cash grab vaccine.

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not all

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The real conspiracy theorists are the ones who think all the global powers are working in unison "for the good of the people" LMAO, maybe try putting your tinfoil hat on a little tighter buddy

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we just see the world as it is, the mask shizo are npc

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I don't know.
I know "womens rights" AKA "feminism" happened with the aid of the CIA. And there are videos still on YouTube of Gloria Steinem discussing her time there as a CIA asset. Saying that she thought they were gonna be right-wing and patriarchal, but they turned out to be huge progressives.
"Feminism" happened because it benefited the economy to put women to work.
Women got turned into literal slaves and were told they were being "liberated". They ate it up. They believed it because IDK, bitches be fucking stupid.

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>Linkies are anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists and are BAD!
>Wrong, Linkies are pro-vaccine normies and are BAD!
>NO! They're loony, deluded conspiracy kooks and therefore BAD!
>Wrong again, they're bluepilled greedy sheeple and therefore BAD!
>Actually Linkies ARE part of the elite's Great Reset conspiracy and are therefore BAD!
>No, Linkies won't eat the bugs and sleep in the pod and are therefore BAD!
Truly free of rent

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ya the greatest salesman in the world was the guy who sold women on the idea that employment brings meaning to your life

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linkies deserve their incoming wealth because they aren't braindead NPCs

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good comment

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do you feel it og marines? The tides are changing frens. The rat race of McMansions and supercars are ending. Anyone w/ experience knows money never changes how you but just provide temporary means to fill vacant holes. But that's not what we're after. 56 Patriots signed the Declaration of Independence. How many link marines like me are out there?
>tl;dr most dont understand the game or the stakes. Look at gamestop to see the power of combined "decentralized" thought. Why do they want to get rid of free open source speech?

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You want some real FUD? Go check out all the thots that have gathered armies of simps by talking about LINK and putting it in their twitter bios. Shit it insane.

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>it's been 3 years since this happened

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is a multi faceted concept, that is truly limitless in scope, because its creative potential is beyond our own perception to understand. It CAN be refined/distilled to one field of ideas. So far to date, the best written codification of this field of ideas, is Nick Sazbo's writings on "God Protocol". In this, Nick describes a series of traits in this protocol, that amount to a trustless, omniscient, and evolutionary environment for interaction. His main focus on this idea was the focus of smart contracts, which is what link is best representative of, but this environment/protocol/supra-mind has two other essential components that complete the field. AI being one, and the IoT being the other. In the near future/present, large collections of IoT sensors, cpu's, cameras, robotics, etc. will feed realtime full spectrum data into advanced analytical and operation AIs'. This data will be processed by these AI and mined for efficiencies and other valuable extrapolations. These AI will analyze the available data from their allotted web of api's/IoT and create consistently up to date smart contracts, program/code updates/debugs, and to ensure consistent functional operation across the net. These AI will be managing billion and trillion dollar IoT networks/hardware/systems. Their security and end to end turstlessness will be absolutely necessary regardless of cost, because the savings and benefits in productivity and quality will justify it. The 4th IR, is AI, IoT, and Smart Contracts all communicating via trustless decentralized oracles.

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Can you give an example?

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Exactly the opposite, we bought Link because WE are high iq. We can see that taking untested vaccines is a bad idea.

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Because we have seen this exact end coming for 3 years, and our chains will be golden.

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>Mad he missed 19103.4% ico gains

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Anyone who says antivaxer is a reddit nigger that worships brown people, onions, women and shit like barcades and Nintendo switches. Kill yourself faggot tranny LINK is the white man's coin.

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We are the CHADS of the crypto space against the New World Order

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I hate the phrase “trust the science”. That is the most cultish thing anyone can say about a vaccine. I think about it like this, either this virus was manufactured for a massive cash grab for the vaccine which might have been tested for X years OR this virus just happened and now they’re trying to force people to take a vaccine that hasn’t gone through proper scientific testing to see how it will affect people over a longer period of time(1 year +). The former implies that their science is being used for evil while the later completely contradicts what science actually is. So now when someone tells me to “trust the science” I am lead to believe that said person is just an NPC that regurgitates article headlines and trending topics on Twitter. Unfortunately, these people also see me as an “ally” because I just keep my head down so I can continue to work at my job. The truth is literally taboo. I don’t consider myself a liberal or conservative, just a guy with common sense. I’m beginning to think this clown world is actually one big comedy special.

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the UFO stories are government disinfo

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I remember when people said link would never hit 5 bucks.

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you're a basic bitch

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I'm starting to think aliens are indeed demons. Look into Kyle Odom and his story really interesting stuff.

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Based and redpilled. Project Monarch is the offshoot of mk.

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you don't belong here

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thank fuck someone else knows something

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Some interesting work on mind control for those interested include:
Gordon Thomas - Journey Into Madness
Michael Aquino - From Psyop to Mindwar
John Marks - The Search for the Manchurian Candidate

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no. you're not totally wrong but it's complicated. They're real enough.

