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Alright, here's a perspective from an old fart. This financial advice is not to be taken as financial advice. Criticize my analysis.

>Gold and gold stocks are going to turn a corner and catch fire over the next 6 months.

90% chance that fire is a rocket engine, 10% chance that fire is a dumpster out back.

Reasoning: Gold has returned almost to pre-pandemic levels ($60 higher, give or take) but silver remains almost double. People are wary of the market and the conditions are ripe for massive inflation. That makes old fuckers nervois, and old fuckers (especially old rich fuckers) LOVE gold and see it as an inflation hedge. It is currently being smothered by increasing 10-30yr yields but that would quickly evaporate. On a technical basis the RSI, CCI, and slackening force all indicate a bottom with a PPO and KST turn looking to support this, possibly. Buying physical gold will protect your crypto earnings IF YOU CAN GET IT FOR A DECENT PREMIUM so try to buy direct from MTB if you can pump $25,000 or $50,000. If poor SDbullion is probably your best bet. Maybe JM. Avoid Apmex.

Gold penny stocks (Roscan, Pure, Winston mining in montana, Northern Superior, etc) can 100x if this happens, but the downside risk is considerable.

Barrick, Newmont, Kinross, and Yamana look poised to gain big but not combo-breaker.

Downside risk of gold in general is Bitcoin leeching the market a bit, however the sustained high silver price speaks against this and Crypto is more of an "and" than an "or" when it comes to precious metals.

>Crypto in general is going to fuck around for a bit, possibly correct, then move up.

Slight chance of regulator intervention at some level fucking some coins up. Cardano ADA and Bitcoin both look promising. Ethereum will stick around forever because that's what it does.

>Do not buy the meme stocks or Tesla.

Tesla is wonderful company but overvalued. Wait for Tesla to hit low 400s (split price).

Get rich or go bankrupt trying.

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I already bought 10 grand worth of Payhorse how am i supposed to afford gold penny miners too

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I bought 5k of Yamana this week. So far so good.

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gold is a hedge, nothing else. buy gold if you are wealthy and you might need a loan one day, its great as collateral

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I actually see crypto being rkt by the government. Kinda like an executive order 6102 but for crypto instead of PM.
And don't give me.that decentralized nonsense. The government does what the government wants always.

(Few know about EO6102 maybe people should google it)

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I need to get wealth first gold buying is for people who already have it

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I just sold a huge stack that I had been holding on to since 2011. Made a modest profit. Made way more from BTC.
It was tough to sell. One grows attached to the beauty of the shiny lustrous coins and bars.

The problem as I see it is the following:
the metals should be mopping up all this money printing and the price of metals should be skyrocketing, but they are actually going down!
It's all going into crypto. This isnt by accident. Thsi is by design. The bankers want to move us toward a new digital monetary system and away from gold. I assume they continue to suppress the price of gold and silver with their paper derivative scheme.
The problem is that dealers still follow the COMEX spot price. They won't give you more than 96-100% of spot.They'll adjust their premium based on supply and demand so that they still profit but the seller will be left high and dry. Unless you can set up a slick operation on ebay selling at comparable premiums to the bullion dealers, you will lose out. So buy all the gold you want. You won't be able to sell it for what it is truly worth. And you wont be putting that money to productive use.
If I decide to buy gold again, I won't make the mistake of putting so much of my net worth in it bc of the above reasons. I'll buy a little bit just bc it's money out of the system and could be used for emergencies.
tl;dr You won't be able to profit from price appreciation in gold bc our rulers have decided that they don't want you to...

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only buy gold if you hate money

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What's wrong with apmex?

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btw I bought 90% of my metal from Apmex and I thought the service and pricing was excellent

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What do you think silver is going to do?

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Go 40x

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whats the best moonshot silver penny stocks to buy on the nyse lads?

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>it's a subtle ADA shill thread
every fucking time

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nah, it will continue the trend and you know it.

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I think it's the most undervalued asset right now. The physical is easy to hold, as it's for my children and their children. You need a stomach for the miner tickers and their volatility. I'm down 30% on a few and up 80%+ on a few picks.

