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If the modern world is so great, and so much better than the past, why people are constantly taking antidepressants? why depression, anxiety, suicide, and stress keep increasing in developed countries? why people constantly are abusing drugs, or taking alcohol? why are we so sad all the time if we have so much abundance?

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Who even said the modern world is better?

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Well... at least, everyone I've ever asked says so. They say we live so much better, because we have modern medicine, we can live past 70+ years, we have abundance in food, and water, and all that.

Yet, all this people are stressed, they sleep too little, many are taking pills or had depression at least once in their lifetime, or abuse some form of drug (alcohol, weed, etc), etc.

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Yes, no one said this. We're all eating shit constantly and everyone knows it.

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They also usually mention the many modern gadgets that we have, like smartphones, cars, and of course the internet, to name a few.

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I’m waging all the time which stresses me out which makes me drink alcohol and fuck tinder hoes, and now even “sex workers.” I’m even a remote wagie now, but still... the 40 hour work wee fucking kills me. I need more free time bros. What the fuck are we doing. I just need a few hundred grand so I can cash out and buy the cheapest little farm in bum fuck Argentina or Latvia, call it a day. I hate this society, everybody is a retarded slave, I medicate myself with booze and coooming to ease the pain. I wasn’t off this ride. I just want a stupid wife who’s naive and likes to cook, not some insane psycho bitch like all the women nowadays that I’ve been dating. How do we escape this?

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It was the exact same back then

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>Well... at least, everyone I've ever asked says so

well they never lived in the old world and all they get is a filtered and tailored jew version of it being supposedly horrible from tv and movies

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probably worse, survival was paramount people didnt have time to be depressed or anxious.

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what makes you think depression, anxiety and suicide was not higher in the past?

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We collectively created a world we aren't suited to live in because it fulfilled temporary imperatives of material abundance. Either we change, it does, or we die.

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Life is rough. I don't know how it was in the old days, but I just feel alone all the time, eating processed food that is clearly unhealthy (mostly because it has too much sodium or carbs that give diabetes and hypertension), and the fucking work just stressed me.

I get home tired, and my work just keeps me all the time sitting on a fucking chair, so I never do excercise and the last medical exams I took showed I have low Vitamin D in the blood (which is produced when the skin touches lightsun, which I obviously rarely do cuz I work inside a building) so now I need to take this pills to regulate that, among other problems.

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You eat the bugs
You live in the pod
You are happy.

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I guess you lived less, and was more risky, but you had fresh air, a land you could call your own, or didnt need it (if you were a hunter gatherer) and I guess society was more cohesive: you knew everyone, and everyone knew you. I guess you also were less prone to be fat or have diabetes and shit, because you didn't eat so much carbs.

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"I heckin love science, material conditions are gooder" Crowd

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Statistics. Studies have shown that depression has consistently been going up with the years, even if you take studies where the definitions of depression are not changed due to advances in psychiatry.

Plus, if you study rural societies (like Amish societies), vs urban societies and compare the rates of depression, for example, the rural societies tend to have lower depression rates, and there are clear examples of societies that went from rural to urban, and depression peaked through the roof in those when the change was produced.

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Pills and alcohol are the reasons modern day is so great

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overabundance of dopamine/serotonin.

back in the "good ole days" (see: Juvenoia) people actually struggled to obtain the lower tiers of pic related. nowadays there's a much larger (and more influential, thanks to social media) slice of society that has obtained all of the "needful" and proceeded to get what they wanted - most of the times overindulging in those aspects, such as spending 24h playing vydia, drinking heavily, etc. such habits lead you to a higher yield of dopamine specially and also serotonin, making you resistant to it (the same way if you smoke weed everyday for a month, by the next month you'll barely feel anything from a hit) and therefore making you urge for quick dopamine hits (vydia, choccy milk, coming, you get the idea) and making stuff with less dopamine yield (reading, eating a fuckign apple which has an already insane amount of fructose taste like water), so you need more and more to the point people start needing meds (in this case antidepressants such as lithium and its by-products) to help them feel something. it's fucked up and the best way to get around it at the moment is digital hygiene. DYOR and be safe, Anon. don't fall for non-scientific bait. you can quote me on everything i said i can get you scientific basis.

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I have a fantasy of running off and joining some Mennonite/Amish community, but I’m not sure they would even accept me because I’ve been such a piece of shit. How do we fix this. When I was younger I use to stay in monasteries for months on end without jacking off, no booze, eating one meal a day, etc and I was very content and happy to simply exist in the world during those times. It was rough for the first few weeks, but after some time you start to become content with the simple things in life. Every time i would go back to the world, to working I would slide into degeneracy. Now, I’m fucked I need an emergency break from this shit. Why the the fuck can’t someone create some kind of shitcoin that pays me to live like a monk and not reward me until I’ve made it 6 months or a year of strict disciplined living. How do we create this. Waging is literally killing me physically and spiritually

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People don't get enough physical exercise. Literally all of those things you mentioned are tied to how much exercise you get and your diet. Only the fatties have those problems. Do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day.

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OP you may want to read Industrial Society and It's Future if you haven't. You don't have to agree with Ted's ideals or anything but he paints a clear picture of why modern life can be so unfulfilling, not despite abundance, but because of it. This guy >>30379731 is on the right track
also rapid globalization is good for technological progress but absolutely shit for culture, and by extension the individual human soul

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Have any of you read a Book? Of course people were depressed in the past.

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>why depression, anxiety, suicide, and stress keep increasing in developed countries?
I believe it's because of the internet, people tend to compare to others
People want what others have and get anxiety
We also have forgotten many traditions, which serve a purpose; like religion

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In the absence of struggle, people wither. It's why there are so many online political extremists, they supplement real struggle for holographic political struggle.

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I wish I was born in medieval europe so I can become a road bandit and yeet trade caravan with the bros everyday.

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Do you think living in a serotonin rehab center would help offset this? —at least temporarily? I think If I lived for a few months on a basic routine with simple foods and no serotonin rush from screens etc I could reset my brain to some degree. I would do this if I didn’t have to wage. Someone create a crypto that rewards you for normalizing your serotonin for hundreds of days.

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>smart phones
>you can be accosted and driven into a neurotic frenzy 24/7 by social media bullshit
Gee, thanks, however did I ever make do without these luxuries.

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Because we are biologically wired to struggle, if we don't have an issue we create one

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the median wage in 1960 was 5600. According to official inflation numbers that adjusts to about 45k today. But the median home price in 1960 was 12k whereas the median home price today is around 320k. Meaning the numbers are fake and to be on par with the median wage of 60 years ago you would need to earn 160k just to be an average joe. Thats a very back of the envelope calculation and it would be more complicated to get a real number, but clearly inflation is much higher than they tell us. And they don't tell us because we're a frog in a pot. They don't want us to jump out before we're boiled.

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We've forsaken God. Not even exaggerating or being ironic in saying that. Our society has placed so much credence in "knowing" that we look at something as simple as the belief in a higher power as childish and idiotic, when in reality it's the very thing that allows for life to flourish. Some very few are capable of wrestling with the most minute intricacies of the universe and life sure isnt a cake walk for them, but the average man needs something unshakeable to rely on so he can go about his day without having a 24/7 anxiety attack questioning the nature of reality. Religion, actually fuck that just simple faith in God is actually a brilliant strategy for survival. Forget about all the midwit fedora atheist arguments that are so stale that they dont even warrant a rebuttal, here's my guide for a simple and concise philosophy for a better life:
>everything good that happens comes from God
>everything bad that happens comes from Satan
There, let that be your rock.

