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Is it too late to get on the ChainStink train?

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Why would you buy the ultimate crabcoin? I'm not saying Link sucks but investment-wise, you're better off elsewhere.

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It will be 30$ prob EOM

You think this is the top?

Look at who is performing today and you tell me what you think.

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It is literally dumping
It is literally the start of 4y bear market

Why would you even consider it?

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you are 4 years late

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who made this stunning pepe?

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was $35 btc too late?

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no, because the train is at a standstill and never moving

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these posts are all bullish AF

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Buy once it goes back to 0$ (which is inevitable) no wait then don't buy because it's a scam

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>Buying into a shitcoin that most of /biz/ has already went 50x or 100x on when we're only weeks or months away from the top of the bull market

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no its underpriced in btc

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Citibank just said that in the long term chainlink will have a higher marketcap than bitcoin. What do you think?