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>as soon as covid is over I’m going to travel

How do I profit from this?

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bump for interest I also want to invest in travel / hotel stocks while they are cheap but not sure which

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cruise ship stocks
airline stocks
hotel REITs

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It will never be "over".

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airline stonks. Severely undervalued atm

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How are people expecting to travel when they all will be in complete poverty within a few years?

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No matter what, do NOT go to an airport wearing a mask, and casually take the very last unclaimed bag on the conveyor belt from a recently landed flight. I repeat, do NOT do this.

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>thinking the covid psyop will ever be over

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>he thinks covid will be over

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Once the weather get's nice and more people have the newest Microsoft Microchip installed in their brains from the covid vaxx I believe weed sales are gonna spike

What weed stocks should I invest in to profit off this?

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Dump money into a business in a country that is necessary for china's belt and road initiative

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why are you guys implying covid will never end? once everyone is vaccinated, we are going back to normal? this hellish pause in my life will finally end

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I just did this two hours ago and I was fine

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which airline stocks are you in on?

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>as soon as covids over

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Which vaccine gives me the Linux microchip? Fucking hate the constant updates.

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So naive it hurts.

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>covid is over

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It will be virtually completely over by the end of summer /pol/eddit schizo

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Airline stocks are already mostly at pre-covid levels even though they don't have pre-covid business. It's like this for most of the stock market right now which is why most people think the stock market is in a huge bubble.

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yes yes sure we will go back yes sure

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Chill in a safer low cost of living country. Meet a couple women, bang em out. Women in other countries are much nicer than the ones in America.

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>he thinks we can go back to normal

This is the new normal.

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Those who took the vaccine will die of cancer and covid will once again take over the world

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great argument

so hundreds of millions will die? what are u basing this on?

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does traveling between FEMA camps count?

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>they said this is the new normal
>they said covid was just an excuse to engage in economic collapse and get people to accept their new lifestyle
>states remove mask mandates and social distancing but people refuse to listen
>>you will own nothing and be happy about it
>>you will eat ze bugs

Except me

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the vaccine is literally turning people into monkeys

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>He took the vaccine

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lufthansa. They are guaranteed a government bailout if things go south lol

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Buy puts obviously

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I got the vaccine and started uncontrollably sucking dick. In fact I'm sucking one right now.

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Overdose on painkillers like me

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I’m genuinely curious what people like you think about cases like New Zealand. They have completely returned back to normal life. Did that country just decide to stop participating in the group conspiracy? What’s the explanation?

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it's summer there

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it was over the moment biden got inaugurated. i used to think it would never be over too but its seriously amazing the trump fags were completely right. where i live all clubs and bars have been fully reopened and it happened less than a week after trump left office. before that it was complete lockdown for a year with no end in sight

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the belief here is that the new variants will keep coming in and they will shut down again.

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It isn't actually.

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So Biden wants to kill boomers?

Based biden

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Boeing stock

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Write travel books?

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>id LOL
disregard everything i said

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I live in NZ. We still have cases occasionally mostly in Auckland and whenever there's more than 10 cases in a week or some shit up there they go back into lockdown for some arbitrary period of time.

It's fucking retarded, I don't care about a bad case of the sniffles and it isn't going to go away anytime soon, normalfags need to stop letting the government micromanage their lives.

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Idk about New Zealand but didn’t Australia fully reopen for a few weeks and then close again? I remember seeing some video of them literally pulling fans out of the Australian Open bc they decided to lockdown again after one (1) case lmao.

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The longer the COVID sham lasts, the better. I get to work from home thanks to all of this, and the longer it lasts, the higher the odds that I can work from home permanently.

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>Did that country just decide to stop participating in the group conspiracy? What’s the explanation?
New Zealand is an island in the middle of no where, they can isolate themselves away from the virus

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>Idk about New Zealand but didn’t Australia fully reopen for a few weeks and then close again?
Didn't happen. Everything is back to normal. Although I live in Brisbane and it's been normal since like August of last year. No one wears masks anymore.

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Are you retarded?

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It will never really end
It will continue to mutate

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>25% of the population vaccinated
>but you still have to wear masks/social distance, you can never be too sure
>oopsie-daisy, new variant has emerged in XYZ, 80% vaccine-evasion
>2 more weeks to slow the spread, we're all in this together, you know how it goes :)

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I feel inevitably airlines will rip but I think I'm more bullish on oil

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>tourist destinations demand COVID passports
>there are no COVID passports, each country just does some random shit: cards, papers, with/without QR codes, apps,...
>countries don't recognize each other's COVID passports
>ad hoc bilateral agreements take fucking forever to hammer out
Meanwhile, airlines continue to bleed money left, right, and center. Airlines are fuck.

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The latest business model seems to be starting a travel youtube channel and an instagram, then build your following, then start an onlyfans and make six figures.

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what a coincidence

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Bunch of schizo /pol/ retards just ignore them.

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Anon, remove your double mask. Too much carbon dioxide is bad for the brain.

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covid or not, if you're <8 figures you'll always be a rat in this world, no escape.

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2 more weeks to flatten the curve goy

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Kek, you and everyone else, Anon.

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I don’t want the vaccine. I’m 30 and a /fit/izen. It’s highly unlikely I’ll feel any negative effects.

Let me live my fucking life in peace holy shit.

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yeah bro just move to new zealand
oh wait you can’t

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are you retarded? try to leave the country

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>that pic
4 cucks

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Debt. Same way normies always do it.

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perfect i have been waiting forever to return to monke

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YouTube. Patreon.

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I already did lol, I just had to do it for 3 months. That's fine, I needed the holiday.

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This is peak retardation right here.

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buy travel stonks ofc, same as people bought home stonks last march

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You said that every month for the past year, you stupid NPC faggot

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It will be another year at least. They need it to last until the midterms so they can print out votes again.

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