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our time approaches.

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>Why are almost all LINK Marines also anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists?
>What is it that draws conspiracy theorists towards LINK?
>Uh muh out of ass fact so you all think this is actually true
>uh muh reverse psychology

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Klaus Schwab openly professes transhumanist leanings in his books, even describing the use of mind-reading to determine people's level of security threat:




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>conspiracy theorists
I think not

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The future Schwab Marines chose

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The real conspiracy

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Well shit

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Go back to /pol/

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Why do you think these faggots sergeypost so much?

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You vill not rezist

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Make it stop

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sorry to inform you but youre probably an NPC

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Holy shit I remember this. Fucking pol tried to ruin it all the time

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The situation has improved.

10/10 problem solved

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Congrats on becoming a woman.

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Find the Founder

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New financial overlords

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The future is now

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Your turn biz

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Fast fish eat slow fish

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Y’all give way too much credit to the government

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>checks and balances that secure democracy must not be forgotten
Interesting choice of words... this is saying that they will continue to push people until they snap for an excuse to introduce some checks/balances (control) over everyone. So what would be their plan for when they finally drive people to breaking point? Just remove all rights like protesting so you have to accept the results of the rigged elections with no recourse? I feel like they are far far beyond internment camps/extermination/world wars as they own all the countries so have no real powerful opposition on the planet so now it's just more a matter of eroding rights away forever (10yrs would do it) until they get their dream of 40000 goy slaves.

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>eroding rights away
Only privileges now

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If my ID is green and dubs this is all Chainlink FUD

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There's been quite a few WEF protests in Europe but it's not usually reported.

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File: 807 KB, 1828x1435, schwabpilled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I don't think it's anti-vaxx to be against the rushed covid vaccine that isn't even necessary as covid isn't dangerous to 99% of the population.

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>3 digit iq
>Exactly the opposite
What's the opposite of 3, fren?

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i dont get these captured biz posts? Usually theyre interesting, this is just a bunch of random comments.

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If dubs 81,000 is fud

>> No.30388761

>I'm starting to think aliens are indeed demons.
They may be interdimensional.

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>runs out of gas
>schwabpills hit him hard
>the thread

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Just bought more link, go take your 666 vaccine fsg

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Meet the tweeter army

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Typical Q-tard /pol/tard schizo crap. You have your own board for this useless shit, faggots.

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>the government
It's an ancient cabal of Moloch worshipping, child murdering tranny canaanites. Many but by no means all are "Jews". They work at the behest of higher demonic forces, manifested through sympathetic bloodlines.

>> No.30389228

>dude we're gonna print organs but not meat for you to eat tho LMAO
i hate these niggers like you wouldn't believe

>> No.30389254

Daily reminder Ted Heath was a child murdering pedo.

>> No.30389288

In your heart you know we're right and it scares you. Too much investment in intellectual fashion.

>> No.30389316

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.30389319


found the rare brainlet link holder with reading comprehension issues

>> No.30389332

They need DHT to get some good perspective if you think about it.

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Don't fall for their tricks.

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The real elites live hundreds if not thousands of years supposedly.


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Silence is consent. You have to fight these schwabniggers one way or another.

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i don't doubt that it's possible

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I love how Rio is there. Manchester United is the official football team of Chainlink.

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>Exactly the opposite
minus 3 digit iq?

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Euros love their cushy "jobs"

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XRP will lose their court case and go to 0c
>Check id

>> No.30390083

>says the NPC /pol/brain

>> No.30390108

>repeats back his message
are you trying to be ironic. beep boop

>> No.30390138

this is why you're poor

>> No.30390179

NPCfriend I'm not that anon from above

>> No.30390227

Holy fuck

>> No.30390299


what did he mean by this

>> No.30390342

Dangerously based. Didn't know Alex Jones posted here.

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>> No.30390640

N-no way

>> No.30390810

>1 post by this id
what the fok

>> No.30392094

High IQ allowed us linkies to find link early, and high IQ allows us to at least understand there is no fucking way a covid vaccine would be good for you when AIDS and a lot of others has been around for decades and no vaccine was developed.

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a THREE digit iq kek - so somewhere between average as fuck all the way to 5 x smarter than einstien?

>> No.30392938

read "programmed to kill: the politics of serial murder" by david macgowan

>> No.30392997

Meaning: Certain things should be simply obvious if you're not a complete retard.

>> No.30393155

based retard

>> No.30393282

we know about the new world order and we are trying to profit from it.

>> No.30394442

I've gotta check and echo the based retard sentiment.

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Always remembered

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>> No.30394680

kek'd & checked

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Bout to pop a beer. Cheers niggers

>> No.30395228

you vill dzrink ze bier

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>> No.30396132

Based. It's a good book.

>> No.30396234

Hes saying your posts are shit. I agree with him.

>> No.30396268

Link marines have souls and inner voice

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Opinion discarded

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