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Modern medicine, entertainment and transport outweigh that all.

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It's hard doing exercise when you are a wagecuck that works from 9 to 5 clicking buttons in a fucking computer and get home fucking tired and mentally exhausted.

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You mean so you can become a peasant and plow fields for your lord until you die in your early 30s

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Transportation, ironically enough, only increased the multicultural problem, since better transporation makes it easier to move vast number of people in a short time to other countries.

Modern medicine is surely a thumbs up, sadly, most of it has been hacked by big farmaceutical corporations that have profit motives quite away from health, so while it does helps, it comes packed with a bunch of corporativist bullshit.

Entertainment, I guess it depends on the kind of entertainment we're talking here.

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serfs unironically had more days off than the average american.

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I've read about that. The main reasons where because the church back then had far more festives and holidays, most of them mandatory, and Sunday was already a free day per religious reasons. On top of that, weddings, births also added up to a whole week of free time.

Finally, when harvesting season was over, they just didn't work the fields (besides preserving it for the next season) because there was no point in doing it.

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If this thread is off topic, why is it on /biz/?

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Watch HyperNormalization.

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NPC detected

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whats your point though? That the church mediated the state in the way that no institution does for tax cattle these days? Thats just another symptom of our decline.

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>If the modern world is so great
thats where youre wrong kiddo
humanity peaked in the 18th century
>in late 18th early 19th c america 80% of citizens owned their own enterprise
>most literate populations to have ever existed
>german romanticism marked a renaissance in all aspects of culture, in literature, philosophy, music, etc.
>your average german grade school student from the middle/upper classes was well versed in the literary canon, learned greek, latin, and advanced mathematics before uni
>even in america up until the early 20th century, students had to know greek and latin just to get into a top university
>for the working class, work was artisanal and meaningful
>communities were tight knit
>people had rich and fulfilling spiritual lives

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everything went to shit with the invention of the measurement of time where people suddenly were forced to be at places at a set time and be there for a set amount of time.

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No point in there, since that was never part of what I was talking originally. Just wanted to add some more context to what the other anon said.

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>modern gadgets that we have, like smartphones, cars, and of course the internet
golly how great that what previously were in person, close bonds of tight knit communities are now atomised and supplanted by my little gadgets
That the great works of art and culture have been replaced with plastic spectacles and tidbits
That roads dominate spaces meant for walking, that no longer do I walk down the street to local shops of artisans and run into my neighbors along the way, but that I get into my pod and drive a mile to some conglomerate owned shopping center, keep my head down, check out at a machine, and drive back home in my little pod
Thank you modern world for fracturing and compartmentalising intimacy and sex, relegating one to the therapist's office and the latter to a dating app
Thank you for turning my understanding of the world into a schizophrenic peppering of contradictory narratives and replacing knowledge and understanding with "information"
That we live in the "information age", yet knowledge is scarcer than ever

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Maybe its as simple as anti depressants didnt exist in the past?

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its cope and brainwashing to not kill themselves at their pointless wageslave existences. it is way worse.

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capitalism OP

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It isn't. Unchecked technology was a mistake.

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The benefits of the modern world increasingly go only to select few. Men are forced to be slaves and women are forced to be whores. The nanny state and the government is the new daddy so men have no role in life.

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Interesting, care to go on? It seems to me that time does not exist, only movement in space. when a clock is ticking the hands are simply movement, nothing more

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So much this. We are all chasing a goal that will always stay just out of reach because our monetary system is a lie.

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it's better if you're not a slave mining or assembling everything needed for technology

but as far as technology is concerned, someone will always have to do the weightlifting.

minerals? some slave will mine
oil? some poor fucker will have to go kill the whales
those majestic buildings with awestriking architecture? guess who died building those

face it, anon. it's not technology, it's not society. the problem is within us. we can ignore social media, we can leave 4chan. we could be using our time and the internet to learn, learn how to build, how to make art, how to better ourselves and others around us

but we don't, because we are pieces of shit.

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based "religion-is-still-important" poster. I don't fully agree with, but I think you and I would both agree on the following:

1. Religion is important in that it fulfills an existential-psychological need
2. Science has both (a) overly-quantified and (b) disenchanted the world

I got a big big kick reading into the world religions last year - Christianity (I'm a stickler for Catholicism as I DO like the rigidity of it), Buddhism, Islam, etc. There's something to say about giving yourself up to a religion, with its history, ethics, metaphysics, etc.

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and based Adam Curtis poster. he's a bit style-over-substance, but the substance he does promote will depress you even further

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I know from personal experience that Bill Gates is actually a nice man, if Schwab is his friend then he can't be that bad

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The modern world is materialistically the best it's ever been by far. Poor people in third world countries live better than kings did back in the middle ages. The problem is that this materialism has absorbed us and we have turned out backs on God, and this spiritual death is leading to societal wide demoralization and depravity. People no longer have something worth dying for. Repent and return to Christ.

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The world is the same as it ever was
The only difference is now due to the magic of technology you can hear everyone screaming

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it is time to take the tedpill my friend

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for sure. i myself quit all sorts of social media except 4ch cause I'm retarded, am trying to cut down on pornography and i can already feel better doing things i couldn't do before, more specifically i can read again without having the urge of wandering off to youtube. exurb1a has a good video on digital hygiene too if you're interested. ofc i do get my porn, vydia and drugs but in a more respectful manner. they're drugs and should be handled with proper care. it isn't because you can't die from a cannabis overdose that you're gonna smoke an ounce in a day, right?

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This is example of a man who thinks for himself.

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It'll be alright OP. The great reset will make you happy.

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In some ways it better in others it worse.
Humanity is a slave to a cycle in the same way markets are.
We have been at in a steady social decline for the better part of a century. The only reason this cycle is slightly different is that technology outpaced social growth/decline this time around.
Now society is like a 120 year old man kept alive by the technology we produce and create.
It will only keep going for so long, I doubt we will have a true collapse but I see 20-30 years of regression before a reversal.
Then hopefully we will take our rightful place among the stars.

I just want to clarify technology isn't inherently good or evil but rather societal growth has been outpaced by technology in an unhealthy fashion. We worship technology like it is a god. We have abandoned our gods and traditions in the hope that we can create the ubermench.
It's sickening in alot of ways but humankind is very much like a teenager currently. Temperamental and strong minded without very much forward thinking.

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Because in the past people didn't have the luxury or free time to be "depressed". Simple as that.

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Read kaczynski

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Now I won’t discount the issues with modern life and the mental toll it takes on a man, but I gotta admit I prefer this to getting burned alive by the Japanese or having my family raped by secret police in the USSR. We may be in a declining age but fuck the previous century was pretty bad yeah?

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I like your outlook anon. Fuck I hope we make it to the stars. I don’t even care who it is, I just want the species to go inter planetary so we don’t wipe ourselves out. We have come so fucking far.

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I'm going to rape and kill. Don't worry I will repent my sins to god and accepted into heaven with you

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>women are forced to be whores
Except they're not. They're just naturally whores

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Because we’ve abandoned Christ

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Look up behavioral sink and realize we're doomed

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Eat grassfed meat and organs for vitamin D, fren, fuck supplements.

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Thats jewish brainwashing, medieval peasants lived better than we do

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Christianity was a stepping stone towards this, retards, it cut Europe's spiritual roots. Now they are cutting our physical roots by soft genocide. Kikes are scared shitless of paganism, from the horse's mouth:
>Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and Its Relevance to Judaism
Meanwhile christians literally worship jews and the jew desert foreskin-eating "god" YHWH.