This list is probably the best resource you'll find for miner tickers. Browse /pmg/. I'm in Scottie, Skeena, Blue Lagoon, and a few others. Go with SIL and SILJ for ETFs.

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No retard, gold is wealth.

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thanks friend. i have been recently and buying up physical silver. your thoughts on bayhorse?

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Bayhorse is my biggest green position so far and one of pmg's favorites. It's probably one the best pure silver miner plays if silver actually begins to boom. Absurdly low market cap sitting on an amazing property. If silver is a play you're in on, a small position in this seems like a must-have. It's the most volatile of the miners I've seen so far with regular 10%+ daily swings, so keep that in mind.

Other picks like Fireweed Zinc, Scottie Res, etc blend in more of an metals/commodities mix instead of pure silver. My biggest holdings are SIL, SILJ, and SLVP along with GSG for a commodities ETF weighted with oil and GUNR for another commodities/resource companies allocation in my HSA account.

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appreciate the response friend will look into these other ones youve named.

I have a few lithium and copper plays only right now, but quite keen on silver.

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Haha I too loaded my HSA with silver. PSLV and Payhorse (and GBTC).

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it's a dumb rock that will make you bleed purchasing power. inflation is a tax on stupid so is gold. but at least inflation doesn't also have a premium.

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buy gold miners and collect a dividend while keeping exposure to the best inflation hedge that has ever existed during a time that the most money printing has ever occurred in all of human history.

to not buy gold is basically to say that you believe the best inflation hedge in the world will do poorly during a time of absolutely parabolic and unprecedented levels of monetary printing and currency debasement, which would be illogical.

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10 thousand dollars or 10 thousand shares?

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i believe gold is the worst inflation hedge around right after fiat money.

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If he bought low when /pmg/ told him to, he only put $3000 into it.

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>which would be illogical
where have you been the past 100 years?

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5,000 of human history would tell you that you are wrong mate.

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no it proves me damn right. 5000 years ago there was barely any gold around. and now there is like 200 million metric fucking tonnes above surface and a few quadrillion tons below surface.

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Yeah I'm gonna skip this one gramps

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*thousand not million lol i'm tired. but we will get there in 100 years there will be over a million metric tons mined.

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There are 244,000 metric tons of which 57,000 are underground.

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lol quadrillions are under ground. i'm not kidding. gold is not at all rare as an element.

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Ah thats not so concerning.

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>no it proves me damn right. 5000 years ago there was barely any gold around. and now there is like 200 million metric fucking tonnes above surface and a few quadrillion tons below surface.

Gold inflation has been almost exactly commensurate with population growth for the past 5000 years and new gold discoveries are rapidly disappearing

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There are many people on ceo.ca who own millions of Bayhorse shares. One person owns 5 million. Bayhorse is also top mining analyst Bob Moriarty's 5th-largest position.

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>Gold inflation has been almost exactly commensurate with population growth for the past 5000 years
bollocks population growth has been capped with agricultural yields. gold mining is not capped by agricultural yields.

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You are the first one to discover all these quadrillion tons of gold. Start digging friendo

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And me a poor fag with 46K shares. Lol. Can't blame me for not trying if I lose my ass.

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lol if you think human history proves that gold is not a good inflation hedge then i think you need to read some history books.

literally an ounce of gold could buy an expensive roman toga and sandals 2000 years ago in rome, which is the equivalent of a good quality man's suit with a pair of shoes today. the fact that this has held for so long is pretty fucking astonishing

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no we have been known about it for a good while. the point is gold is awfully abduand not at all limited in supply and it has been mined at an exponentially growing rate the past 100 years.
now that population hard capped not long ago gold is definitely and categorically a money sink.

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it's not. have you heard of mansa musa? wherever he went hyperinflation followed. because he had so much fucking gold and was not afraid to spend it.

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More food means more population-growth which means more technological innovation and gold-mining going on, anon

Google what I said, you'll find it to be true

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you are suffering from cognitive dissonance man, and i cant be fucked to cure you of it. good luck to you though.

