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>almost 37
>starting to bald
>no gf/kids
>15k bag of link
what's his fucking problem bros, hurry the fuck up sergey!!!! I'm not gonna make it

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does your dick still work at least

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Still in prime age, single free to do whatever, about to be rich af. Sounds pretty good bro.

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at this point why do you even still care?
doesnt matter if you die with 0 or 10000000 in the bank

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This. That's all that matters

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yes but it's not like when I was 20 something, probably because I was a fucking retard and smoked cigarettes for 15 years but it still gets it done. been bagholding link since shortly after ico and I'm sure is the reason I'm balding.

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i wish i was 37. enjoy life retard.