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Now's your chance, bizzies.

bogged.finance got you suspicious? Nah.

>new bsc token, must be another meme shitcoin, dismiss
bogdanoff releases on-chain oracles
>probably just a ploy to get more buyers
skript kiddies audit contract, people peep the wallets
>well its not like they'll have a product so whats the point
devs announce bogdabots and bogcharts for future builds
>smells like a lie
devs contract random bog stacklet dev from community and bogcharts v1 beta release date moves up a week
>must be some huge wallets right, ready to rugpull?
no wallets greater than 8% of bog share
whales actively giving people bog tokens for being friendly in telegram
contract hard codes liquidity lock
$2,500 average wallet value projection at 1000 holders
>too late to buy in anyway, or the hype is dying down
application for coingecko and coinmarketcap listing submitted
currently in based crab mode, buy now
>not worth the effort
guaranteed one of 750 SMINEM tokens if you start staking BOG when we reach 1000 hodlers and summon him on time
>why arent people selling
they dont want to get dirty stinky worthless NGMI tokens by selling BOG
>what the fuck are NGMI tokens and why do people care
tfw having unsellable untransferrable NGMI blocking you from future dev benefits like airdrops and community member gifts
>well what are the tokenomics
we call them shamenomics here
5.1% fees on every buy and sell transaction
>what the fuck
swingies get the rope
>devs stealing fees
wrong, 4.4% of all transactions get distributed amongst liquidity pool stakers
>whats the rest of the fee
0.1% token burn for deflation
the rest is BSC gas fees

Why haven't you bought, anon?

Answer the call.


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Coingecko when

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are you still paying 12$ for each pepe? i want off pepe wild ride but i have no money to pay the fees lol

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Nice to the OP who managed to get my rare holo OC for the minute that I left it up. Based WAGMI

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It's over. My digits back me up.

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I'm a whale and will sell when it reaches $5. Giving you guys fair notice.

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bumping with more OC

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looks like they dont, fud DISMISSED

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coziest hold on all of BSC, get in here my fellow distinguished biz investors

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I bought ATH because my digits said 777. It fucking dipped instantly. Am I gonna make it still?

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everyone get in now, or youll be roping at 25$ a coin end of next week

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non holo version here

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whats the mcap
what oracles has to do with anything

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actual product development

mcap is now at $1.7M, was 1m yesterday, currently in dip from a goofy whale selling

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Yeh baby this coin is massively undervalued

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Once bogtools are live, we're going to see some really interesting applications, this will allow stop loss orders on pancakeswap, not just for BOG, but any BSC projects that wish to use BogTools

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ok maybe this isn't a rugpull...

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I was totally in on this until I noticed an anon used a winky face in his post. I had seen it already in another thread a few days ago. He told me to pick up the phone on BOG.
Since this realization, I have come to the conclusion that it's a group of sophisticated scammers who are crafting the illusion that this is hot, when in reality it's just a circle jerk.
They almost had me, too. The wink face is what put me off. Also people on /biz/ aren't supposed to be this friendly.
I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I'm calling it a scam. I'm not positive, but that's that's the feeling I get.

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>t. doesn't understand how innovative the applications of bogtools are for the BSC

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If this is true, this is fucking HUGE

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https://bogtools.io/ coming soon

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we are already 3rd trending on new blockfolio listing requests, we are only going to grow from here

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min time for a delivery or prototype?
until now looks good

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will this kill Rubic?

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Charting directly on bogged.finance will be live soon, big news coming at 1000 holders, and we just hit 901

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Checked, all NGMI will rope next week.

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I want to buy some BOG but I am afraid it's a scam, for the reasons I already mentioned.

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Also to spare confusion, this chart is old. This is the updated price and mcap

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I can happily say this is no pajeet scam, the devs are based aus chads

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>group of sophisticated scammers who are crafting the illusion that this is hot, when in reality it's just a circle jerk.
kek it's a total scam last one one holds the bag

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See you at 20 mil mcap ;)

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They have some unique features to discourage any whales swinging, read the Lightpaper for a better description

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I really want this anon to make it with us, he's not outright claiming it's a scam, he's hesitant and it's understandable how many have been scammed on early projects that the devs just abandon like PEPE, these devs are putting is so much work. I don't mean work finding some project to copypaste either, they are creating new tools for the BSC.

