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was sucking cock part of becoming a millionaire?

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No. However, one might argue that cocksucking is a manifestation of some sort of mental illness complex which aided me in becoming a millionaire. I am manic-depressive.

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What coins made you?

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LINK mainly. Shitcoin gambling helped along the way.

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how big is your cock? do you like hairy men?

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why you sucking cocks

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My cock is about 6.5 inches long. It is pretty thick, 6 inches around at the thickest point. Yeah, I like hairy guys. I am not into twinks.

I have a cock sucking fetish as a result of nearly 2 decades of porn abuse.

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you were not gay before were you?
I wasn't gay all of my life but after hitting that pornhub site over and over again + 4chan I have become quite bisexual.
Its also why I think trannies arent valid, the yjust went further down the rabbithole.

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>these faggotsidiots can’t get it and still try to mine their scam shittokens
>I am not a dumb who trusts this trash
>multiminer that is future for everybody

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how much would you pay to suck my cock daily?

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I look good and have a hairy chest. Wanna suck my cock?
Oh and yeah crypto is kinda neat and all that.

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>you were not gay before were you?

You start with just looking at pinups of nude women, or stuff like vanilla hetero porn.
Eventually that gets boring. The male brain is set up in such a way that in order to experience excitement like that of your first time, you need a novel new experience, either a new partner or a new situation.
So you move on to different things. Either women of different races, or two at once/gangbang stuff, or whatever fetish stuff you happen to be into. Giant fat asses/big tits, throat fucking, cosplay, whatever it is.
Eventually that gets boring too and you move on to more extreme things. Interracial, bondage, extreme fetishes like abuse/ball stomping, shit like that. And of course at a certain point that gets old too, and finally you move on to transgender stuff and gay stuff.

At this point your brain is so desensitized to the idea of anything about sex being taboo and you're just pleasure seeking. Your brain associates dicks with sex and pleasure due to seeing so many of them, seeing women play with them, watching women make orgasm faces etc and you start to get a pavlovian response when you see a dick. You see a cock, and you think oh, it's sex time.
It stands to reason that once you've reached this point, you wouldn't have a problem sucking a dick yourself. In fact, it may even turn you on.

This empathy that men form with women in pornography, watching t hem have sex with penises, seeing the penis as a pleasurable object, I believe is the main reason for men being autogynephilic today and either being in the closet about wanting to have sexual interactions with penises (but not men necessarily, just their penises) and even for young men deciding to crossdress or become transgender. It is the end result of decades of porn consumption.

Depends how nice it is. Probably not much though, cus cock is easy to get. I can download grindr or make a doublelist post and be sucking a massive cock tonight if I wanted

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>Wanna suck my cock?
How big is it? Only if you are STD free

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Did it taste good? Be as descriptive as possible.

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6.5 inch but nah I was just kidding. I agree with your post above though. I'm not attracted to masculinity but I think porn has conditioned me to enjoy seeing dicks orgasm.

Fucking love tranny porn but only if they're feminine prettyboy twinks before they transition. Otherwise it's nasty. I think that makes me bi, but the fact that I'm not sexually attracted to masculine characteristics (other than cock) makes me unsure. Probably bi. I think most men have some bi in them because we're fucking horny and it's harder for us to get sex with women than it is for women to get sex with men.

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You post this thread all the time you sick degenerate.
You get a sexual thrill out of telling strangers on the internet your homophobic sexual escapades.

It’s disgusting. You’re disgusting. Your mind is filth and being ruled constantly by a sexual jester you freak. Get help.

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>I have a cock sucking fetish as a result of nearly 2 decades of porn abuse.
is this a subtle anti-porn shilling thread?

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Not the first time I've seen this thread and those paragraphs

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As a voyeur, I enjoy OP's exhibitionism. You forget, this whole site is full of freaks.

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You sound pretty gay. Are you gay? Why do you hate yourself so much?

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Did you watch any of this cocksucking hypno/brainwash shit?

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faggot, sage all fields

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What's the next step on your master plan

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lmao all this cope to justify you being a fag FAG F.A.G. FAGGOT

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how big does the dick have to be for you to suck it

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It didn't taste like much desu. Mostly just skin. The smell and texture made it hot tho. He held my head down and fucked my throat until he shot his load balls deep. It was hot as fuck.

I'm straight and married

I only watched that after I sucked cocks.

Sell the market cycle top in Q3-q4.

My size or bigger (6.5+)

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Jessica Khater is that you?

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Are you a twink yourself or just a normal gay

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I'll trade you pics of my body/cock/jacking off for some link.

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>im straight

oh nonono

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I look like a bear. Sergey mode

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He's not gay, he's an AGP/sissy fetishist cumbrain dicksexual married "bi" degenerate. Btw to OP, autogynephilia does not develop psychogenically through autosexual relation to the penis as a sex object (penis -> pleasure -> exteriorized object -> autosexual association). It's called auto-GYNE-philia for a reason: it's a paraphilia involving pleasure through experiencing oneself as a gynephillic sex object, through innate gynephilia.

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>AGP/sissy fetishist cumbrain dicksexual married "bi" degenerate

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I forgot to mention "pornsick", so that can be tacked on as an adjective as well.