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Life now is more comfortable, might not be ‘better’ but it’s definitely more comfortable even just 50 years ago most people didn’t have an indoor toilet I don’t know about you but I like shitting in a warm place

>> No.30388528

This and just going outside. Even if the sun isn't shining hard you should still go outside, and if it's winter and the sun is shining just take your shirt off and stand in the sun. Also, consume enough cholesterol (eggs) because you need it to convert sunlight to vit d.

>> No.30388551

because humans have a need to perform all of the task that machines are doing. if you don't want to be sad, stop using the dishwasher, throw your roomba off a bridge, and grow, preserve, and cook your own food. THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!

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>Life now is more comfortable
And that my fren is the whole problem

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Doesn't work that way. Christianity depends on the contents of your heart. You can't just say the words you have to actually repent, which if you were willing to do in the first place you probably wouldn't have gotten to rape and murder in the first place

>> No.30388649

There's a war in the spirit and paganism already lost

>> No.30388668

Why’s it a problem? I like it mainly

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Anon I don't feel so good...

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I think I needed this thread to vent out. I’m literally in tears because life seems so pointless and unfair. It makes me sad how so many bad things are real. I hate that my family has suffered poverty and live in a shitty place with no future. I hate that I love my partner but feel there is no real future between us. We have no sex life, a rough past with cheating involved and don’t know if he actually wants to get married and kids someday, or if we’re just together because we’re scared of being alone. I hate my fucking job so much but I know I can’t quit because what the fuck would I do to pay my bills. My self esteem is taking a toll. My days go by and I feel like I’m not doing anything meaningful. Even if I “make it” I feel there would be something bringing me down, because of course money doesn’t solve all your problems. Idk what to do frens, I feel so hopeless.

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Make enough money to buy a plot of land and go there with your wife. Start keeping animals and growing vegetables.

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Tits or gtfo

>> No.30389009

Shut the fuck up schizo poster. It's real, we are getting more fucked by the day because of ZOG. Do not deny this. They are making us sick, and are taking control from us and our families, one shotgun shell to the head at a time. You need to stand up and fight or die like a dog in the gutter.

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> Many [female rats] were unable to carry pregnancy to full term or to survive delivery of their litters if they did. An even greater number, after successfully giving birth, fell short in their maternal functions. Among the males the behavior disturbances ranged from sexual deviation to cannibalism and from frenetic overactivity to a pathological withdrawal from which individuals would emerge to eat, drink and move about only when other members of the community were asleep. The social organization of the animals showed equal disruption. ...

The common source of these disturbances became most dramatically apparent in the populations of our first series of three experiments, in which we observed the development of what we called a behavioral sink. The animals would crowd together in greatest number in one of the four interconnecting pens in which the colony was maintained. As many as 60 of the 80 rats in each experimental population would assemble in one pen during periods of feeding. Individual rats would rarely eat except in the company of other rats. As a result extreme population densities developed in the pen adopted for eating, leaving the others with sparse populations.

... In the experiments in which the behavioral sink developed, infant mortality ran as high as 96 percent among the most disoriented groups in the population.[5]


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Stupid fuck, you really think mental illness wasn't around back then? It just wasn't explored, so people who were unlucky enough to have some chemical imbalance in their brain were fucked.

>> No.30389116

Your jew psychology is one of the reasons why people are ill. Imagine the irony of posting this piece of shit which doesn't even devote one single thought to spirtuality, but likely cares way too much about MUH CONSOOOM and MUST COOOM. Fucking kek. Maslow was a retard and one of the reasons why people are ill.

>> No.30389117

You are fucking retarded

>> No.30389136

suffering is relative

>> No.30389138

Read this anon:

Essentially once time was invented as a discrete measurable thing, societies in colder climates developed ways to regulate work. This is why whites are more civilized than the congoman, because the stark changes in climate and daylight forced us to be more productive and 'detail oriented'

Incredibly based theory that explains a lot

>> No.30389209

Modern hunter gatherers have far more time than a typical wagey, they're far happier too.
Material possessions will never be comparable to living in a close knit community of your kin.

>> No.30389276

>maslows hierarchy
>sex missing from the basic needs
0/10 unironically

>> No.30389294

Most actually intelligent people in the past weren't atheist. Atheism and Mawlow-level psychology is genuine midwit tier.

I don't think Christianity is necessarily unspiritual. But the way it is taught and conveyed definitely is. With fedora atheism and today's "civilization" then being the natural result.

>> No.30389300

OP you are a retard: the modern world is an hell on earth

>> No.30389311

They need something new and exciting, I found it in dHEDGE

>> No.30389335

>modern gadgets
... dildos

>> No.30389354

If i can pontificate a bit, for your edification, one of the rules of the internet is "there are no girls on the internet". This rule does not mean what you think it means.
In real life, people like you for being a girl. They want to fuck you, so they pay attention to you and they pretend what you have to say is interesting, or that you are smart or clever. On the internet, we don't have the chance to fuck you. This means the advantage of being a "girl" does not exist. You don't get a bonus to conversation just because I'd like to put my cock in you.
When you make a post like, "hurr durr, I'm a girl" you are begging for attention. The only reason to post it is because you want your girl-advantage back, because you are too vapid and too stupid to do or say anything interesting without it. You are forgetting the rules, there are no girls on the internet.
The one exception to this rule, the one way you can get your "girlness" back on the internet, is to post your tits. This is, and should be, degrading for you, an admission that the only interesting thing about you is your naked body.

tl;dr: tits or GET THE FUCK OUT.

>> No.30389368

And? Christianity has lost too.

>> No.30389403

social media and tv has done this

>> No.30389455

>They say we live so much better, because we have modern medicine, we can live past 70+ years, we have abundance in food, and water, and all that.

And you can't have a family because women study, if you have it chances are you are gonna lose it with a divorce, left wingers and their insane ideologies are running rampant and the power of Western countries has been declining since WW2

>> No.30389465

people have safety anon, no big wars in the west, no massive plague, no famine. now they have the luxury to look into themselves and decide they’re unhappy

>> No.30389531

because people are retarded, technology unfortunately amplified that retardation, where before it took them a while to get sad now because of technology they get depressed quicker

>> No.30389547

>now I tell you why we ask to prove girl-posters that they are girls
>it is not true that there are literally no girls on the internet
>you want your girl-advantage back
You are wrongly assuming girl-posters are girls in real life, imbecile

>> No.30389574

there aren't girls irl

>> No.30389606

Hey boys, I’m a girl, I’m married to a chad with a huge cock, and I’m a lesbian!! I bring lesbians home for threesome every weekend!!!

>> No.30389669

that would make you bi retard

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>> No.30389748

I self identify as a lesbian because of my femininity.