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lol there are literally no more 50m oz discoveries like they were in the past, we are lucky to find 10-20m oz deposits now, whereas in the past they were common place.
as i said earlier, what you say doesn't stand up to reality, if you knew anything about gold at all you would know that good sized discoveries have been shrinking rapidly.

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>i believe gold is the worst inflation hedge around right after fiat money.

Congratulations on falling for the trick

Hope that you realise your mistake before the manipulation suddenly breaks in an instant soon and you're completely priced out forever and ever

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What's the suicide stack for gold?

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Nah, precious metals are about as performant as stocks while being in a different asset class. Should be like 1/5 of your portfolio on that basis.

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Better to think in terms of silver
Only 60 ounces puts you in the top 1% of owners

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Price manipulation has lead to shortages. In silver’s case the shortages will lead to industrial consumers setting up another market where you will get full price. Buy silver.

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Somebody's gonna panic if this keeps up.

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Redpill me on royalty companies, like Franco Nevada and Metalla. Are they worth buying shares of, and how long should they be held for?

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Currently holding 400k worth of Jr miners.

I'm not selling until 2025

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>More food means more population-growth
this isnt a video game

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They're already panicking

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WPM is the best.

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Gold has about the same average returns as the sp500 while being in your control instead of the system’s control.

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Can you redpill me on some gold stocks that don't pay a dividend? Don't care if it's high risk.

I've been considering throwing $200k into gold miners for diversification for some time, but all the big names pay a dividend and my country's tax laws are retarded with regards to dividends.

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50k shares here. We are gonna make it friendo

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Interesting, thanks.

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Imagine thinking that Tesla is a wonderful company.

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Here's a useful pastebin. Miner section has some research/lists of risky, but high potential jrs.

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Yes mate, sheer co-incidence that the UK population goes from 16 million to 65 million from right about the time when you see this rapid increase in agricultural yields

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satoshi himself would pick this baby off the ground if he spotted it. theres no reason to hate one or the other. Gold is proven, BTC is not. i have and hold BTC but precious metals are just that, precious. jew bankers are evil so we have to make do. honest greenbacks would make gold redundant. guess why gold's as gold as it's ever been...

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bad example, the cost (labor) of making fine clothes in the Roman era was vastly higher than the cost of making a luxury suit. Also all the “muh 5000 years of human history” morons conveniently ignore the incredible booms and busts of metals economies over the centuries that made the Great Depression look like a joke. Like much of the overvalued useless garbage in our society, gold only has the value it does because of memes, which luckily are slowly dying so the population of retail investors losing their money to premiums and metal scammers is decreasing by the year

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i don't really care why it is what it is.
going down rabbit holes is unhelpful.
anyone that held gold for a decade will never see his purchasing power back.
it's a dumb thing to do.
i'm sure nominally you will have ""fantastic"" gains but actually you got rekt and you paid the premium and you paid the taxes and you bled out of the ass to inflation.

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>honest greenbacks would make gold redundant

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Thanks. Are you in any junior miners/ miners that don't pay a dividend yourself?
I would honestly prefer something (somewhat) safe, but as I said, all the big names seen to pay a dividend and I want to avoid that...

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>anyone that held gold for a decade will never see his purchasing power back.

Somebody who said this in 1971 would have missed a subsequent 25x gain and the greatest gold bull market of all time

Try getting ahead of something for once instead of chasing

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Assuming growth leads to technical innovation is one fuck of a stretch, considering the billions of street shitters and chinamen in Asia, and the massive population growth in Africa, all of which are basically just massive resource sinks.

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yes and basically gold and fiat has nothing to do with inflation anyhow.
here is the thing, when consumption/spending is higher than production you get inflation. when it's a lot more and trends become noticeable even to the dumbest you get hyperinflation real fucking fast.
the available money supply is multiplied by the velocity of money for spending. so the inflation of the base supply is not even that important a factor.
if you have a fiat system doubling m1 money stock and velocity drops to half you get no inflation. if a gold money system has 2-3% expansion on stock but velocity picks up you get massive inflation like 100% annually.