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> I’m straight
You’re in the closet and this thread is cope

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You seem knowledgable on this topic. I knew the term autogynephilia previously, and I do identify with it. You're saying it's innate? Any recommendations for further reading? This stuff fascinates me

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Read Ray Blanchard's work on AGP (he coined the term, and was a superstar figure in sexology before his reputation got tarnished due to people misusing his work on HSTS/AGP transsexual taxonomy). You can also look through the archives of /tttt/ with keyword searches related to the term, as the board is obviously going to be obsessed with it as they autistically discuss and dissect it 24/7. In all honesty, Blanchard is not entirely correct about this issue as it applies to trannies (it's more complicated than he makes it), but he's fairly good when it comes to an evaluation of it as a paraphilia. AGP in my view is not innate, but develops psychogenically as a paraphilia due to innate gynephilia (that is, innate neurophysiological capacity for attraction to female sex characteristics).

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> of course!
> "that's a big cock"
> for you..

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This shit could straight up go into a psychology paper. This is EXACTLY what happens. Native homos cope by calling it closetfaggotry but it's just really not the same. Or maybe it is but then their homosexuality was acquired aswell.

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oh god oh fuck

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hes not a closet this is conditioned homosexuality. Once you open that door there's no coming back. Really weird, but most men who have this can't "love" a man a "innate"(if that even exists) gay would.

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I used to suck cock for BTC back in the day, paid off

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can i have what would be a miniscule amount of money from that huge sum you have my kind sir
thank you!

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>male brain is set up in such a way that in order to experience excitement like that of your first time, you need a novel new experienc
no, you're dopamine addiction has taken over your brain. you're no longer in control of your life, your brain and it's addiction took the wheel. you can rationalize it until your blue in the face but you're dopamine addiction is the real cause of your current disposition.

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Absolute erudite madman. I appreciate the recommendations.

Absolute genius. Story time please

Absolutely not poojeet

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nice larp bruv

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Thanks. I wish it was a larp, brother

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>innate gynephilia
no such thing this is a mental extrapolation of the pavlovian thing.

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Does sucking cocks alleviate or add to your depression?

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This. OP is a faggot, but he's not gay. He's just a drug addict, and his drug is THICC peen

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Why are you attracted to the forms of breasts as they are visually sensed and processed? Because you have a pavlovian relation to women up to when you hit puberty, or because your deep memory of breastfeeding as an infantile sexual experience has led to associated pleasure (retarded and not even what Freud thinks)? I'm going to go ahead and assume you don't even know what gynephilia means because of your pea-brain understanding of sexual development and ideological commitments a non-thinking assuredness of the origin of homosexuality suggests a fairly lower end level of intelligence and knowledge (hint: gyne means FEMALE - now try googling the term "gynephilia").

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As a gay man, I’ve always questioned why “straight” males watch “straight” porn. You’re watching another man’s erect penis - that seems strange to me if I understand being “straight” correctly. I would RARELY force myself to sit through a woman masturbating just to see another man’s penis let alone do it every single time I watch porn. No doubt seeing this imagery everyday for years would fuck with your perception.

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they are forced to because the hottest women are in such porns

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I haven't done it for 10 years. I'm married to a woman now. I don't regret sucking cock before I met my wife. If I did it now though, I'm sure it would exacerbate my depression to a high degree ultimately

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>I'm depressed btw

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I should take up pottery to alleviate my depression? I smoke pot btw

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fucking delet this

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>It didn't taste like much desu. Mostly just skin. The smell and texture made it hot tho. He held my head down and fucked my throat until he shot his load balls deep. It was hot as fuck.
did you at least say no homo beforehand?

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Kek. I fucking misunderstood I know what gynephilia means but I'm tired and I thought you were saying innate AGN lol.

Are we on one page when I say that in the various different aspects of sexual developement (chromosomal, brain sex, hormonal, embryo) There can be deviations from the norm which lead to Intersexuality but not TRANSsexuality?
I really dont think late mtf trannies are valid

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OP please read this book:


Don't have to finish it in a single day but I recommend it. It'll help you understand why you think and feel the way you do. Constant porn, masturbation, and orgasms has fried your brain.

I'm an addict just like you but I know that I will get better and the urge to get my fix (masturbate) will ween off. It's hard and scary realizing that I'm not really in control of my life, but fuck it, I'm going to try and take the bull by the horns.

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Okay I misinterpreted somewhat your positions, and we may in fact be on the same page. I agree, on average more late MTFs are "invalid" from a medicalist perspective, i.e. more often than not AGP rather than HSTS. This issue is more complicated that the bifurcative taxonomy seeks to make it (and Blanchard tries smoothing over all of the vast complexities really involved), but this judgment does generally hold up. What you say regarding intersexuality is true to the extent that transsexuality as it is taken up as a social phenomenon has its founding origins (at least in HSTS) through intersexuality; a subset (likely majority) of homosexuality is in my view also an intersex brain disorder via prenatal development. ALL human sexuality is developed psychogenically through experience, but it develops through existing neurophysiological structures why enable the manner that this development unfolds. Neuroplasticity is definitely a major component involved, and I would agree strongly that it is in part why fetishes can be developed and remain persistent through exposure to pornography, however even as something like the "pornsick/dicksexual bi" phenomena develops it's going to be vastly more complicated than just concluding it's "pavlovian". For many people with AGP, they note that it was a persistent and early paraphilia which developed prior to exposure to pornography. I would maintain that it is indeed still a paraphilia that developed psychogenically, different from innate gynephilia and androphilia which is shaped via early normal or variational intersex developments in the brain.