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You are now a McDonaldsCoin hodler. This might be your first foray into the wild west of cryptocurrencies, a temporary swing, or you might have transitioned from one of Ethereum’s many rugpulls. In any case, we are happy to welcome you to the McDonaldsCoin family.

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I dump Mcdonaldcoin for triples

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McDonaldsCoin is a parody art project and gamified token. In essence, MCDC is the catalyst for a Revolution in BigMaconomics. The honest truth is that The McPlan is what you make it. A clown will not lead you by the nose down the garden path, but he’ll honk as you waltz on by. All of us hold the power to effect monumental change if given the right tools. MCDC is that tool.

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The McPlan is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The McDonaldsCoin family believes the end result is inevitable, therefore our actions guide us almost instinctively towards that goal. This wave cannot be stopped, though many will try. Our response to the fear, the uncertainty, and the doubt is to simply laugh into the abyss and press on. What you need to ask yourself as a member of the MCDC family is: When does the ride end? Should you choose to bow out, know that the Revolution in BigMaconomics will continue as McPlanned. But it will be all the more more potent with you on board. Strap in, the ride has just begun.

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Fuck off

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Yep, you bet I bought the McDip. As usual do the opposite of what /biz/ says and wagmi

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will this go up again? Ive got 20k sitting at a way higher numbers

Whats the dev team working on? When will it happen?

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Hahahah please rope. You have failed life’s IQ test. How could you buy this McCrap hahaha.. hope your family hates you, you deserve to be hated

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fuck you

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Garbage coin

Buy mcdonalds stock not mcdonalds garbage coin

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rugrat lol

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The plan was to get /biz/ in and then shill it to reddit to dump on, guess karma got the best of you McHolders

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I lost 5 ETH to this and I started only buying what pops up on centralized exchanges after this

Fuck you

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Fucking KEK

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All the moonshots from a month ago have had a resurgence. Shib and Hoge both just did massive rockets to new ath in the last few days. Is this next?

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This has come a long way from the first whale dump. the team has been working very hard. fuck it I'm buying in 50k

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someone trying to unload their heavy bags?

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this scam is over. if you are stuck holding you are the one you got fleeced

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What are they working on?


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theyre working on laundering their money

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How is this a scam..didnt mcdonalds endorse this? There was several posts linking this article so i think you are mistaken


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>didnt mcdonalds endorse this?
you can. not. be serious

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Anon please be trolling.

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>dev team
there was a fat indian chick whose booba was not great, weird looking. and lived with her mom

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How else could they get away with using the logo

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alright now i know youre fucking with us. good show

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Anon please. There's no way that anyone can be this stupid.

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Im 100% serouis

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Are you underage or a retarded third worlder?

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stop, you already made me laugh

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Brah yall fucking with me right i got 20k stuck in this shit

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ran ran ruu

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prove it

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Answer the question, are you a underage or a third worlder?

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Im from usa but i i came over from reddit after gme stuff

You telling me i got scammed on my first crypto trade?

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democrat nigger kek

just hodl bro, you will make it, dont listen to the FUD, do the opposite of what biz says

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Alright this is a troll, you made it too obvious.

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Lmfao either 10000 IQ troll or actual retard

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From the very beginning the project was pitched as a community-driven funcoin to foster quality memes, laughs and good times. Where’s the scam? There’s like 3 MCDC threads a week on here but always very familiar anons show up to pile on the hate. So much seethe can’t be healthy, dear anons.

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i really dont give a shit what you guys do, i never bought into this pnd, i was busy buying TOSA bags at the same time

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What made you decide to invest in something called McDonaldscoin?

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Spongebob Coin will follow the Mcdonalds coin success.


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Wow 3.5 cents right now. Congrats I honestly thought this was dead

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Holy fuck I lost everything. I thought this was an official coin by McDonald's, how the fuck did it get rugged?

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Maybe if you didn't sell, you wouldn't have lost anything.

Dumb niggers gonna seethe

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Dang, you guys are still around? It's impressive how long you're maintaining this scam

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Chainlink is the official coin of the real McDonald's, dingus.

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Eternal bagholders looking to dump

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Makes you wonder if it's a scam at all