Also I always come when the other girl is on top of me

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>> No.30389781

no, you're just a retard that wants attention

>> No.30389819

r/cuckold is in the other tab faggot

>> No.30389875

>trying to justify the fact that his cock cannot compete with the one of my husband
Don’t worry: I get already enough attention irl

>> No.30389893

wtf are you talking about

>> No.30389929

so long larping faggot

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>wtf are you talking about

>> No.30390026

this has been debunked by independent fact checkers

>> No.30390035

Formerly Chuck's

>> No.30390075 [DELETED] 

Read Bataille's Accursed Share

>> No.30390154
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>> No.30390207

I wasn't talking to you larper

>> No.30390344

>Who even said the modern world is better?
Gen Z and A

>> No.30390447

Listen: just call me madam and I leave you to your job. I’m not asking too much, be respectful

>> No.30390493

you will never be a woman, now fuck off

>> No.30390525
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>I wasn't talking to you larper
>you will never be a woman, now fuck off

>> No.30390968

are you losing track of what ip you're suppose to be on retard

>> No.30391418


>> No.30391573

you're full of so many original retorts mr. bot

>> No.30391630
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cause pharma fools them into
its a huge drug-dealing industry
ADs are not even effective for most people

>> No.30391680


>> No.30391761

Huh? Pagans are 50% LGBT. This is confirmed by the fact that every single one of them I’ve seen being some bisexual goth thot that im about to bang, or a legit gay person hanging out with a Group of goth thots that im about to bang

>> No.30391818

People who didnt die of disease lived into their 70’s and 80’s. Child mortality rates lowered, advanced surgery and antibiotics are the only differences from back then to now. If youcould aboud disease then you were equally as set as you are now.

I guess maybe the biggest benefit to mdoern age is dentistry?

>> No.30391881

>Trumptard detected
>he think he won

>> No.30391912
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How does life feel without social media and without caring about what people you'll never see or talk to again think of you?

>> No.30391939

>That we live in the "information age", yet knowledge is scarcer than ever
Take the cooking recipe pill. Do you know how hard it is to find good recipes that someone doesnt teach you in person? Online recipes are FUCKING GUTTER TRASH. Holy shit the difference between my own old family recipes and the internet recipes are like first world and third world.

Useful knowledge has mostly atrophied and is disappearig, while false knowlede and garbage has skyrocketed in amounts. You can find trash advice and fake tips everywhere

>> No.30392015
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I think that the modern west can be the best time and place to be, although the younger you are the more likely you are to be raised like a pussy, fed zog onions at school. never get into fights, have autism/childhood cancer/obesity in general too much to overcome to carve out a sane part in this insane world. This isn't even to mention technology. Dudes I know that would have lived it up 25 years ago never take their eyes of a screen.
That being said this is just my rant since my parents were essentially infertile and I should have died within minutes of birth modern medicine just had to "save me". Assuming you make it to adulthood without being a faggot loser you have the benefits of:
Food and water security, safer child birthing, freedom to own land and guns(at least here in the US), knowledge of training and nutritional practices. Assuming you went to school and got one of those comfy modern jobs you don't have to wreck your body by 35 and you get vacation days which can be used to fill some of the gap between us and men of old. Skiing and climbing mountains, hunting, fishing, with the ability to make it as dangerous as you'd like.
If you are a depressed ugly loser now you would have been one 300 years ago; but if you've got success now you have far less to contend with than at any other time in history.

>> No.30392051

Entertainment is the worst and most useless out of the three.
Modern medicine is the only good thing (it definitely is a really good thing though)

>> No.30392059
File: 3.60 MB, 3600x2700, 2E7560E3-1AEB-46C8-9832-37A07C00E1D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many of you /biz/ were waiting for Q to take over in the capitol building?

>> No.30392103
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people shouldn't be living in these giant cities plugged into their phones all day

>> No.30392147

You didn't have land you could call your own lmao. Most people didn't have shit. You worked your lord's land and you would give him your surplus as rent. And he also got to fuck your bride on your wedding night if he felt like it.

>> No.30392426

I got you coming back for more

>> No.30392462

As opposed to
>ye old self fornication wooden stick
Passed down from mother to daughter
>treated with ear wax and pig grease to avoid splinters

>> No.30392555

>ctrl+f "curtis"
>actually find results

>> No.30392917

Good old times

>> No.30392959

I woke up thinking how easy it was to go whole days in the 90s not even looking at a screen at all. Now we are under house arrest with nothing else to do. Nobody thinks its better.

>> No.30393132

It’s for your safety: you have no clue how many in the 90s died of car accidents or HIV. Take care dear

>> No.30393149
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>> No.30393229

That's hot

>> No.30393278

don't you have some kid to blame the boston bombing on Redditor?

>> No.30393803

Frens, have hope.
What is now will not last forever.
Dedicate your time and lives to a fundamental part of our species, our collective advent to technology.
Create meaningful work and results that will contribute to a better humanity that can leave behind these terrible times we live in. I mean they're not the worst, but they should definitely be better.
Study a science and advance it, learn of different cultures and be the person you've always wanted to be.
Be of the 22nd century, not the 21st.

>> No.30394514

Read that Harlan Ellison short story about that, its really fun

>> No.30395602

Not to sound like Steven pinker but I at least appreciate the fact that I can brush my teeth and don’t stink like shit and am not covered in bugs and lice. Modern world sucks balls but god damn imagine the smell of the 1700s or whatever lmao

>> No.30395786

Hard to tell... romanticize the past demonize the present and hope the futures better
People have abused drugs for millenia, and there have always been outcasts, like there have always been gurus, mystics and snake oil salesmen
But ye we've never fucked up nature so much thats for sure, parts of france are still uninhabitable from ordnance from ww1, chernobyl and fukashima happened, hydro dams in the amazon and heavy metal pollution from various sources, antibiotics and hormones in the environment, plastic, these are all modern inventions... Seems worse to me
But hey, yachts have never been more affordable!

>> No.30397143
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It's good and bad in a lot of ways. There's this book called, "bowling alone" which takes about bowling league participation has plummeted (this was before the chyna virus so that's not the reason for this). I remember growing up it the 90s and you had to social and talk with other people to figure things out. Stuck in a vidya game? Maybe you have forum you can go to, but more realistically you talked to your friends at school. Going over to people's houses to play couch co-op or LANs was so much fun. When you go older this changed to going to and hosting parties and having fun.

Now we live in a virtualized society. But, on top of that, everything is so fucking expensive. I'm single and make decent money (I do have a dog which does increase my cost of living some). I don't consoom much aside from groceries, but even I look at my bank account and try to figure out where it all goes, about half my income goes into investing, but assets are so inflated that you can't even buy much, unless you're speculating on some shitcoin.

>> No.30397832

The modern world is 'better' if your only view of human attainment if physical. You never are in want of food, shelter, heat, or sex in the modern world. But the spiritual battles are the exact same throughout the ages. Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations' was written in the 2nd century yet the concepts he spoke of can be applied directly to our lives today despite the drastic differences in our environments. That's because the spirit of man does not change. We strive for attainment in the spiritual just the same as our ancestors did and struggle just as much as them with the answers to our most difficult problems. Some earlier generations had a better understanding of the spirit and its essential needs and some didn't. We seem to wax and wane throughout history of learning and unlearning these lessons.

>> No.30397952


> Women only want the top 10% of men
> Unhappy because they can’t all get a top male
> the average man can’t get a decent woman who won’t cheat with a “better” guy anymore
> Men aren’t happy chasing Billions they’ll never get to impresss women

We should have allowed them to vote.

>> No.30398801
File: 610 KB, 1024x731, do it for christ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and Christ-pilled

>> No.30399121
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>tfw wasn't born 300 years ago

>> No.30399233

Didn't read responses in thread so far but it's because the value of religion and community that was once present in peoples lives is gone and nothing has replaced it except shitty bingeable media or hookup apps. Temperance is necessary for human happiness but people no longer understand how to achieve that because what they want is constantly shoved in their face. They make decisions for a cheap thrill then feel like shit about it later and it leads to a cycle of self destruction and self abuse. The modern world is better in many ways but our social condition prevents people from living in a healthy way. That's why people are so fucked up. Having access to what you want all the time is toxic to the human spirit. Repent and seek God and you will know peace

>> No.30399288

The bad things that happen come from God too mostly... He is testing us to refine us. And that is a great gift too

>> No.30399326

A big part of the dissatisfaction with modern life is an overabundance of choice. People are in a constant state of anxiety and stress over their choices and attempting to maximize their happiness. For most of human history the average person had almost zero ability to structure their lives in the way they see fit. Its easier to be content with your lot if there was no way it could have realistically been different. Now, we have much greater opportunity to live how we choose, but that freedom weighs heavily on human psyche.

