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Is alt season starting?

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Its nft season boi. Pick a project, you can't go wrong

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Absolute scams I shit you not. I wasted $150 in gas fees trying to sell my shit and I didn’t get a single bid. Kill yourself you fucking street shitting moron and tell your kike slave masters that I’m going to personally blow out their assholes one by ine when I get my hands on them

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Anon your retarded if you think you were going to get bids on your random art made by a nobody(no offense). The money is with the tokens of the nft market pace

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Aavegotchi is really starting to take off

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I don’t want to turn this to a nft threads but wtf you mean by
>with the tokens of the nft market pace
sounds like a bullshit scams

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I didn't say make shitty art and try to sell it, I said pick a project. As in, buy tokens for something that allows people to make shitty art and sell it. Look at what MUSE did.

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Kek NFTS ARE LITERALLY JUST ANOTHER FORM OF POOJEET SCAMS CONFIRMED!!!!!! How in the FUCK do you morons expect the general public to adopt this worthless market when 90% of the market is dominated by literal pajeet and chink subhuman scams? Are you fucking retarded?

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hahahaha you're fucking stupid

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at least you have trips

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>OP has based 88 dubs
>first two replies both trips

if this post gets dubs or trips altseason is official

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You fucked it up lad.

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It really is ridiculously over shilled by the crypto media/influencer sphere. Whos paying these people? Surely someone is. Really activates my schizo almonds. Enterprises are tokenizing billions and soon trillions of dollars worth of assets while us plebs are being told to buy someones digital finger painting for thousands of dollars. What the fuck is this

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NFTs are definitely something what i just dont understand. They sound just like this classic tulip mania meme. Thats why im not investing to them. I might miss big gains but whatever. They dont make any sense for me :( Trusting my insticts has already made a millionaire so im going continue doing so.

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We had the same type of things during the 2017 bullrun.

Just look up cryptokitties. Same ponzi concept, and it all inevitably comes crashing down and unironically sending thousands of people into financial ruin. Just another day in crypto.

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They are money laundering schemes. You cant cash it out, you will get put to jail.

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Anon I mean buying omi as opposed to buying an actual nft on the omi market place

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At a 750,000,000,000 token supply....OMI has a current market cap of 1.8 billion dollars. ONE BILLION EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS so people can trade their digital finger paints. Something you can do with or without blockchain (ie the platform isnt anything novel). 24hr trading volume of $5 million. Considering that 5 million includes any on chain transactions...im going to conclude that youre a retard.

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Anon ima give it to you straight. nfts are indeed a scam but there is no doubt you can make some money with tokens like omi, enjinn, wax, etc

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There is no doubt you can make money on 90% of crypto right now. NFT platform tokens are just as speculative as any other crypto project.
>Be project
>Have fancy graphics on website
>No contact page
>"Buy NPC token! Our governance token where you can vote on irrelevant shit you dont care about"
>5 users total on platform with a total of $12 of actual platform use
>$2 billion marketcap
>Random anonymous poster on shit posting forum says "buy. Going to moon soon"
Never heard this one before anon.

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BAL is pumping NOW

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What's your portfolio filled with, if not speculative shitcoins? Just curious.

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going to turn ur comment into an nft and make money retard go kill urself

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Is fantom worth buying?

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>NBA literally invested in NFT already
Biz really drops hard when mutts are awake huh

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I have been quite long time in cryptospace but this NFT shit is just something what i dont get. I have been trying to understand it so that im not going to be like Peter Schiff with Bitcoin but it just make any sense for me :D i think there is some good potential profits to be made but im not going to invest in something what I find completely trash. Msc finance with some understanding for programming out.

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229 ADA
10 DOT
10k ONE

I'm looking to sell my ADA and use that to start swinging. What am I looking at EOY

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I think that its one of the best bets rn. It had already an amazing run but i think that there is a LOT of gas still in the tank. I would say that $5 is very likely . I would maybe check PRQ/ROOK too.

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I'm up 10x on yet another dogcoin, so I'd say yeah

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delete this post and see how you roll

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This one is new. I usually make chart based posts, but this time I would like to write about some other reasons why I am extremely bullish about Fantom - the partnerships and investors.

As most of you know, Fantom has a lot of things going on in Afghanistan. I will not go through them this time, but here is a short list.
>The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI)
>Afghanistan’s Ministry of Health
>Royal Pharma Ltd
>Nabros Pharma
>Bliss GVS
>DABS (Afghanistan’s national electricity company)

All the above is so huge that it is hard to describe. But what I find the most bullish at the moment, is ine of the new investors. Alameda Research.
They just invested $35m into Fantom Foundation. They did not buy $35m FTM, they invested in the company and the further development of Fantom!

Just the investment alone is great news, but the investors makes it even more interesting.
Alameda Research is a "quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm and liquidity provider" which basically means a fucking whale. They trade around $1b per day.
The founder of Alameda Research is Sam Bankman-Fried who also founded FTX! Yes, that FTX.
This is just not a reagular investor that don't know anything about crypto, this is an investor who knows everthing about it. And one who understands the significance of Fantom.
Did I mention that he is also co-founder at Project Serum, with Robert Leshner (The founder of Compound)

In the last week more than $55m has been invested in Fantom Foundation and this maybe sounds less interesting than all the partnerships and future projects, but one simple reason makes it very important. It's not a free partnership. It's real money. And it's now.
Money that is not just some guys buying a lot of tokens, but money invested to develop Fantom.

You know the drill. I dont give a fuck if you buy, hold or if you sell. To the few who conclude the same as me;


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gas is like $20, cope

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Alt season starts when btc hits 100k

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