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since youre having trouble lol

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>Assuming growth leads to technical innovation is one fuck of a stretch, considering the billions of street shitters and chinamen in Asia, and the massive population growth in Africa, all of which are basically just massive resource sinks

Actually, those East Asians you despise are the ones who create most of the world's production and are going to make you just as poor as they are poor right now when they dump your worthless paper and demand gold for the fruits of their labour. Hope that you're ready for it.

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your own charts tell you it's dumb to hold gold and even dumber to treat it as money.
it's exactly like a chart of a shitcoin going to zero but having some pumps and dumps on the way.

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Greenbacks are actually fiat money by definition, that's where the word comes from.

"Greenbacks were paper currency fiat money issued by the United States during the American Civil War that were printed in green on the back. They were in two forms: Demand Notes, issued in 1861–1862, and United States Notes issued in 1862–1865. They were legal tender by law, but were not backed by gold or silver, only the credibility of the U.S. government."

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i'm sure next time the ones that could run fractional reserve scams would choose honesty instead. but if not then maybe next time after that.

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I don't have that problem with my country regarding dividends luckily. Jr miners also don't give out dividends usually.

I hold NEM as a comfy dividend hold personally. Almost 4% which is crazy high for the sector.

If you want blue chip safe stuff, that doesnt give dividends.. there isn't much.
I'd recommend first majestic, but they just announced a dividend this quarter lol.

I'd say your best bet for silver/gold exposure without the hassle of dividends are ETF's. >GDXJ/GDX/SILJ/SIL

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I’m considering selling my bitcoin when it hits between 100-200k for this cycle. Is it smart to jump into pax gold and then rebuy btc when it hits its new low?

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You understand absolutely nothing of the fundamentals, why gold spikes in that chart and then goes down again. For the same reason, you don't understand why it's about to go up on one final occasion and then never look back.

>> No.30381509

Production is different from innovation bud.
I'm not denying china is really good ay producing shit. But to say that the billion Chinese peasants working in factories or the massive population explosion in Africa is somehow responsible responsible any kind of "innovation" is a retarded take.

>> No.30381538

i doubt strongly any of that will happen the complete demonetization of metals will be done within a few decades most likely. it's just a dumb concept.

>> No.30381567

The West is innovating little either. Most innovation was done already in the last century, and we are simply tinkering with things which were accomplished by greater men.

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>the complete demonetization of metals will be done within a few decades
Yes, what we see in the real world is truly bearing out your anti-gold fantasies

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Stop moving the goalposts.
You said that population growth breeds innovation. That's simply not true.

Why you're bringing production capabilites of china or a slowing of innovation in North America into the conversation is beyond me.

The population in Africa could hit 3 billion tomorrow, that still wouldn't lead to any type of intelligent innovation coming from that continent.

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>sound economic decisions
you can only pick one

>> No.30381920

thanks fren

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>anti-gold fantasies
they are not fantasies they are result of objective observation of trends and projection based on those observed trends disregarding idiotic sperging and conspiracy theories.

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>You said that population growth breeds innovation

I didn't say that "population growth BREEDS innovation," no. I simply observed a correlation. It's simply valid to say as a rough historical truth that "More population growth has generally correlated with more technological innovation." That doesn't mean that for every extra person you get, you always get more innovation. It simply means that what we observe in history is that population expansion has generally correlated with an increase in technological progress. That's what we saw from the Industrial Revolution onward. It makes sense, because the more people you have tinkering with things and going about in their own way, the more happy accidents there are going to be. Of course, you also need the right conditions to breed innovation, which we also had in the 19th century, namely free markets, a gold-standard, a free and virtuous society, etc. We no longer have that, hence why things are declining. We're completely straying away from the original point of course, which is that gold inflation has generally kept up with population growth. Even during the Age of Discovery, gold inflation was only about 1% per annum.

Russia is debt-free and has a massive trade surplus, America is one of the most heavily indebted nations in the world and has a massive trade deficit. Stop believing MSM propaganda.