>> No.30399348

How would somebody in the modern world know the modern world is better if that's all they have ever known?

>> No.30399473

The weight of that action will be weighed in the final analysis. Christianity does not write off evil with the word, a change of heart and inner repentance is the only way to salvation.

>> No.30399502

>Poor people in third world countries live better than kings did back in the middle ages
that's not true at all.

>> No.30399571

Then get killed by an infection from a crossbow bolt in your side. Do you know it was standard practice to dip arrow and bolt heads in pig or human shit when hunting bandits? It was almost a guarantee that any hit on an extremity would result in an excruciating death.

>> No.30399592

Because we've gone past the human breaking point when it comes to mental stress. The modern world is fucking great. But it has become so demanding and mentally taxing that people just check out. Plus we're reaching such levels of wealth inequality that society is going to collapse if the trend continues.

>> No.30399620

Because antidepressants and alcohol in abundance now exist. Your lack of imagination on how horrible the past was, day to day not culturally speaking, proves you are an underage fag

>> No.30399639

We're going through an Engel's pause. Xers, Millenials and Zoomers won't live to see it, but the latter part of the century will be great. Alphas will inherit the Earth. Much like the Boomers, these bad times will create strong men, who will create good times. We won't live to see that, tho.

>> No.30399641 [DELETED] 

Bill gates tongues my anus.

>> No.30399671

You fags are 100% retarded. Everything you are worried about is fake. What you need is direct sunlight exposure on 50% of your body for at LEAST 45 minutes a day and 7-8 hours or uninterrupted sleep.

It is impossible to reach baseline health and circadian rythym without these things.

>> No.30399698

People are sad and depressed in stressed no matter where in the world you live or what time period you live. The nice thing about modernity I’d you don’t have the added stress of starvation of being massacred by some local warlord

>> No.30399716

Depression was higher in the past, there were so many more wars going on.

>> No.30399819

ancient wars were not like modern ones, commoners were not forcibly drafted till the 16th or 17th century and had minimal effect on them e.g. not bombing civilians

>> No.30399861

It's really simple: no one is coming. You are the one who's gonna save you. Stop looking for a way out , start looking for a way inside yourself. You need to find the voice within.

>> No.30400007
File: 26 KB, 480x412, 1563090880384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're brilliant. All that is without is found within. All that is within is found without. You have all you need already. The monk is still within you.

>> No.30400086
File: 480 KB, 1242x1233, 1612757402609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are approaching peak jewish prime world. Just enjoy how great your life is, and relish in how much you love niggers, fags, and trannies. Just keep plugged into the most convenient goy media and have a big mac maybe download the newest steam game. Just make sure you consoom product some way. Be at work Monday morning.

>> No.30400094

How the fuck are you supposed to reach 45 min of sunlight on 50% of skin in winter time? Just take the supplement. Also you should apply UV cream everyday, most of the skin aging is due to sun

>> No.30400388

You're in the same place Jordan Peterson is, understanding the practicality of religion without faith. I'm in that stage too. Faith is the hardest part of my journey and I suffer without it.

I don't really know what I'm holding onto, but I feel that my heart is still barren to the seed of faith. I'm hoping with prayer and going to church that I can turn the dryness of my heart fertile. I don't think this stance of understanding the logical usefulness of religion is at all what it means to be a Christian. You and I and Jordan Peterson have to take a leap of faith at some point to be saved.

One of the downsides to that faith that I think I'm holding onto is the fact that it turns off a lot of people and makes my position in debate a lot less effective I guess. But I think that is a cope that I use to rationalize my self-interested ego that wants notoriety for my intellect. In reality, faith is what makes your well flow over and gives you the strength to be a beacon that guides others.

IDK, what do you think? I've been listening to this guy on youtube "Made by Jimbob" who has been changing my perspectives a lot recently and he identifies a lot of problems with Jordan Peterson that I've noticed are true. I mean, JP's clearly suffering. He thinks the world is suffering and that his place is to struggle against the gales it produces endlessly. He properly identifies the problems with society but can't produce solutions that make even his own life tenable.

>> No.30400730

I meant to say first world. Late in the night

>> No.30400863

all we have are surrogate activities. at worst they are meaningless wagie jobs and at best meaningless wagie careers. we spend nearly 50% of our waking hours (close to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week when you consider preparation and commute on top of 8 working hours) for 60% of our lives (ages 18 through 68) on these surrogate activities. none of it has any connection to nature. you aren't tending to your (or your lord's) farmlands to feed to your family. you're commuting an hour each way to click buttons on a screen, with layers of needless complexity and stress, just to make some jew shareholder 0.1% richer. or you're pushing boxes around a warehouse for 12 hours, also with needless complexity and stress, so some retard can mindlessly consume some chink trinket in that box you're pushing around. you're basically dedicating a significant portion of the only life you will ever get to absolutely meaningless tasks, in the most demeaning way imaginable, with high amounts of stress. this is why depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc. are so extreme. even the dumbest 80 IQ niggers realize what a terrible way of life this is, completely detached from NATURAL LIFE.

>> No.30400903


>> No.30401218

>people have more things and things are more convenient
>still not happy
Maybe there is no correlation between the two

>> No.30401836

The most popular sociological theory (Durkheim) for the rising suicide rates is that people are more socially isolated and don't have an obvious place in society. In feudal europe people usually lived with their extended family and knew what to expect of their life in terms of work and living conditions.

Nowadays more people live alone and though people do have more economic opportunity they also have more insecurity.

I might have butchered it a little bit but Durkheim was basically studying the difference in suicide rates of protestant and carholic european nations. His biggest explanatory factor was the family relations and social belonging

>> No.30402075

Agreed regarding digital hygiene. Something I was good at until I started going on 4chan. I need to limit myself

>> No.30402085

Actually hunter gatherers only had to work about 4 hours a day according to anthropologists. They also didn't struggle with childbirth or teeth problems, those are modern problems (see: Price and Pottinger research). Also they lived quite a bit longer than people assume, if you subtract infant mortality. Basically if you made it past 5 you could likely expect to see 60.

>> No.30402227

Depends if we're talking about hunter-gatherer society, simple agrarian society or industrial society. Hunter gatherers just had occasional skirmishes with neighbors.

>> No.30402455

this is true. wagecucking takes the spirit out of man. there's nothing stopping you from doing half an hour of exercise when you get home, though. as long as you eat right during your wage hours you can come home and run or lift if you have a home gym. just because you're tired and mentally exhausted doesn't mean you can't exercise. make it a rule for yourself.

>> No.30402477

That's actually a really good idea if it was trackable it'd literally make the world a better place

>> No.30402975

very nice
ty anon

>> No.30403098

Also he wrote a bit about religion not being the same binding force it used to be. people used to have more in common with the people they lived around as well. (he refers to this as mechanic solidarity), in modern times we show solidarity with others because we are reliant on them in capitalism (bosses, coworkers etc) which he calls "organic solidarity".

To illustrate this i'll simply say that people used to have more friends and know more people in their area. A simple example of this is the difference between living in a big city and living in a small town.

