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should i just go all in on this shit?

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not the worst idea

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whats a better one? cant really think of one desu. seems like everything is gravitating towards eth

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Eth is here to stay. Anyone who was expecting anything to kill eth has clearly not been for the 2017 era with all the btc killers

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I guess? It's one of those coins where you can safely buy and look at the chart once a week

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2022 is the year eth flips btc.
Harder to say what the price does in the meantime, but if you hold it should be fine

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yes $2k by end of march, safu gains

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Yes, it's still cheap.

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yeha but it's not flipping btc, at least not soon
the same niggerfaggots who said lightning was overengineered and shieeet are now shilling the messy L2 eth solutions, selfawareness much?

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i was not suggesting it was going to flip btc

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ETH is pure spaghetti code. ETH was without a doubt a great idea; I will not deny that at all. However, most people in crypto don't have the comprehension or knowledge to be able and look at the code-base and identify flaws that could be catastrophic, both in terms of economic, security, and overall functioning in cost signals.

Vitalik is smart. However, he's the most retarded smart person in all of crypto. He's a fucking child who doesn't own up to his inability to produce a creation and has longevity. Him and his cronies wrote shitty-ass code. It can't scale. The only way it can scale is constant upgrades each time they feel things are getting congested. This is where the problem lies. It is impossible for ETH to implement a scaling solution to where it doesn't need upgrades anymore. For ETH to work, it will need constant upgrades of ETH 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, so on and so forth for an indefinite amount of time - just kicking the can down the road. Off-chain scaling won't work either because ETH's security is already shit on a stick. Making something more complicated that is already a piece of shit is 100% pointless. People can never steadily develop something on ETH because with each 'scaling upgrade', those who are creating on ETH will have to pivot each time to ensure their product is compatible to work on ETH. To sum it up, each time ETH decides to upgrade to scale, it just gets worse.

For ETH to work to the level needed, the amount of ETH in ever single wallet needs to be known after each transaction. Since ETH cannot implement SPV, it's impossible for ETH to scale because it does not have the capabilities to know the exact amount of ETH in every single ETH wallet after each transaction at a massive scale.

The only way to permanently fix ETH would be to roll back the chain to the beginning almost. Vitalik is just your average Russian retard who can't produce anything of value

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unironically just in time to go all in, it's JUST starting

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All in and hold anon

Ethereum is the future

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it's about to dump wait a few days and buy in.

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If ETH 2.0 delivers it'll flip bitcoin.
It already has a proof of concept for backing its own stablecoin and hosting its own decentralized exchanges.

Think about all of the hullabaloo over 10 year treasury bonds moooooning to a pathetic 1.5%
Think about the WSB disaster.

But ETH 2.0 is still a big IF and may never pan out, but big if true.

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wowwww i miss this fud

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Imagine not being all in already. The fud is meme

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>whats a better one?
Imo, the only safer bet is all in bitcoin. In the near to midterm eth probably has more upside, basically as long as it is less than .1 btc, it is a buy.
I think long run, btc has basically unlimited upside.
Any strategy, in the long term, if you have a brain cell, is tk stack satoshis, always. Even going all in eth, your goal will be to dump it to sats in the future...

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Do you want to make money ? LOL

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kek the cashier doing the cross fingers

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LMAO i didnt see that before

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based summer fud

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clean it up wagie

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>buying close to ATH


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what the FUCK

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it will never flip it, are you fucking idiot? let me guess you didn't buy btc when it was cheap. YOU HAD TEN YEARS ANON TEN

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spaghetti fud

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is it worth buying a full efferium? i've been waiting for it to drop to 1200

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depends if you like making 5x by eoy or not

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I too once also, and be it that is always

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Lol c ya at the top fucker

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>mfw every ID ITT pumping ETH is green and every ID fudding ETH isn't

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>t. increasingly nervous bitchcoin maxipad for the twelfth time since ETH was confirmed to become deflationary in July

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Eth will _eventually_ flip btc, i doubt it’ll be this cycle though , much more upside to eth it will be back to 0.1~ this cycle

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I got 1.75 eth am I gonna make it?

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It always has to be a nigger. Marty should be equipped with a flamethrower bros to take out wagies n blacks

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I went all in when they broke the EIP1559 news. I have no doubt ETH will soar for the next year at least. There is so much good news and upgrades in the pipeline.

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ETH will flip BTC but LINK will flip ETH

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why are you pretending to have read, much less understood any of the ETH source code?

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it's an old pasta fren

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Does this have any degree of truth to it?
t. tech illiterate anon

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it's pasta anon

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>seems like everything is gravitating towards eth
keep telling yourself that. in 2020 30% of dapps were built on ETH. everything is gravitating away from ETH and this little EIP is not going to fix fees.

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>Spaghetti code is a pejorative phrase for unstructured and difficult-to-maintain source code.
>Spaghetti code can be caused by several factors, such as volatile project requirements, lack of programming style rules, and software engineers with insufficient ability or experience.
meanwhile, sharding cancelled

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Some pasta do have a degree of truth to them?

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It's a good long term investment

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I mean it is the FUTURE

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What will my 15 ETH look like at the peak of the bull?

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Your an idiot if you don't. Buy as much as you can afford and thank me later.

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Buying 1 coin wont hurt

Buy 20 and your insane

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Buy it before the stimulus checks come

Buy one ETH,one Lite coin and one chain link

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I bought half and half before the 2019 april fools day reversal.
I'm all in ETH right now, because there's a multi year accumulation pattern on the ETH/BTC chart.

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