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>Your chart showing that Russia now owns more gold than dollars is a conspiracy theory

>> No.30382098

that's not a conspiracy theory you know exactly what i'm talking about. the whole bullshit myth about "price suppression"

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>the whole bullshit myth about "price suppression"

>> No.30382174

>Russia is debt-free and has a massive trade surplus
i doubt that very much, but it's also bigger than canada and it's economy the size of germany.

>> No.30382181


>Downside risk of gold

You are missing the possibility that central banks will start selling. They are almost certainly already leasing to support the LBMA, but as deliverable metals tighten they may get desperate enough to try actually let bullion leave their vault. This would be a really retarded thing to do, ofc, they all ought to know that the upcoming currency crises is gonna mean they need as many reserve assets backing currencies as possible to ensure they aren't totally fucked by the new balance of trade and currency purchasing power. But they might think it won't matter if they can do it secretly.

After seeing Canada sell off all their gold, I really wouldn't put anything past the Keynesian/MMT koolaide-drinking loonies running the show in the West. They may well drag us all down with them out of delusion and spite rather than admit to being wrong. In that scenario, gold still goes up, but it is the very last thing to go up, and only once they can no longer stop it.

So for that reason, I am mostly long silver. They simply don't have the stockpiles to control the price.

>> No.30382228

like i said bullshit conspiracy theories. any prolonged price suppression would be awfully expensive. and totally uncharacteristic of how these institutions operate.

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wait wait wait....
Hold on anon. Let me get this straight.
So you are acknowledging that :
- the price of commodities, especially PMs, is manipulated downward by the banksters to make it look unattractive
- the whole shitcoin illusion is propped up to lure normies with big gains
- the banksters can buy every resource in the world for cheap while imprisoning us in a fake world of digital fake infinite wealth they can then regulate and generate out of the ether at will
who end up being the
- you will own nothing and be happy globohomo motto
- you still decide to play their game because you feel powerless and greedy at the same time.

You seems to be an intelligent fren, why are you doing this to yourself if you know the outcome will eventually be total misery and you selling true wealth for a ponzi digitoken cookie you know will be regulated to death to make place for the FEDcoin? If there is one moment in history to not sell gold for bitcoin, it's fucking now.

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>any prolonged price suppression would be awfully expensive
When you can print a literally infinite quantity of money, who cares about expense?

But even from that point of view you're wrong. The manipulation of PMs has been highly profitable for the banks. They short it, smash it down, knock everybody out, and then buy everything back at the bottom and go long, rinse and repeat, over and over again. They've made fortunes from doing this.

>> No.30382327

>he still think it's about money for (((them)))
no one can be this retarded, i refuse to believe it.

>> No.30382450

Everyone has been saying this forever man. They got the market on lock with paper. They'll just dump truckloads of paper and derivatives. What's actually going to change all of a sudden?

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This is the end of it all mate. Don't let your normalcy bias deceive you. Look at a chart of the money supply and simply exercise your common sense. 20% of all dollars printed in only the last year, and it's only getting worse and worse. Why do you think they locked everything down in the first place? Because they needed an excuse for what they knew was coming. In 2011, things weren't in such a bubble that a 1.5% nominal yield caused the market to crash and the Fed had to implement YCC simply in order to get things under control. How do you expect the U. S. to recover from 40% real unemployment (source: ShadowStats)? It's over, it's done. And the rest of the world is ready to pull the rug out now and go back to gold.

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They consistently have the highest premiums. If you buy your entire stack from Apmex then over time you will end up significantly poorer than if you shopped around.


*shrug* It just made me some money and it's getting huge hype. Do you care if it's getting shilled if it makes you some money?


5000 years ago there were also like 4 people alive now there's 7.5 billion.


And right now agricultural yields are only limited by shitty government policies... and that still isn't really slowing it down.

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10 thousand dollars cost


I didn't buy that low but I'm in the green

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I'd also add to this, what are you proposing as the alternative to buying silver? You can see the dystopian nightmare they are trying to build for us, mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, masks, lockdowns, and all the rest of it. So what are you going to choose to do? Comply like a slave, or do something and fight?