>> No.30403141

How do you force yourself to believe? You either do or you don't. It's possible that you do and you refuse to acknowledge it, then it's like you say where you have to open your heart and figure out how to not be misguided by the ego (becoming Christian is a big identity change that the ego has to reconcile).
If you don't believe at the bottom of your heart, then you can't just fake it. If it's not there it's not there. Why Christianity instead of Zoroastrianism? Or Buddhism or animism? If that is perplexing you then you're obviously not a Christian. I can't reconcile it myself, the closest I can get to being Christian is acknowledge Jesus' teachings as truth and everything else in the bible as bunk written by shephards and not god. In my theory Jesus wasn't a very good Christain and wasn't concerned with the rites and rituals, he shrugged that off and found his own connection with divinity and just wanted to share that with us. He was an enlightened person trying to explain to Jews that they didn't have to be Jews anymore, I'm sure much of what he said was misinterpreted by his followers.
So that's as close as I can get to Christianity. Needless to say I don't go to church and I don't believe in the Jewish god.

>> No.30403177

Slaves to dopamine like a mouse in a cage pulling a lever
>Smashing pumpkins song bullet with butterfly wings

>> No.30403281

i think it is finally time as well
been putting it off

>> No.30403320

The rise of hedonism is the biggest factor to the despair of western culture.

>> No.30403371

I will rape you

>> No.30403387


An Adam Curtis documentary talks about the use of valium and opiates in suburban america.

It's a long, interesting documentary best suited for bed time watching.

>> No.30403444
File: 16 KB, 460x403, 1613085755795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I have a fantasy of running off and joining some Mennonite/Amish community
I don't remember posting this

>> No.30403459
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>> No.30403500

It's almost like Uncle Ted explained this whole situation 20 years ago.

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

>> No.30403666
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>> No.30403685

>medieval peasants lived better than we do
Turn off your A/C and or central heating and tell me that in 3 weeks

>> No.30403748

Wood stoves are comfy as fuck.

>> No.30403794
File: 899 KB, 1200x600, web3-raphaels-school-of-athens-fresco-apostolic-palace-vatican-city-raphael-pd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The length of life and the quality of life are two different things, anon. You can learn how to live a better life.

>> No.30403838

delete all your accounts and find out for yourself

>> No.30403864

Actually it's a little bit more complicated than that, it's *modernity*, which capitalism is an aspect of

>> No.30403890

>You can learn how to live a better life.

Hello man!
I have a question; Is my life philosopy bad if I believe that everything that matters is your health and economy??

>> No.30403891

If shit was awful back in the day, people would band together and actually change it. Now, shit is awful and instead of people changing it we are just pumped full of anti-depressants and other things until we don't want to change things. If society was intolerable, we changed it to be tolerable. Now, if society is intolerable, we are changed until we find it tolerable.

>> No.30403926

Can someone relate this to our current situation, please?
I must be missing the connection.

>> No.30403980

For me the universe holds no validity without my faith. The laws of physics take alone are a circus and a joke to me and I'd rather induce neurosis in myself in order to break free of the sterile chains of mechanical universal laws. I prefer turning my identity and awareness of myself upside down rather than believing in them alone and taking them as my only gods. I don't care about gravity or the facts of the universe. I only want sincere and full-hearted love founded upon a strong cultural ecosystem without any of the debilitating irony and sarcasm who's banalities men have gotten so used to taking for granted.

>> No.30404063

We evolved to be afraid of everything just around the bend, because there was something always around the bend that wanted to kill us.
Now better men than us have killed all the monsters lurking in the shadows, the silence is unbearable, so we've turned inwards on ourselves.

>> No.30404069

Underrated post, America and the rest of the globe have dealing with both internal and external war for the last 160 years, which clearly has had the effect of a bunch of traumatized generations popping out kids and beating them into submission for the abusive cycle of society.

>> No.30404076

Have you ever been in a well built house with thick walls?
That doesn't make him stop caring or feeling pressure from people on social media like his family. Rejecting modernity and being a hermit is nothing like living a few hundred years ago even if you get a group to do it with you.

>> No.30404124

if you were really based, you would know that "Uncle Ted's" idea was nothing new. people in the 17th century were advocating for some romanticized, going back to our roots lifestyle. some even wrote books on their experimenting of a primitive lifestyle, and you can say it didn't end well for them either. because they fell for a literary device that is thousands of years old. the truth is, you're lusting over something that never was, a locus amoenus. imagine that, all of those stories you've watched, read, heard have taking root deep in your psyche.

>> No.30404127

The only social media i use is facebook, and i only use it for messenger. It's very liberating to not feel obligated to care about or check up on people all the time.

Most people my age don't use socials all that much, which is based and epic. Discord servers would be an excellent replacement for facebook accounts if fb wasnt so ubiquotous. Talking to people based on shared interests instead of "knowing the same people" is a better foundation for social interaction, mostly.

Too bad discord servers are full of mentally ill trannies all the time lmao

>> No.30404152

>Have you ever been in a well built house with thick walls?
Yes and it had central heating

>> No.30404170
File: 57 KB, 500x500, 20210306_213023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Read Industrial Society and its Future and you'll get all the answers you need to this question.

>> No.30404232

So no, you have not.

>> No.30404274
File: 344 KB, 564x564, stmartyr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"better world" isn't about hedonism and technology fag
it's about conquering
it's about morality
it's about value
it's about God
norms can think that "their lives are better" cause they can fuck, eat and drink whole fuckin day, meanwhile this hedonism pulls them down into infinite mental shithole cause there's no value in this which there are unconsciously searching for

>> No.30404299

You can still have a phone for family and close friends, just delete every social media app. That's what I do.

Unfortunately this depends on your personality type, and it will certainly be harder for other more sociable people to manage, but it's necessary. I think it'll be a few more decades before we realize the full extent of the negative ramifications of social media, I literally believe it is the worst side effect of the internet

t. Hermit since I graduated 9 years ago

>> No.30404375
File: 186 KB, 600x708, 25 - suffering from capitalism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30404391

I've lived without A/C for years. Am I supposed to be missing something?

>> No.30404458

Irrelevant, bots are not affected by health nor economy.

>> No.30404498
File: 183 KB, 600x600, AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because its not. its a soulless hellhole. turn your back in the modern world for any shot at peace and happiness.


>> No.30404531

So why the genocides

>> No.30404559

Don't use Discord, they're even more banhappy than the globalhomo tech companies.
Services are like crypto (since both are just software): if someone in your community doesn't have the server running locally, it's not your community. Use a self hosted server like Element instead.

>> No.30404585

you have been psychologically manipulated, see this >>30404124

>> No.30404587
File: 40 KB, 631x339, PlatoAristotle7Virtues7DeadlySince.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think you could live a good life if you were only concerned with those two. Is murder ok for economic gain?
You should strive towards justice, temperance, friendship and community, charity, being courageous and industrious/ ambitious, etc.
It honestly isn't so clear though, in the modern world, how we should act. They had it much easier I'm the ancient world where a people and land were one.

>> No.30404634

>Proof Of Monk crypto

Also, OP, like many have said, humans are overstimulated from overabundance. Your brain can barely tell the difference between videos and real life now all of a sudden you've fucked 30 different women in 5 minutes on COOMhub and took a year's supply of glucose in one large Coke

>> No.30404701

Yeah, he wants to solve humanity's problems. He's selfless and altruistic. Unfortunately his solution means you will eat the bug and live in the pod and you will own nothing and you WILL be happy. He doesn't believe us dumb sheep might desire self-determination.