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Checked, do your own research anon, read the contracts, look at the lightpaper and check the devs activity on tg (some wip stuff like the upcoming chart that >>30369010 posted).

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Honestly it looks too good to be true, if they deliver it will be huge

>> No.30369486

I feel sorry for the devs, they aren't going to sleep tonight because everything is going to start happening at once.

1000 Holders;
>discord voice AMA
>SMINEM drop

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Scam, pass

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Sold all my BTC, ETH, ADA and all other shitcoins and went all in to BOG. The bogpill is inevitable

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any presentations on other groups?
how you are spreading the project?

>> No.30369640

I’m really not liquid enough rn to stake :(. Is it necessary? Don’t want to miss out :(

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1 post by this ID
>t. didn't read the Lightpaper, contract code or do any research into the applications of this project

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We are currently organized in the telegram group /boggedfinance, at 1000 holders the discord will open up, it is getting a shit load of attention on reddit, it's trending very on blockfolio

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very high on*

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Just read the contract, and l it is definitely interesting. I haven’t seen anything like it in bsc. I’m honestly impressed with the use case, and it
seems the implementation of oracles is actually working already. I’ll probably get a suicide bag just in case this thing goes to the moon. What’s the telegram?

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nice anon, most people don't even take the effort to do any research on it
t . me / boggedfinance

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WAGMI Bogbros

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wait so for the sminem thing how does this work do we have to restake? Or if weve been staking for 24 hours, we get snimem?

>> No.30370415

Instructions will be ready when the time comes, devs said we should need to restake, just keep staking

>> No.30370502

fuck so, im gonna have to buy a few more bnb coins? And in a rush before others do?

>> No.30370565

im asking so i can prepare. Thats why i want to ask.

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>> No.30371131

thanks for the answers
looking forward for this ama
i bought some.

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911 holders now

>> No.30371348

what happens at 1000?

>> No.30371396

Discord voice AMA with the devs, SMINEM drop, read the lightpaper https://boggedfinance.medium.com/the-bogged-protocol-lightpaper-16c7394e250f

>> No.30371418

SMINEM is released... its useful tech they are providing as well as a gamified experience... pretty cool and innovated to be honest.. I thought this a rugpull straight out of the mumbai playbook... but actually after doing the reasearch I finally fomo'ed in at 4x the original amount I discovered BOG... i hate myself

>> No.30371669

ty bogbros

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I put 500 in fuck it, what can I expect

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What is this pattern called?

>> No.30372677

make sure you stake tho

bog comfortably approaching 80 cents

>> No.30372749

I was entitled bogchad for buying now
price already going up, looks good

>> No.30372761

why do you recommend staking? Holding a 1k bag but I'm afraid of IL :(

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I hope bogbros make it but it honestly just ss
eems like they're trying waaaay too hard.

>> No.30373160

I'm staked about 25% it's up to you in the end anon

>> No.30373176

i'm the 913th holder now, literally minutes ago
it seems that they can deliver
was not a large buy but i'm ok to see what happens, rubic had the same vibe early imo

>> No.30373307

It's not about how much anon, you contributed and now you are part of the BOG movement, honestly this feels so good, everyone is so cool

>> No.30373641

based whale knows we're going to 5, and at that point a massive sell will only drop us to maybe 4, at which point everyone getting in now will have 5x'd

how does 10x or more of your investment sound?

main dev is unironically awake 20 hours a day at this point coding sminem and bogcharts

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I dunno man I already made 300 BOG staking just this evening

>> No.30373852

how many lp tokens do you have?

>> No.30374164

ngl small stake

>> No.30374260

I was low on BNB and I am not selling any BOG to stake more, only putting more in when I get paid

>> No.30374319

basically this is to ensure we have the floor held by as many small timers as possible before it hits coingecko and some whales start popping in

>> No.30374326

i love this. makes me think of how they will gamify blockchains in the future

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