>> No.30382699

>20% of all dollars printed in only the last year
Nah it's way more. It's already 40%, almost 50% once the 1.9T bill pass the house in the past 15 months.
Controlled (((demolition)))

>> No.30382800

>praising the East
China has literally all the same problems as the West (extreme debt levels, rapidly aging population, homelessness in tandem with housing bubble, etc etc) whilst most people are still poor as fuck. They are the only major Asian power to develop these chronic and inhibiting problems BEFORE becoming an overall prosperous and developed nation. Literally ran out of juice before even reaching the finish line.
America only looks worst than East Asia if you only focus on the issues with America, which there is a lot don't get me wrong, and buy the MSM/CCP fag narrative about the Rise of China without dyor.
Let's not even go into Japan, SK, and others. They have all but given up any real chance of economic resurgence and are mostly focused on how to make their women pump out more babies before the social welfare system is overburdened.

>> No.30382841
File: 394 KB, 1024x560, 1614972063879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>most people are still poor as fuck

Because China is still giving away their production in exchange for worthless America paper. Those poor people in China will become exactly as rich as Americans become poor when we go back to gold.

>> No.30382919
File: 413 KB, 1024x560, gaddafigold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just realised that that picture contains a tacit endorsement of socialism. Edited it to have a more sensible message.

>> No.30382992

why isn't the top USA gold producer (Barrick Gold) on that list?

>> No.30383017

You are actually retarded.
The average Chinese citizen will never deal with US dollars. The only people that ever hold US dollars are the oligarchs and elites who store the entirety of their wealth in the West anyways.
How are the Chinese people going to get rich from their provincial leader converts all the USD the province generates from exports into CAD for real estate in Vancouver?
Prosperity for the Chinese people as a whole is a sick illusion

>> No.30383035

Demand for gold will always be high due to being one of the most crucial elements inside every single semiconductor. If semiconductor go up then gold go up.

>> No.30383067

Actually, ignore me. I didn't read properly and misunderstoof you. If you meant everyone is going to become poor then we're on the same page mb

>> No.30383112

>population growth has been capped with agricultural yields
wtf that's absolute bullshit, why are you lying like this?

>> No.30383113
File: 652 KB, 1700x3200, thevalueofgold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's all right, I make a lot of mistakes on here too. Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

Picture related

>> No.30383191


5000 years ago the global population was like 10 million people, now we have cities like Tokyo with 35+ million people.

unless you plan on drilling down to the core of the planet (impossible) or catching gold from a star going supernova (even more impossible), gold is always going be incredibly scarce, relative to other elements and the population itself.

>> No.30383203

One's speculation on precious metals, PMs like gold, is an inverse correlation of one's faith in the present economic paradigm.
You sound like you have faith in the present economic paradigm.
Most of us on this general do not. So you have to convince us to have faith in the current economic paradigm.
So let's hear it you dirty syphilitic rat jew shill.

>> No.30383252


only problem with streaming companies is they're considered pfic's. look up the tax reporting requirements if you're in the u.s.

shouldn't matter if you hold it in an ira, though, and maybe below certain amounts it doesn't matter, i dunno.

>> No.30383338

I only disagree with your timeframe. The bubble will get bigger. YCC and Operation Twist will keep the QE Unlimited party going for at least several more months, maybe into next year. This is only the beginning of the end.

>> No.30383360

EGO and GPL are the best gold miners.

>> No.30383396

YCC will be the trigger for metals to go to the moon, so if you correctly believe that's coming soon then you had better get in now.

>> No.30383484


That's what people say at the bottom of the market.

>> No.30383604
File: 301 KB, 1440x959, 1588343003353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agree with this although it sounds insane.
A lot of people forget the Fed was doing repo operations months before the coof in order to keep interbank lending afloat and liquid. The writing was on the wall.
It really is happening this time bros.

>> No.30383699

>currently being smothered by increasing 10-30yr yields but that would quickly evaporate
>that would quickly evaporate

>> No.30383741

>try to buy direct from MTB
what is MBT?

>> No.30383770

>Avoid Apmex
sorry why no Apmex?