>> No.30404774

>just delete every social media app
I'm still affected. There's no way to even try out living in a world without social media. Everything on the planet is infected by it and the disease may be terminal.

>> No.30404827

people use to not drink water, for thousands of years they drank beer or mead or some other high sugar drink. lets all stop with the ignoring the truths of today and the past to fit some ideal that we have. arguments are not going to help us get out of the state of misery.

>> No.30404893

Because winning too much makes humans sad.
It's part of the programming.
We came to this simulation in the first place to experience suffering.

>> No.30405014

I think its interesting that people ITT think "the past" is 300 years ago and we would be peasants now. They seem to forget that homo sapiens settled down ~12000 years ago. Befor that we where Hunters and gathers for millions of years and thats what our brain is made for. I would bet that the average Hunter was waaaaay happier than the average normie today. Yes beeing a pesant in the middle ages probably was worse than what we have today but I would bet that >12000 years ago the average human had a more fullfilling live than today. Our brain was not made for the life we live and did not have time to adept. Just my two cents

>> No.30405035

The modern world is better. Yes go look throughout history and suffering has always been terrible, we still suffer and we always will. But it is better. Homes were even more broken back in your beloved 50s fantasy.

>> No.30405103

Medieval people drinking alcohol instead of water is a myth

>> No.30405234


>> No.30405269

It will take time , as more and more of us realize how harmful it is slowly this will escalate from an individual issue, to a community one, and so on. Maybe in our lifetimes, maybe not, who can say? give it a try, it will force you to look elsewhere to fill that time. This will be terribly uncomfortable at first but it's worth it, trust me anon

>> No.30405315

He literally said "I am the Son of God". Repeatedly. Either you accept the Hebrews were right and he was a dangerous nutter, or you accept he was the Son of God. The "Enlightened Teacher" is shit people tell the goyim so they don't think about actually being saved..

>> No.30405358

Now this is how you do class struggle.

>> No.30405493
File: 322 KB, 1500x761, 46930501-0844-4343-B7F0-D46A7AF19325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>business and finance

Fuck off back to whatever board gives a shit. We’re here to make money.

>> No.30405628
File: 72 KB, 800x574, 1611852597234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally don't even know what you're trying to say.

>> No.30405661

No really, just think about it. Manual labour makes you tired. Tiredness makes you thirsty. To sate your thirst, you need liquid. Now if medieval people DID drink alcohol instead of water, they'd all be CONSTANTLY drunk. Drunk farmers tending to the fields all day. Drunk guards patrolling the town. Drunk soldiers marching to war. Hell, drunk soldiers FIGHTING in wars. You still need to eat and drink during skirmishes, which could take a long time if neither side had the advantage. So every important person that was vital to society was just straight up completely drunk.
And that's not even getting to the logistics of things. Towns were founded universaly near rivers for a reason. You could either brew alcohol, which takes time, effort, skill AND food which you could actually eat instead of breweing, or you could just, y'know, head to the nearest body of water, fill up a barrel, boil it and have enough to sate the thirst of your entire family for a month.

People drinking alcohol instead of water makes NO fucking sense, and if you just believe this shit without even bothering to think about it then you're a sheep

>> No.30405663

What do you mean?

>> No.30405668

Yeah I'd sure love to live in ye olde times

>forcibly drafted into war for no reason
>no dentistry, no anesthetics
>can't read, write, shit math, get swindled out of your pennies because of it
>high risk of freezing to death in winter if things go bad
>no hygiene, soap etc
>no systems for funneling away shit like sewers
>garbage lining the streets
>childbirth death rates sky high
>the arts are for super rich people only

I could go on, but people are depressed for very legitimate reasons such as not having enough free time, societal pressure, lack of money, lack of purpose etc

This does not mean ancient peasants were living the high life

>> No.30405669
File: 92 KB, 1080x720, 1610451205865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

take LSD and you'll find the answers

>> No.30405693

>treated with ear wax and pig grease to avoid splinters
>pig grease
Do you think some women fantasized about being fucked by pigs?
Apparently there were cases of aristocrat women getting frisky with horses.

>> No.30405795

Imagine all these ticks

>> No.30405902

Yeah, people were too busy trying to not die to be depressed.

>> No.30405954

I'm saying this ideal of going back to our roots is merely a tool our ancestors used to keep us moving forward enduring pain, because just over the next hill could be the most lushest grove of peach trees. the garden of eden never existed, and we will never find the fountain of youth or any other bullshit motivator our ancestors created.

>> No.30405971

Beau Miles on youtube is a good example of someone living well
very cool guy in my opinion

>> No.30405991

Exercise, chew nicotine gum, have sex with significant other.

>> No.30406087

now tell me about how they preserved all of that food the farmers grew. did they throw in the fridge, or did they ferment it. drinking alcohol all day and getting shit faced are not the same thing

>> No.30406142

>chew nicotine gum

>> No.30406203

What's your background? Surprised biz knows about Durkin

>> No.30406299


Let me introduce you to a story between Dan Everett and the Piraha People

> Christian missionary goes to Amazon rainforest to convert tribe
> Ends up becoming an atheist
> Everyone in the tribe is super happy all the time despite living in poverty
> Tells them about how his Aunt committed suicide and how it devastated him
> Difficult to translate "suicide" since they don't have a word for it
> Once they realize what he's saying they burst out laughing

>> No.30406300

Gets your blood pumping with 0 risk.

>> No.30406306

No. People didn't think about sex all the time before the 80s when porn became widespread.

>> No.30406410

I only use this site. I get into for like a week and then take a break for a month. I want to have my finger on the pulse of the hivemind without getting eaten by it.
Mouse utopia says it all. The one and only factor that slows the rate of decay in mouse utopias is giving the mice problems they have to solve, ruining the "utopia".

>> No.30406420

porn may be the single biggest thing holding most men back these days. it's honestly worse than any hard drug because it's so easily accessible.

>> No.30406432

Don't worry anon. There's a doctor 8 towns over. After the river calms down in 5 months we will send for him

>> No.30406438

They used salt, barrels and cellars. Beef jerkies were created as a good way to preserve meat for a LONG time. Harvests only happened few times per year. Being able to preserve food for the long term is what made the transition from hunter gatherers to farmers possible in the first place.

>> No.30406453

That's the true.

>> No.30406595

I'm aware of those techniques, and they were equally vital to our survival. but, why are you ignoring fermentation? arguments are not going to ease our suffering. stop ignoring objective reality to fit your fairytale.

>> No.30406748

Make babies your fucking bitch. Only children can bring peace to a woman.

>> No.30406848

>zero risk
Yeah, zero risk as (((caffeine))).
Any stimulant is bullshit. Modern society by itself is already very stimulating.

>> No.30406894

Fermentation is caused by bacteria, which only happens if you don't preserve the food properly. An airtight container can keep food fresh for a very long time. The only one ignoring arguments and believing in ridiculous fairytales here is you, pal.

>> No.30407085

holy shit you're retarded! please keep you're penis in pants. good day shit for brains!

>> No.30407103


>> No.30407230

The trick is to stop wanting to watch porn rather than just forcing yourself to watch. Realize that porn is unimpressive and the artificially pent up sexual charge you get from pornography will dissipate. Don't pay heed if your boners stop being as hard as before for a while. My goal is to lose the ability to turn completely hard unless I'm with a woman I love.

>> No.30407442

forcing yourself to stop watching porn*

>> No.30407627

i stopped watching hardcore porn last year
however, i'm still hooked on solo huge milktruck videos with massive cleavage and that kind of stuff.
i need to stop. the only way is to leave 4chan but we all know how hard that is. these boards are filled with thotposting and sometimes i can't help it especially if i've gone a week or so without busting.
i've got to figure it out

>> No.30407643

because theres no point in making it if everyones brainwashed by the media and act like sheep with no feelings.

