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Give me one good reason not to market dump this soon-to-be-next failure from Fat Eich and buy whatever gets dubs next in this thread?

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Because it’s unironically going to be $40 eoy.

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Do it faggot, more for me to buy.

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>5 million BAT

are you Brendan himself? gonna need some proof Mr. Whale

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OK if you had something like 10k I would tell you to sell and move on. But you have 5 million you adhd fag. Just wait till a dollar it will eventually happen

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Do it, I want to see eth $800 wick with bat.

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I retarded my way into this because of a discord lead in 2017 so I don’t even know what you’re supposed to do with such amounts but this shit is a scam

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I want you to buy chainlink so you can pay for Nazarov's recent diversity hires.

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Why do you have 3.3 million invested in something you're too dumb to understand?

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Buy link

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Not a scam. It's tied to an actual project.

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How do I FUCKING transfer my BATs from brave on iOS to the brave desktop portfolio?? They tell me to click on brave rewards and start the legacy transfer with the QR code but there’s no such options on brave iOS under brave rewards.

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I have a feeling shills are starting to target BAT holders due to FOMO, or just general market manipulation. They know it is undervalued and don't want anons to profit off of this.

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op you faggot if you dont hold at least give some to me

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same. I'm fine with a sui stack

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The blossoming market for malware that is implicitly marketed to boomer conservatives but not explicitly because that would kill it even faster than Fat Eich hating faggots publicly?

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What I have is a suicide stack because I’ll fucking kill myself if I don’t sell this scam at the top and realize these gains

As a retard, how much can I actually expect to get if I just sell this on Coinbase? Is this even big enough to dump?

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Stop replying to this larp

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dump it, buy UNN

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/g/ schizos keep spouting that brave is "spyware" despite that fact that it's been disproven. They also seethe about the fact that you need ID to cash out your BAT, but everyone on /biz/ has already given their ID to some service, so that point is irrelevant.

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I do believe there's an option to show qr code in the desktop settings bud, not sure tho since my pc isn't in front of me

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OP is a faggot

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Hold. The pump is so close I can smell it.

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Please dump all at once so I can see a really fast red dildo while watching the charts

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Yeah there is but the option to start the transfer is missing in brave on iOS from where it’s supposed to be :(

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Imagine investing in Web 2.0 technology.

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Just dump it. It’s a scam anyway. If you could do it before 10pm EST it'd be greatly appreciated.

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if you short with leverage and we short with you we all could make so much fucking money. lets go

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This give advice first

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but one and fantom

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OP is a larping zoomer faggot and there are serious zoomer faggots responding, I'd say kys but I'm might kms

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You're only the 53rd largest whale
Someone else will eat your noms.

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You have 5 million BAT and you're calling Eich a failure.

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Do it, sell right now and dump the price. I beg you.

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Where is this $40 figure coming from? Why not $20 or $30 or $50 or $5?

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Oh dam

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