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Adderall anon mentioned it in his schizo thread and included it in his schizo pastebin... really solid white paper... clearly defined platform, use case, and unique value proposition... lots of connections...yet only $10 mil market cap. What am I missing here, anons? Is this vaporware or is it unironically an overlooked gem?

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Could just be early for once.

Wait...that's probably not it.

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Bond whales are in a private TG chat with the CEO. You will get dumped on.

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Bonded has been shilled here since before December when the first audit was announced. Most of Biz is at least familiar with it by now but most have dismissed it as vaporware or panjeet scam. Others ignore it because it crabs while they chase scam coins. The amount of SEETHE caused by missing out on RBC will be nothing compared to this one

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Extremely undervalued for what they seek to provide but pull out after the first few pumps. The other DeFi projects listed have institutional funding and are safer to hold long term.

Don’t have the pastebin saved but don’t remember him mentioning a timeframe for holding. Been doing a lot of research into the “cream finance“ he mentioned and it seems like it has the same team as Yearn which is a 30k+ coin

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Man I bought $60,000+ of this because my magic 8 ball told me to.

>is being thoroughly audited by same company to audit Cisco, Elrond, and some Ukrainian Bank
>has lot’s of partnerships
>Will use LINK oracles
>has a good pajeet dev from Matic

>everything else
>missed December deadline for audit completion
>failed audit 1 due to garbage code
>website looks atrocious / unfinished
>no timelines at all
>founders keep saying “soon” whenever asked anything

Now, my Magic 8 ball also told me that 1 bond would be $1 before the end of 2021, so I will continue holding.

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Are you the anon who first mentioned it? Adderall anon said “to look into” and stressed doing our own research but the audit is a little concerning.

Might ape in once the audit is done though.. IMO Curve, Synthetix, and Stacks were the major winners he shilled though.
>Synthetix was incubated by Paradigm which was founded by a coinbase founder
>Curve provides liquidity to Synthetix
>Stacks is a Bitcoin DApp chain that will allow applications to be built on the bitcoin network
>stacks is also sub $2 and has Winklevoss funding which means it’s a guaranteed thing
Just my .02 anons

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Did you check out Opium, which he also mentioned? Reading the white paper and it looks very interesting, especially since they have a working product. You can buy insurance on USDT collapsing right now, for example.

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I was in that thread. I jokingly said Bond was the real hidden gem. I had fomoed in 4 days before that thread.

But yeah, he was definitely talking about looking at “startup accelerators” ran by the bigboys like Coinbase, and then just copying them. So he was talking avout Synthetix last night.

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>Bond memes

>The rest of the team
>Maybe not even that good a platform since so many have caught up
>kinda worried about 60% of the tokens not circulating yet

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Bought into Synthetix after reading the thread. BOND is definitely a riskier play but $200 for a small bag suicide stack isn’t a bad risk vs reward ratio. If I were to buy anything more I’d wait until it hits a real exchange because the TG issue has been mentioned here a few times (can check warosu). Not to say it won’t pump hard.. but there were so many other “sure fire” plays just seems silly to go all in on the riskiest of the bunch. Wouldnt put in serious money but that’s just me.
Actually been holding Opium since last month so was happy to see it mentioned. They also plan on offering insurance on options trades which is a first in the industry and it has only been mentioned on /biz/ a handful of times since launch.

One of my most bullish holdings atm but ethereum network congestion put a bit of a hold on the price action so I’ve just been cost averaging. Large institutional presence too, very comfy.
>talking about looking at startup accelerators ran by the bigboys like Coinbase, and then just copying them.
This is exactly what I got out of the thread. Thank you for putting it succinctly
ID: Hax Ran (Kek has spoken? Lol)

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Riskiest play out of everything mentioned, would look around the Stacks (winklevoss), Opium (paradigm), or Synthetix discord / telegram groups before going into Bonded Finance but bought $200 worth in case.
>t. risk adverse dolphin

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What's with the circulating supply though? Only 5% circulating?

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what the fuck is happenning here. stop discussing this trash, im fucked up with your zero trade and fake “moon”. your rockets are shit. is that so fucking challenging to put money in smth good kek???buy phore coin, have the graphene distribution and stop being so dumb

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Shill Phore to me. Been around since 2017 and yet just a $10 mil market cap...

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I can almost guarantee you're replying to a bot. If you lurk long enough on biz you'll notice a pattern

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Opium has an interesting token lockup schema and burning system gonna try and find exacts

List of DeFi projects for those who don’t mind digging. Website only provides a broad description but great for seeking out moonshots

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There sure isn't much in the way of derivatives platforms on that list...

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Check’d and that’s for sure a shill bot they switch projects every few weeks

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Because you said that he gave a us a breadcrumb, must mean something. Whitepaper seems pretty interesting.

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What’s their community like? Bitching about an audit, bullish on the project? Devs responding or going ghost? Haven’t checked yet but plan to tonight

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team doxx'd, bunch of partnerships announced last month too. I believe they're in the process of getting audited.

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Just jumped in the TG
>extensive conversation about how to dodge IRS and avoid crypto cap gains taxes

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and scrolling up looks pajeet and cringe af...this can't be a real project

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As much as I hate these conspiracy theories as a weak fud they usually are - I wouldn’t bet my shittiest of shitcoins that such a collusion doesn’t exist

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Lmaooo might be smart to wait until an exchange listing

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Mark Cuban is an investor. #IYKYK

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Nah I'm out, TG smells like curry and screams vaporware.

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I did a 120x on Bao and will do it again on this shit. Neck yourself.

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Good call. The community says everything you need to know lol

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I just checked out the Opium TG and its dry and boring as a Federal Reserve meeting...bullish af

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can anyone link me to this pastebin? sounds interesting

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You'll find it in here

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Ya, thread's over folks. Bonded Finance is retarded and pajeet. Everyone go home, show's over.

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>The other DeFi projects listed have institutional funding
are you implying that bonded does not?

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They already have one kek

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I noticed the original image tweeted also had rarestone capital, which is a huge one. but why would they remove it? https://twitter.com/bondedfinance/status/1319309983784337410

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interesting. i had only seen the medium post, but it is somewhat concerning seeing that the twitter post has a different image

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he was talking about snx and dydx retards

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only things I can think of is they backed out, it was a mistake, or something with an nda...? idk

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the hopium in me wants to say NDA. that kind of makes sense, because you can't edit tweets.

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any other plausible explanation? why would that even be under nda? feel like it's normally public knowledge

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Too bad they are a diversity hire female/tranny dev team

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the article itself also does not list rarestone but only the others.

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not a hecking dumparino

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The link in the pastebin has expired. Would any kind anon reupload a timed link? If not, oh well, he gave good crumbs.

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HE ACTUALLY DELETED IT, Adderall anon wasn't even larping

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Looking for this?

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Thank you for the large crumb anon

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you're not missing anything. it's allr ight there.
the audit will come back clean. mcap is so low because the platform hasn't launched yet. the fact that everyone wants to work with them is proof positive that's it's based though.
get in while you still can

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