>> No.30407854

The point of making it is to be able to get away from these people.

>> No.30408669

i am half japanese half finnish and living in finland now, the work life balance here is actually great, especially in IT with wfh i barely work 4 hours a day and just make it look like i am working. it's also very hard to get fired but the country is boring as hell, especially now that traveling to other european countries is troublesome
i have been just thinking of going full remote and moving to like french polynesia or reunion island and buy a home there
life is incredibly dull

>> No.30408808

Nobody wants to live to be 70 and be all fucked up. They want to work easy jobs that pay well and fuck until their eyes bleed, and then watch their kids grow up.

At what point did we all get together and ask for a 50-80 hour work week?

>> No.30409474

reading these threads is not good for the soul. i hope all you anons have a good week

>> No.30409794
File: 69 KB, 480x455, When.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The future will be better so long as promises are kept.

>> No.30410157

Diagnosis precedes treatment. If it's soul-crushing to identify the problem, then the problem must be far worse.

>> No.30410274

I'm a criminology student

>> No.30411197

It's not that they've increased per se. It's just that amount of ways to recognize depression have increased. While you may think depression as a whole has increased, it's just that more people are recognizing they have it and ways of dealing with it have also increased.

>> No.30411329

They didn't have antidepressants back then.
Suicide is forbidden in all Abrahamic religions.
Everyone was poor and everyone died because of flu and other common shit.
No internet or tv so no one knew how the elites were living so people didn't have huge goals or ambitions.

>> No.30411849

>a land you could call your own
you are fucking nuts. private land ownership is a very new phenomena

>> No.30412025

Because its only better for 0.01% of the people on earth

>> No.30412605

A lot of people were bamboozled by their parents into buying into a antiquated and irrelevant way of life. You actually derive your self esteem from working in a coal mine? Not accumulating knowledge, skills, experience and maybe a family? Ngmi.

>> No.30412790

>I have built up a strawman stereotype in my head that is supported by very little, if not entirely anecdotal, evidence

take your meds bro, your family cares about you

>> No.30413125

depression and anxiety are up because people are status maxxing retards who are never satisfied. There is no upper limit, and social media escalates it.

>> No.30414065

It's by design, people and societies at large have lost their compasses. Look at what is happening objectively.

It is *impossible* to have a conversation on the public internet without influencing actors bringing down the level or steering the conversation into other directions, making the original conversation or problem lose all its importance.

We have all these "crises" happening in the real world, yet no one seems to be able to stop them or wants to do much about them. Politicians are feckless, they'll come onto stage and do speeches about how they will take new measures to tackle the problems but the "crisis" continues and people lose hope of things changing, most don't even go vote.

Welcome to clown world. Where everything matters but also doesn't matter, you don't know what is the truth or what isn't. You have nothing to latch onto but a bottomless pit so you cling to the internet and every day is the same fucking day. You do the same unimportant thing every fucking day and you stay in your little routine and nothing ever changes. Keep masturbating and consuming media, living in the internet.

>> No.30415041

I don't accept your argument. All he meant was that he is one with divinity.

>> No.30415225

> hey Bob, how’s it going with the ol’ family?
> still accumulating

>> No.30415537

he meant that he was THE one and only one with divinity

>> No.30415928


>> No.30416214
File: 139 KB, 662x790, 1607040184904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And nearly 100% of christians worship israel and niggers. What's your point?

>> No.30416379

so true
ted's ideas are spreading with the aid of 4chan
people (young people especially)are understanding concepts he explained such as surrogate activites etc
if we cant put words on our ills, we will never solve our problems
thank you anons for making me discover uncle ted, his manifesto is great tier, i recommend every anon to read it if he hasnt yet

>> No.30416512

Cause everyone is treating other like shit and you have to fit in that kind of environment.Because of that many people find identity in being treated badly which causes a lot of suffering unconsciously and manifests itself as depression.

>> No.30416657

U r actually so fucking stupid

>> No.30416924
File: 120 KB, 1024x768, 1614613386012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>naturally whores
That's not true at all, being a whore is unnatural, hence it being so repulsive to real men

Whoredom is due to programming and social media alienation

>> No.30416976

Dats rite bruv and think about basic shit like food and water. Now a days u gotta pay a premium just to get shit that isnt loaded up with garbage. Blind pursuit of profit has absolutely lowered the standard of living for the masses

>> No.30417090

People don't want the goodies socialism/capitalism offers. People want hardship and struggle. That is just how human is.

>> No.30417279

> Stagnant since 50 years due to money grubbing
> Kek
> Literally destroying the planet and dissolving culture + communities

>> No.30417314

There surely was, but it was lower.

>> No.30417339

Nice muh dark ages meme schlomo

>> No.30417608

Amish people have figured it out

>> No.30417732

It's decadent and weak. Look at a lion in the wild versus a lion in the zoo. One is safe and comfortable and provided for whereas the other has to fight to survive every day. But just a glance at each of those creatures will tell you which one is really alive and which one has already resigned itself to death.

>> No.30417926

Take cod liver oil. Got rid of my low vitamin D

>> No.30418016

Lol u fucking pea brain

>> No.30418195

I’m pretty happy. I really like the internet and have access to the entire canon of music from all around the world. I eat well and don’t work a 9-5 job or have social media. Plenty of friends tho. Miss doing stuff with them.

You kind of have to be smart enough to understand what makes you happy in this modern world because if you go with the flow you may end up a miserable consoomer.

>> No.30418257

Because it's not better, that's a materialist's delusion, they think "oh, technology better, better world" but that's hardly the case, humans need more than their physical needs satisfied to be happy. Yes, it's better physically speaking, but at what cost?

>> No.30418304

Love art and concerts tho. Like to travel even if pretty cheaply staying in hostiles and using buses to see as much of the world as possible.

Meeting new people is fun. Really like doing drugs, but only psychedelics and ones that generally improve my life rather than shitty ones like cocaine. Work for myself. Overall I’m much happier than most people.

>> No.30418327

bunch of reddit bullshit. you are taking the 1500s and saying that's how everything was before mario and pornhub

>> No.30418525

I don’t know. Music makes me extremely happy and being able to find an entire album online in seconds rather than have to drive to a record shop and pick up an album makes my life immensely better. Also audiophile speaker systems are really fucking great. Housing costs suck and people have too many children though. Entire system is gonna collapse but I stopped caring about that or reading philosophy or critical theory when I realized I couldn’t change much about my surrounding as easily as I could change myself. Focusing on the “weather” (let’s call it) around oneself instead of menial day to day interactions and getting joy from just being a positive person to people isn’t healthy. The world is far too complicated to think about endlessly. Better to just listen to Good Vibrations in FLAC and bliss out.

>> No.30418666

Mark my word. This system is completely fucked and there is nothing you can do to improve the current system as it is inevitably going to collapse. You can buy crypto, tho. It’s dope.

>> No.30418858

Well, I'm not sure if music counts as a physical need, that's one case of better technology actually being better for humans beyond their material needs.
I must say I don't think all technology is for the worse, more like not all technology is for the better, This is because technology is not your friend, it is a tool, and humans have been using it wrong more times than the opposite.
And yeah, I think it's not worth it to focus on things you can't control and the best is to try to change yourself. You can't change the system from the inside, you become the system. Just let it collapse under it's own imperfections.

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