>> No.30383850


mortgage backed trannies

but he said MTB, not MBT

>> No.30383882

It doesn't sound insane.
None of this is sustainable. Mathematically.
They're printing money to buy time to implement the Great Reset. Quick! Quick!
I don't think they'll make their milestones though.
Which means economic and social catastrophe.
To the moon!

>> No.30384741
File: 189 KB, 788x976, convert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>A lot of people forget the Fed was doing repo operations months before the coof in order to keep interbank lending afloat and liquid. The writing was on the wall.

Yes, you are exactly right. And what's more you can go even further back, to when yields got above 3% in late 2018. The market immediately crashed 15% and the Fed was forced to re-start Q. E. again, which they called "not Q. E."

>> No.30384814


Highest premiums. Just shop around. Sometimes Apmex is alright but usually they are the most expensive.

>> No.30384901


i've brought this up to people in my irl investing circle, and it's like they've collectively forgotten everything that was happening pre-covid. complete brain wipe.

>> No.30385028
File: 1.24 MB, 1479x1279, paulprediction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most people are delusional enough to think that America had "the greatest economy in history" under Trump, even though the debt grew more than ever, the trade deficit remained, Q. E. was reintroduced and expanded, the stock market grew into even more of a parabolic bubble. Not that the Democrats would have been better, they obviously would have been worse. But both parties are completely incompetent liars and most people are completely financially ignorant.

>> No.30385033

>$10,000 into bayhorse.
Gods fucking speed you glorious bastard, gods fucking speed.

>> No.30385842
File: 3.55 MB, 2112x2584, 1607959433069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get frustrated that anons from smg don't diversify, but at the same time the bayhorse yolo might be the best play for these degenerates.

>> No.30386059

Government has no incentive to ban crypto. Crypto is the new world gold standard. The quicker you rip than bandaid off the better

>> No.30386290

Gold is going down in price from people selling to grab higher interest securities. If you can get much higher-than-inflation return on something else, you'll likely sell some gold and rebalance your portfolio.

>> No.30386317

I honestly thought Trump might End the Fed. I figured he's rebuild America on the Fed's credit card and then dissolve them. A replay of what he did in Atlantic City.

>> No.30386379
File: 181 KB, 2660x980, 1614712853585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30386424

>old fuckers (especially old rich fuckers) LOVE gold
This is a poor old fuck's idea of what rich old fucks think

>> No.30386506

He was a salesman trying to fake it until you make it, if you get what I mean. He wanted the Fed to do maximum QE because he wanted the economy to just move forward with confidence even if it meant inflation. It's hard to sell confidence if you admit inflation is high when the economy is meh.

I still hated that he did the QE.

>> No.30387320

Looks like you read my posts in /smg/ earlier OP

>> No.30387533
File: 98 KB, 318x318, 1588681835649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fag id


>> No.30387662

Tesla has a 1000 P/E and the only profit they make is from selling carbon credits. Musk had never done anything in his while life. He's a celebrity that used his Daddy's blood diamond money to get where he is.

>> No.30387743

i've got news for you old man. if fiat fails you doomsday people are still going to be fucked. your gold and silver aint gonna be worth shit. there aint gonna be barter system there's gonna be stab-you-and-take-your-shit system.

>> No.30388663

>So let's hear it you dirty syphilitic rat jew shill.

>> No.30388831

Why do you like scottie?

>> No.30388863

Silver one isn't on that list. >>30378472
Fucking love gunr.

>> No.30388899

WE are all silver miner Anon.

>> No.30388924

crypto will definitely go up. especially the Chinese ones by 2030.
CFX seriously has the best bet.

>> No.30388967

If you're talking crypto, platform coins are solid today, but oracles are solid tomorrow. Oracles are the next frontier in blockchain and I will always recommend you hold some. My favorites are LINK, API3, and ERG

>> No.30389427

lol fiat outnumbers gold 200 to 1, and you are talking about expensive, bro, do you even listen to yourself before you type out your dribble

>> No.30389611

But this is not a thread about xBTC? They said this board would be full of them

>> No.30389700

Sod off, retard.

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